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Millions of drivers risk a ₤5,000 fine for splashing pedestrians

MILLIONS of motorists across the UK are at risk of a ₤5,000 fine for splashing pedestrians, according to a new study. The research, conducted by earlier in 2020, found that 16% (equivalent to 6.5 million, UK drivers( have driven through a puddle, either accidentally or deliberately, and splashed a pedestrian. If taken to Court, drivers found guilty of this could be fined as much as ₤5,000. However, worryingly, 1 in 6 (16%) drivers didn't know this is a punishable offence.

According to the research, this isn't the only driving offence which has left motorists confused. In fact, 23% UK drivers (equivalent to 9 million) say there are so many motoring offences they don't know what's legal or illegal. And it's this lack of knowledge that could land motorists with thousands of pounds worth of fines.

Offence No. of motorists unaware of offence No. of motorists who have committed the offence Maximum punishment
Driving through a puddle and splashing a pedestrian... 6.5 million (16%) 6.5 million (16%) ₤5,000
Eating while driving 12 million (30%) 21 million (50%) ₤100
Charging a passenger and making a profit... 8 million (20%) 1.6 million (4%) ₤2,500
Flashing another driver to warn them of a speed camera... 8 million (21%) 10 million (24%) ₤1,000

It is these sorts of offences that could cost motorists thousands of pounds in fines if they were caught on the spot or taken to court. To prove how much drivers could have faced in fines for these lesser known offences, has launched a driving fines checklist. You select from a list of unknown or uncommon driving offences to calculate just how much you've potentially dodged in fines. Some may feel confused about how their total is so high.

To help clear things up, has created a guide to explain why some of these offences are illegal, and how drivers can be caught out. But according to motorists, the sheer number of motoring rules they must obey is baffling. And a further 1 in 5 (22%) think some motoring laws are unfair. Although, some drivers are taking the risk in committing offences that carry very clear punishments. 56% admit to breaking the speed limit. 11% have driven while knowing they're over the legal alcohol limit. And 25% have used their mobile phone while driving. It's no secret that these offences can lead to hefty fines, points on your licence or even a driving ban.

It's impossible to Police every single car on the road. And worryingly, 25% admit there are some motoring offences they know they are unlikely to get caught doing. But maybe understanding how expensive the repercussions can be is enough to prevent them from breaking the law. This is where's driving fines calculator can help.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert, at, says:- "It's worrying so many of us aren't aware when we might be committing a motoring offence. Especially ones that carry such hefty fine like splashing pedestrians. With the recent storms and downpours, drivers are putting themselves at risk of being penalised by not cluing up on the law. This is why we've created our driving fines calculator to help prove just how much money some offences carry. To avoid any confusion when it comes to driving offences, we've busted some common driving law myths with our guide, and help drivers avoid potentially thousands of pounds worth of fines."

With less than a month to go until Xmas, Lib Dems ramp up pressure on Royal Mail for free Care Homes postage

WITH exactly 1 month to go until Christmas, the Liberal Democrats have launched a national campaign to ramp up pressure on the Royal Mail in a bid to secure free postage to and from Care Homes in the UK. In October 2020, senior Liberal Democrat John Leech wrote to Royal Mail asking that they carry:- letters, large envelopes, packets and parcels up to 2Kg addressed to residents in Nursing Homes, residential accommodation within the mental health or disability sectors and Convalescent Homes, for free until 31 January 2021. His call came after An Post-Ireland's postal service announced the same initiative in early October 2020. Mr Leech asked Royal Mail to follow An Post's:- "wonderful gesture to support families and loved ones living in Care Homes, who have been so terribly impacted by the Covid19 Pandemic."

Royal Mail responded saying they were looking into Mr Leech's request, adding that they were:- "proud to play [their] part" in the Covid19 Pandemic response. But with exactly 1 month until Christmas, the postal service is yet to announce whether they will follow Ireland's example. Now the party has ramped up pressure on the Royal Mail by launching a national campaign including petitions, template letters to bombard the Royal Mail, leaflets and a social media blitz. Royal Mail handled more than 164 million parcels in December 2018, but the postal service looks set for a record breaking year. It has already handled more letters and parcels this year so far as it did in the whole of 2019 and the peak Christmas period for 2020 is only just beginning. Royal Mail reported revenues of ₤10.8 billion with an adjusted operating profit of ₤325 million, for the year to March 2020.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson and former MP John Leech said:- "Times have never been tougher, and this Christmas will be 1 of the toughest times yet. It would be heartbreaking if family members or friends in Care Homes went without love this Christmas. We've got to come together like never before. That's why I wrote to Royal Mail and asked them to follow An Post's lead and offer free postage to and from Care Homes in the UK to make sure no 1 goes without love this Christmas. I appreciate they needed time to work out the logistics, but with just 4 weeks to go until Christmas Day, and with lockdowns in effect across the country, it's time Royal Mail got things moving and announced their support for this initiative. It would give Royal Mail a real and meaningful opportunity to play an even bigger part in the Coronavirus Crisis and lift the spirits of some of the most vulnerable and isolated members of our communities. Royal Mail needs to announce this scheme as soon as possible to have the greatest, long lasting and positive impact this winter."

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