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This page last updated on 21 December 2020

COVID Christmas restrictions leave millions relying on deliveries

FOLLOWING this weekend's announcement to strengthen COVID measures for the festive period in areas of the UK, many will be expecting deliveries for essentials and gifts as people avoid heading out to the shops. Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at ConfusedCom comments:- "With shops across the country closing under new restrictions, it's inevitable that even more people will have done their last minute Christmas shopping online and will be waiting for deliveries. But when a parcel goes missing or is stolen, it can be stressful to resolve; especially when it comes to gifts for loved ones. It's clear there's a lot of confusion around the best way to deal with a missing delivery and contacting the courier directly might seem like the best option. But it's really the retailer you need to contact. Our online guide  takes you through the process of tracking down a missing parcel or reporting something as stolen."

Get outdoors safely across Sefton this winter

SEFTON'S heritage parks and green open spaces, along with its 22 mile coastline and exciting nature reserves are here to be explored this winter, if you are from our Teir and not from a higher Teir. The Council is encouraging residents to enjoy the outdoors in line with current Government guidance. Whether its walking, cycling or simply getting outside for a breath of fresh air, which many people may look to do over the festive break, staying local and exploring Sefton's natural assets are a fantastic resource for residents as they continue to adapt to everyday life under Covid19 restrictions.

Cllr Moncur, Sefton Council's Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said:- "This year we've seen unprecedented use of our outdoor spaces, particularly throughout the summer months along our beautiful coastline. We joined forces with colleagues and partners to implement our Coastal Action Plan and we were delighted with the support we got from residents and visitors, the vast the majority of whom took note to enjoy our beaches safely. Now we're embracing the seasonal changes and the onset of winter, and I would encourage everyone to continue to make the most of some fresh air when they get outdoors, as well as enjoying everything that nature has to offer in our Borough. That's not just on our coastline but also our canal walks, cycling routes and Sefton's many small open spaces and parks."

Downloadable resources and ideas for places to explore locally in Sefton are available on the Visit Sefton website:- VisitSeftonAndWestLancs.Co.UK.

Cllr Moncur continued:- "I would like to thank our residents and visitors who are continuing to act responsibly in line with current restrictions. And I would just remind everyone to continue to practice social distancing when getting outdoors, to adhere to current Tier 2 guidelines, and to show respect to both the landscape and the wildlife that we are so lucky to have in Sefton."

Residents are being reminded that as well as following Government guidelines, that they should be prepared for winter differences before getting out and about locally around Sefton's parks, coastline and open spaces.

Cllr Moncur added:- "Following this advice and going through a quick check list before heading out and about will ensure that people get the best out of spending time outdoors. You never know what wonders you might find on your doorstep if you explore locally this winter."

Green Sefton's advice and checklist is:-

 Always check the weather forecast as conditions can change quickly and check tide times before you set out to the coast.

 Be prepared for winter weather with appropriate clothing and robust footwear.

 Remember that the evenings get darker earlier so carrying a torch or wearing reflective clothing would be advisable.

 Sefton's entire coastline is environmentally sensitive and protected; please respect this precious landscape.

 Do not disturb wildlife, livestock or damage habitat; keep a close eye on dogs and keep them away from pools of water or resting birds.

 Follow the Countryside Code.

 Camping, BBQs and fires are not permitted.

 Leave nothing but your footprints; take all your rubbish home with you and recycle wherever possible.

 Some facilities like public toilets may not be open in winter months, at parks and nature reserves.

 Beach car parks are closed and will not re-open until the spring; please park responsibly in the limited parking available nearby. Do not drive on to the beach!

 There are no RNLI patrols on:- Southport or Ainsdale, Crosby, Hightown, Hall Road, Waterloo or Formby beaches during winter.

 If walking or cycling in remote areas, ensure you take a fully charged mobile phone and be aware that signal may be poor.
Make sure someone knows where you are going and when you plan to return.

 Stay local and walk or cycle rather than taking a vehicle where possible.

 Remember to follow current Covid19 guidelines and observe social distancing.

Green Sefton; Sefton Council's service that looks after parks, green spaces, coast and countryside alongside volunteers and partner organisations; is asking residents to report anything that requires attention when they get outdoors and can email the team at GreenSefton@Sefton.Gov.UK. Green Sefton may not be able to commit as many resources to regular inspections during the Covid19 outbreak, so visitors can play their part in helping the Council to maintain Sefton's outdoor spaces.

NHS Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are support our community to stay well this winter

THIS year has been especially tough on the most vulnerable in our community, so Sefton health professionals are sharing some easy tips we can follow to support older and more frail people in the area this winter. Around 22,000 people in Sefton are considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus (Covid19), and there are countless others who may need support in the cold weather because of mobility issues, for example. Around 1 in 3 over 65's who live at home will have at least 1 fall a year, and falls are the cause of most injury related deaths in over 75's.

Dr Rob Caudwell, chair of NHS Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:- "It's important not to forget about those who may be finding it hard to get out and about this winter. Show some warmth towards your neighbours and relatives by checking in on them regularly, while protecting them from Covid19 transmission by maintaining social distance. They may be struggling with their mental health or feeling isolated, so they may really appreciate seeing a friendly face from a safe distance and a chance to have a chat. If they are feeling unwell, encourage them to call their GP or NHS 111 for advice and support."

