Liverpool City Region COVID-19 Updates - 2020-11-03

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Liverpool City Region COVID19 Updates
... and Important Emergency Notices ...

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This page last updated on 3 November 2020

Armed forces to help with mass testing within the Liverpool City area

WE are hearing claims that the army will be:- "patrolling the streets" to enforce Coronavirus regulations, but this is not correct and is "scaremongering." The issue came as 'Fake News' makers heard that Merseyside Police was going to have 'additional patrols' within the Liverpool area for October and mixing it up with today's announcement, that the British Army had been formal request for assistance from the Armed Forces with testing in Liverpool. It is hoped that the availability of the Forces personnel will allow more texting to take place and that should pick up more cases. If correct, this will then help to cut the transmission of the virus quicker and help to save the City from more strict Coronavirus restrictions later down the line. If the scheme, that was the brain child of the Council Leaders, within Liverpool City Region Authority, is a success, then it will then be used across the UK. So please don't worry. The Armed Forces are helping with Testing only and not "patrolling the streets." They have been tasked with identifying clusters of local infections, helping control outbreaks by lending logistic and testing support. They will also be asked from Friday, 6 November 2020, to help identify businesses failing to comply with the Covid19 rules.

TUC North West calls for financial support to help workers self isolate ahead of mass testing in Liverpool

COMMENTING on the announced plans for availability of mass testing In Liverpool, Lynn Collins, TUC North West regional secretary, said:- "The success of this and all public health interventions depends on the ability of people to take part without suffering financially for doing so. Improved testing, tracking and tracing must be accompanied by financial guarantees for workers. That's why we are calling on all Liverpool employers to guarantee full pay, where they can, for workers who have to self isolate. We also need Government to improve sick pay at least equal to the real living wage for those who need it."

Liverpool pubs to pour 101,250 pints of beer down the drain this week due to lockdown

PUBS and restaurants across Liverpool are rushing to sell off food and drink before Thursday's National Lockdown renders them fit only for the bin.

"Many pubs, restaurants, cafes and food outlets are not allowed to trade during lockdown, and they have lots of food and drink in stock that may well end up in landfill if they aren't sold before Wednesday night,"
explains Charlotte Green from Liverpool waste company

Some of the larger chain pubs have been selling pints of beer for 99p in an effort to clear out stocks and avoid huge waste.

Wetherspoons, on Monday, had commented:- "any ales not sold between now and lockdown will have to be thrown away, so it's better that customers can enjoy it at a great price while the pubs remain open."

Mitchells and Butlers, 1 of the largest operators reported that the first lockdown cost it ₤11m in waste caused by extra beer in pubs ready for St Patrick's day which of course did not happen.

"The amount of potential waste caused by a sudden lockdown is staggering and could be as high as 101,250 pints in Liverpool alone; however it is thought that because of the length of notice, and the deals on offer the wastage could be much less, which would be great news..."
Green adds.

The big problem facing Liverpool pubs and restaurants now is that a 3rd of their revenue is generated during the Halloween to New Year rush, a massively important time for cash flow before heading into the dead seasons of January and February 2020.

The potential for huge food and drink waste is set to be even worse than it might have been due to the Governments rules on not allowing pubs to sell takeaway drinks.

"Everything needs to go before Thursday; so get down to your local Liverpool pub and buy a pint, or order some food from your local restaurant, everything you buy this week helps them, and helps save it going down the drain or to landfill..."
concludes Charlotte Green from

Liverpool residents urged to remember the fallen from home NOT the Cenotaph at St George's Hall

PEOPLE in Liverpool are being urged to go online this Remembrance Sunday to pay their respects to those brave men and women who have fought for their country. Due to the ongoing health pandemic, this year's annual Service of Remembrance will take place online, on Sunday, 8 November 2020, starting, at 10.30am.  There will be no public gathering on this day.

The online service, which was pre-recorded, in October 2020, with all Covid-safe measures in place, is entitled Remember from Home and is officiated by The Rector of Liverpool, The Reverend Canon Dr Crispin Pailing.

In attendance are civic dignitaries including the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Anna Rothery. They are joined by a small number of key representatives from the military, ex-service organisations and faith leaders.

It will include a virtual parade made up of footage supplied by regiments and associations across Liverpool and will be accompanied by music from The Band of The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.

The service will also reflect the City's diverse communities and their contribution to Britain's war effort, with a particular emphasis on black service personnel who served during World War 1 and their subsequent treatment when they returned to the UK and Liverpool.

A specially commissioned spoken word piece by Liverpool Poet, Rapper, Singer Songwriter and Producer Daniel Sebuyange, known professionally as Blue Saint, will also be performed and released in the run up to the service to express the deep significance of Remembrance Sunday, especially during the current health pandemic.

