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Storm Ellen whips up sand on Ainsdale Beach

THE UK does not normally see such ferocious storms in summer, this was the 1st of 2 storms within the a "weather bomb" that is affecting large parts of the UK and Ireland. Storm Ellen bright heavy rain and high winds and this is footage of a dry spell, as the storm whipped up sand on Ainsdale Beach, taken by our Editor Patrick Trollope.

More than 150,000 Wearable School Uniforms Binned in the North West Every Year

NEW research has revealed that parents in the North West unnecessarily threw away over 150,000 School uniforms in 20191 despite the fact they were still in good condition, making up 11% of the 1.4 million binned nationally. The study found that more than 1 in 10 simply throw uniform items away once their children have outgrown them, even though they are still in a wearable condition. When it comes to damaged items, nearly ½ of parents in the Region would prefer to throw a garment away than attempt to repair it. This is despite the fact that new figures from WRAP suggest extending the lifespan of a garment by just 3 months would lead to a 5-10% reduction in carbon, water and waste footprints.

The survey, which was commissioned by leading label manufacturer My Nametags, also found that over ½ of families in the North West own brand new garments they have never worn. When it comes to purchasing new clothes, the study shows that the vast majority (80%) of parents always buy their children's School uniform new. Interestingly, parents are more likely to buy 2nd hand for themselves, with more than ½ (58%) of those in the Region stating that they have bought pre-owned items for themselves.

When asked why they don't shop 2nd hand for their children's School uniform, nearly ½ of parents in the North West (42%) said they don't like the thought of their children wearing previously owned clothing. Over a third of parents (36%) also suggested that it is easier to buy new, and more than one in 10 mums and dads said they wanted their children to always have the latest things. Of those who are happy for their children to wear pre-owned clothing, the majority would prefer these to be hand me downs from older siblings, as opposed to uniforms bought 2nd hand, with more than a ⅕ of parents holding onto outgrown items to pass down to younger siblings.

Despite a reluctance to buy 2nd hand for their children, the study revealed that parents in the Region are savvy shoppers, with a ⅓ claiming that they buy uniforms in a bigger size in an attempt to make them last longer. However, the study found that School uniforms are still replaced, on average, every 10 months; the equivalent to 1 School year.

Commenting on parents' attitudes towards buying 2nd hand, Dr Jo Hemmings, Behavioural Psychologist, said:- "There are a number of reasons why parents are reluctant to purchase 2nd hand uniforms for their children and continue to buy new year on year. 1stly, the word '2nd hand' has the connotation that somehow parents are not doing the best by their children. 'Brand new' has much more positive connotations. In addition to this, parents know that children can be very judgemental of each other in terms of clothing. In both instances, the parents' attitudes towards 2nd hand clothing stem from their inherent sense of pride; a fear that people will assume that they can't provide for their child effectively if they can't dress them in a brand new School uniform. This type of pride, which is primarily driven by other people's opinions, is known as 'hubristic pride' and adds very little positive value to life. However, there is a second type of pride, 'authentic pride,' which is centred around the fulfilment and achievements of yourself and those around you. This has a much more positive value and, importantly, cannot be achieved by wearing a new blazer. It can, however, be achieved by teaching children valuable lessons about the environment and the fact that the clothes they wear has no impact on their ability to 'fit in' or to be successful in life."

Despite more than 1 in 10 admitting to simply throwing away uniforms once they have become too small, the research suggests that parents across the North West are more likely to donate their old clothes to 2nd hand shops than they are to purchase 2nd hand clothing, with over ½ passing them on to charity shops once their own children have outgrown them. This suggests there is a disparity between those who want to give clothing a new life, and those who actually do by buying pre-owned items.

Lars B Andersen, Managing Director at My Nametags, commented:- "The data shows that there is a stark disconnect between our efforts to reuse and recycle clothing by donating it to charity shops, and our attitudes to buying clothing 2nd hand, particularly when it comes to School uniform. Parents are keen to take care of their children's uniform, ensuring everything is labelled so it does not go missing, but when it comes to giving items from other children a new life, there is a stigma that it is not good enough. At a time when many UK households are having to economise, it is important for us all to revaluate our attitudes towards the disposal and re-use of clothing, and consider the positive impact that a few small changes could have, both on the planet and on our wallets."

To find out more about how to extend the lifespan of your clothing, please visit the My Nametags sustainability page.

How driving in a storm can damage your car and cost you a fortune

THE UK has seen some pretty dramatic weather over the last few weeks, from scorching heat waves to heavy rain and thunderstorms, but how can this damage your car when driving on the roads? And could it potentially invalidate your insurance? To find out, car insurance expert at Uswitch, Florence Codjoe, reveals the essential checks you need to make when driving in wind, heavy rain and storms, along with heat waves. "With adverse weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, extreme rain and flooding coming our way, it's worth checking whether your insurance covers you. Driving through flooded areas can affect your brakes and obscure your visibility when driving which means your premium could be impacted if you drive against weather warning advice, and you're involved in an accident."

How to stay safe driving a storm and prevent damaging your car and invalidating your insurance:-

Check your brakes before and after driving.

Drive slowly through puddles to avoid hitting a pothole.

Ensure your front and rear windshield wipers work.

Check your front and rear headlights before setting off.

Formby marks 75 Anniversary of VJ Day
Photographs by Roy Bevin.

ON Saturday, 15 August 2020, Formby held a special service at the Village War Memorial to mark the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day.  These photographs where taken by Roy Bevin for us.  They show the RBL Chairman with Mayor and Consort and CHINDIT Memorial Plaque.  A lot of the Harrington Barracks Kingsmen were with the CHINDIT Columns behind Japanese lines and great contributed to their defeat...

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