Watch the online service at:- LiverpoolExpress.Co.UK/SOR.

At 11am, on Sunday, residents are asked to observe the 2 minute silence at home or on their doorstep, in line with the wishes of the Royal British Legion.

Anyone who would like to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph, on St George's Hall plateau, Liverpool, is asked to do so ahead of lockdown regulations coming in to force, on Thursday, 5 November 2020.

Other activities taking place to support the Remembrance Commemorations will see key City buildings light up red from 8 November to 11 November 2020, including:- Cunard Building, Liverpool Town Hall and St George's Hall.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit Culture Liverpool's digital memory wall to contribute their memories, photos and stories of those who have died during times of conflict, served in the military or support services.

Anyone who wishes to comment in the:- 'Thank You' book held within the Liverpool Hall of Remembrance, can email their message to:- Town.Hall@Liverpool.Gov.UK and can also search for relative's name who served during World War1 on the Roll of Honour. An education pack is also available on the Culture Liverpool site which features links to a whole host of Remembrance Resources.

Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Anna Rothery, said:- "Remembrance Sunday is a time when the country comes together to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in 2 world wars. It is also a time to remember those injured and bereaved in recent conflict. Our annual service attracts huge crowds to St George's Hall plateau and this simply isn't something we could do this year. I am honoured that we can still offer a virtual service which gives people the chance to take some time out on Sunday and pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I would like to take this opportunity to praise and thank our present military who have played such a vital role during the pandemic, many who are reservists, key workers or working for our National Health Service."

On supporting the virtual service, the County President, The Royal British Legion, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Hollingsworth MBE said:- "The Royal British Legion has a long association with the Liverpool and this year we are proud to again stand shoulder to shoulder with the City and support the plans during such difficult times. It was a privilege for me to be part of the virtual service and provide the act of remembrance which is so hugely important. I ask our ex-servicemen and women to adhere to the guidelines set out by The Royal British Legion and Liverpool City Council. Please remain safe and take time to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom."

Blue Saint said:- "This is such an important and incredibly needed project and event and I feel extremely honoured to be part of it. I find, in this day and time, where everything seems like a blur and where there's a great amount of uncertainty, in those moments, hope and faith is vital. In those moments, we must remember who we are, what we have, what we have overcome and the sacrifices made to bring us here. It's in these moments, we must reflect, take time to stop and think, take time to be grateful, take time to just be. Faith, as well as hope, is an extremely powerful and much needed force that drives us, motivating us to keep moving forwards, to endure, to remain resilient."

MP challenges Prime Minister over lockdown support for the "excluded"

MP Bill Esterson directly challenged the Prime Minister to explain how he expected millions of workers who have been excluded from Government support to survive the new lockdown. Sefton Central MP Mr Esterson asked the Prime Minister Boris Johnson following his statement in the House of Commons, on Monday, how the 1 in 20 workers who'd had no access to help would put food on the table. Mr Esterson said the Prime Minister's response failed to offer any hope to those who had missed out on support throughout the crisis and ignored the question asked, He said it was:- "an insult" to those who through no fault of their own had been the most severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. He also accused the PM of causing more financial hardship and risking more lives through delaying the new harsher restrictions.

In the House Of Commons, Mr Esterson asked the PM:- "It's been 33 weeks since the start of the 1st lockdown. In that time 1 in 20 people who are part of the working population have had no work, but also have been ineligible for furlough, ineligible for the self employed financial support and ineligible for the business grants and loans. So what is the Prime Minister's message to the millions of people who have had no financial support about how they should put food on the table for their families?"

The Prime Minister responded:- "I'm grateful to him because he raises a very important point. We've put another ₤9bn into the welfare system principally by updating Universal Credit and that will go through to the next year as he knows."

Mr Esterson said the response ignored the plight of the millions of people whose homes and businesses were at risk due to a lack of support, and that the announcement of a new lockdown had come too late. The question was about why so many people in work had been excluded from support not about the welfare system.

Mr Esterson said:- "What an insult to those people who have had no support at all. While the Prime Minister accepts that furlough should be 80%r of a worker's normal wages, he has abandoned those who are freelancers, who switched jobs in early March or who own businesses that pay them through dividends. He also ignored many self employed people who have not qualified for support. The response referring to Universal Credit was completely irrelevant and totally inadequate. Everything in the Prime Minister's statement to Parliament begged the question why didn't he do this sooner? He said he made no apology for trying to do his level best. But he was advised to have a circuit break on 21 September by his scientific advisers. The delay has caused financial problems for thousands of families and sadly thousands more have seen loved ones die while the Government failed to follow the evidence given to him."

Mr Esterson said he supported the new lockdown measures but the circuit break should have occurred over the recent half term holidays. He said:- "Labour support the new lockdown because urgent action is now needed to stop the infection growing even further out of control. Labour called for a circuit break on 14 October 2020, but the Government's inexcusable delay has meant the opportunity to lock down during a School Holiday was wasted. This means the new lockdown has potentially come too late for many people and will have to last longer to have the same effect on the infection rate. The Government must use this time to fix the test and trace system, end the failure and scandalous use of public funds which has seen Serco profit whilst failing to deliver an effective test and trace system. The Government must hand test and trace to local teams who are best placed to make contact with positive cases and trace their contacts and it must give the cash to those local public health teams and stop giving it the friends and family of Government Ministers and Officials. We also need to see regular, weekly testing of all key workers including all NHS staff, carers and teachers. School staff and children must be given the same priority for testing as NHS workers. The Government must expand mass testing using the saliva based testing innovations that have been so successful in containing outbreaks in our Universities in order to identify asymptomatic cases and stop this virus from spreading. The national lockdown is weeks later than it should have been. Now that it is finally happening, the Government must use it to take the decisive action that they should have taken long ago."

Leading care home provider recruiting more than 120 roles in the North West as part of a nation wide refresh of services

LEADING care home provider, 4 Seasons Health Care, is seeking more than 120 recruits to fill roles in every home in the North West as part of a refresh of resident services following Covid19. The positions are among 1000 being offered at 4 Seasons' 140 homes throughout England and Scotland, including those in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cumbria. The vacancies and are in non-clinical roles that will further enhance the safety and wellbeing of residents. These include activities personnel who play a vital role in providing companionship and entertainment to residents, as well as kitchen and housekeeping roles which are essential to the delivery of high quality care. The recruitment drive comes as ongoing restrictions on visitation, excursions and entertainment have prompted the provider to find new ways of ensuring residents remain happy and healthy during trying times. No care home experience is needed and those with a background in hospitality are particularly encouraged to apply to make use of transferable skills including communication, teamwork, high quality service and multitasking.

Cheryl Jones, Head of Recruitment at 4 Seasons Health Care said:- "Every role in a care home is vital to delivering an excellent experience for our residents. Our teams are made up of people from a wide variety of career backgrounds, but what they share is an energy and enthusiasm for their role. By adding new members to our team, we can continue to maintain our high standards of safety and just as importantly to make sure our residents are happy. This is a fantastic opportunity for any individuals looking to make a real difference in the lives of others, no matter if they're on the activities team, preparing meals or helping with maintenance."

For further information on the roles or to apply, visit:- Careers.FSHC.Co.UK.

National discount scheme offers network of over 1,000 local online shops to allow Christmas shoppers to save money and support local during lockdown

THE new national lockdown measures will impact thousands of local and small retailers across the UK at this critical time of year and the majority of shoppers will turn to online giants, such as Amazon, to deliver all their festive requirements. My VIP Card is offering the nation a way to order online, support local and small businesses and save money this year with a network of over 1,000 online small and local shops.

The discount scheme is urging shoppers to support local and small shops through the new lockdown and this Christmas by providing a huge array of online discounts throughout the UK. Local shops need the Christmas shopping season to be fruitful this year more than ever and My VIP Card is hoping the discount card will encourage shoppers to think locally 1st. The national discount card gives local shoppers access to thousands of discounts, helping them save on average ₤500 a year while supporting their local high street.

Maddy Alexander Grout, Founder of My VIP Card, added:- "I created My VIP Card to help the local high street also give back to the community and this Christmas they need us more than ever. My VIP Card supports small businesses by raising awareness and actively encouraging shoppers to benefit from local discounts. By bringing them all together on our platform we are allowing them to compete with the online giants and hopefully encourage many shoppers to shop small during the lockdown and benefit from some amazing discounts."

CLA responds after Government gives Trade and Agriculture Commission statutory powers

FOLLOWING the Government's announcement that it will give the Trade and Agriculture Commission statutory powers, CLA President Mark Bridgeman said:- "This is excellent news, but 1 wonders why it took Government so long to accept the need for stronger safeguards to protect our high food production standards. The industry came together to show the strength of its collective voice; in doing so we have proven what can be achieved when we work together. We should also take heart in the public's response to our campaign. It is clear that the general public value the hard work of British farmers in driving up environmental and animal welfare standards, and will not give up these hard won standards easily."

"Support for businesses facing new lockdown not enough for many small firms in Liverpool City Region" says FSB

RESPONDING to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement of new business support measures for firms facing a second lockdown Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Area Leader for Liverpool City Region, Michael Sandys, said:- "It's a relief to see the Prime Minister listening to some of our calls for extra support for small businesses and the self employed. The up-rating of the Self Employment Income Scheme to 80% for November is generous and will likely help around 2 million self employed people; bringing forward the application date is helpful. However, many of our self employed are still not included in the initiative. This is a 5 million strong community that drives our economy forward, but the Government has insisted that large swathes of it do not warrant any help where income is concerned. We have sadly already seen 250,000 self employed people stop working and become economically inactive, a figure which is set to continue rising. Our recommendation for an emergency loan application deadline extension has been embraced which is encouraging. We are now speaking with the Treasury about the installation of the option to top up these facilities given that many sought them months back, when the full extent of disruption was unknown. They should be allowed to apply for a 2nd time. We also need to see lenders opening their doors to new customers again. Without this, the impact of the extension will be minimal. The Government has committed to looking again at the reinstatement of the unfair Minimum Income Floor for self employed people accessing Universal Credit. We now need to see words turned into action. It is cruel to impose a false assumption of earnings just as people need support the most. The cash grants on offer are important but are not as generous or comprehensive as the Small Business Cash Grants provided in the Spring; most won't even be enough to cover rents. The restrictions imposed on firms are stifling settings which SAGE advisers state have a minimal impact on the R rate. At the same time, far too many small firms are still being caught by an outdated, bruising business rates system and are looking to 2021 with a sense of real foreboding, wondering how they will be able to afford Government imposed upfront costs without any revenues. To address the looming unemployment crisis we now need to make it cheaper to employ people by reducing employer national insurance contributions, creating new support measures for those looking to set up firms and become self employed, and introducing UK Transition Vouchers to help small businesses as they attempt to manage both a new trading relationship with Europe and fresh restrictions linked to Covid. Fundamentally, the business support landscape still remains too much of a mixed picture; a fact made all the more concerning given that this fresh lockdown in England is taking effect during the critical festive season. There are those; including company directors, the newly self employed, start ups, those without physical premises and those further down supply chains in especially hard hit sectors; who are struggling to access any meaningful support at all. Until these cracks are addressed, our economic recovery is destined to keep faltering."

Total UK cases COVID19 cases in and around Liverpool City Region

THE total number of UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections that have been laboratory confirmed, within the UK, has risen by:- 20,018 cases and the total number now stand at:- 1,073,882 that includes tests carried out by commercial partners which are not included in the 4 National totals.

THE total number of COVID-19 associated UK fatalities added to the total, was sadly reported to be:- 397, within 28 days of positive test, according to the Department of Health. The total number of deaths of people who have had a positive test result confirmed by a Public Health or NHS laboratory is:- 47,250, within 28 days of positive test. Deaths with Covid19 on the death certificate:- 60,051.

The number of COVID-19 patients currently in UK Hospitals:- 11,458. The current number of COVID-19 patients currently in mechanical ventilation beds in UK Hospitals:- 1,075 Daily number of COVID-19 patients admitted to UK Hospitals:- 1,540.

In England, there are a total of:- 912,236 confirmed cases. North West - total of:- 226,023 confirmed cases.

The number of laboratory confirmed cases within the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-

Area and number of confirmed cases:- Risen by:-


Tier 3

 LIVERPOOL City Region

Liverpool, 19,670 confirmed cases.


Halton, 3,633 confirmed cases.


Knowsley, 6,515 confirmed cases. 60
Sefton, 8,392 confirmed cases.


St. Helens, 5,976 confirmed cases


Wirral, 8,329 confirmed cases.


Colour Key:- 0  1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30  31 to 40 41 to 50 51 to100 100 over  

The number of laboratory confirmed cases within Local Authorities around the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-


 Blackburn with Darwen, 6,863 confirmed cases.

 Blackpool, 3,895 confirmed cases.

 Bolton, 11,095 confirmed cases.

 Bury, 6,936 confirmed cases.

 Cheshire East, 6,455 confirmed cases.

 Cheshire West and Chester, 6,166 confirmed cases.

 Lancashire, 34,747 confirmed cases.

 Manchester, 21,353 confirmed cases.

 Oldham, 10,397 confirmed cases.

 Preston, 5,256 confirmed cases.

 Rochdale, 8,881 confirmed cases.

 Salford, 9,474 confirmed cases.

 Stockport, 7,728 confirmed cases.

 Tameside, 7,618 confirmed cases.

 Trafford, 6,640 confirmed cases.

 Warrington, 6,325 confirmed cases

 Wigan, 11,713 confirmed cases.



Daily reported Covid19 deaths are now measured across the UK as deaths that occurred within 28 days of the 1st laboratory confirmed positive Covid19 test.   Daily and cumulative numbers of COVID19 patients admitted to Hospital. Data are not updated every day by all 4 nations and the figures are not comparable as Wales include suspected COVID19 patients while the other nations include only confirmed cases.

Previous 24hr Data

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