Dr Craig Gillespie, chair of NHS South Sefton CCG said:- "Long periods of cold weather and winter bugs like flu and Norovirus can be especially dangerous for the elderly or those with long term conditions. With the added risk of becoming seriously ill with Coronavirus, we should be helping our elderly or frail neighbours and loved ones to stay at home wherever possible. During the winter months it's vital that we all eat a balanced diet and keep warm to stay well particularly the most vulnerable in our community. If it snows, you could clear their path and front step, so they do not slip and fall. Better still; if you're able to offer help, from a distance, with shopping or other essentials so that they can stay safely at home as much as possible that could be of great help."

Margaret Jones, director of Public Health for Sefton said:- "When helping out vulnerable neighbours or friends it's best to leave food supplies or prescriptions outside for them to collect. If you are checking in or having a chat, make sure to stay outside and follow social distancing at all times. To prevent the spread of the virus and protect our community it's important that we all continue to wash our hands thoroughly, wear face coverings and make space of at least 2 metres where possible from people not in our household."

If you think you have developed symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid19) such as a new, continuous cough or fever, seek clinical advice using the NHS 111 online Coronavirus service or call NHS 111. Do this as soon as you get symptoms.

Useful resources:-

 Visit:- NHS.UK/keep-warm-keep-well for more advice on keeping warm and well this winter.

 Visit:- NHS.UK/conditions/falls for more information about how to avoid a fall and what to do if you or someone you know has a fall.

 Living Well Sefton is a FREE service with a focus on supporting people with issues that may be affecting their health and wellbeing. Visit:- LivingWellSefton.Org.UK or call:- 0300 323 0181 if you need support.

 For information about when to self-isolate and what support is available visit:- NHS.UK.

 If you need help for a mental health crisis, emergency, or breakdown, seek immediate advice and assessment. Find your local NHS helpline by searching for your postcode or Home Town in a new service finder.

Lords report highlights Institute concerns over HMRC powers safeguards

THE Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has welcomed a House of Lords report which encourages the Government to take tough action against a remaining:- 'hard core' of promoters of tax avoidance schemes, while ensuring new powers are carefully targeted and do not impact on mainstream advisers.

The recommendation is among those in a report from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee Finance Bill Sub-Committee, published on Saturday 19 December. The report also draws on CIOT evidence in a number of other areas, including reducing the demand for tax avoidance schemes and the challenges of identifying an 'uncertain tax treatment,' in making its recommendations.

The CIOT's Low Incomes Tax Reform Group is also cited extensively in the report, including:- in relation to those on low incomes who get caught up in disguised remuneration schemes, how standards can be improved in the 'worker supply chain,' and the removal of the need for tribunal agreement before HMRC can require a financial institution to provide information about a taxpayer.

Commenting on the Committee's recommendations in relation to promoters of tax avoidance schemes (POTAS), CIOT Head of Technical Richard Wild (who appeared as a witness before the Committee) said:- "The Committee is right to back the Government's strategy of tough action against those who devise, promote and sell tax avoidance schemes. They are also right to highlight the need for such action to be proportionate, carefully targeted and accompanied by safeguards. In our written evidence to the Lords inquiry we identified two particular concerns in relation to the proposed measures: the lack of a right of appeal against the new information notice, and the inclusion of 'DAC6' (the new cross-EU tax disclosure regime) within the definition of 'defeated arrangements' in the POTAS regime, when HMRC had provided assurances that DAC6 compliance would not creep into other regimes. The Committee endorses both of these concerns in its report, recommending that HMRC 'revisits the triggers for POTAS to minimise the risk of these rules affecting bona fide professional advisers,' in particular in relation to DAC6, and reiterating its 2018 recommendation that new powers for HMRC should be accompanied by a right of appeal."

LITRG Technical Officer Tom Henderson (who also gave evidence to the Committee) said:- "The Committee has picked up on our concern, expressed in evidence to the inquiry, that avoidance schemes based around loans, driven by employers trying to save PAYE and employers' national insurance, are continuing to proliferate at the low income end of the market. The Committee are right to urge the Government to 'prioritise action against such employers' as well as acting more generally, using all the tools it has at its disposal, to close such schemes down and protect low income taxpayers from getting caught up in them."

The Committee also looked into the proposed new power for HMRC to issue Financial Institution Notices requiring financial institutions to provide information about a specific taxpayer to HMRC when requested, without seeking the agreement of the taxpayer or the approval of the tax tribunal. The report states that that the Committee is:- "very concerned about the removal of important taxpayer safeguards for information requests, particularly the need to request permission from the tax tribunal."

Tom Henderson of LITRG commented:- "These new provisions remove 2 important safeguards: tribunal approval and right of appeal. We were not persuaded this was justified, and the Committee, after questioning HMRC and financial institutions, as well as ourselves and other tax professionals, are not persuaded either. We hope ministers and HMRC will give serious consideration to the Committee's call for the requirement for tribunal approval to remain, and for financial institutions to have a right of appeal against any request they consider unduly onerous, as well as how the process for information requests; especially international onesl can be streamlined without removing safeguards."

The Committee expresses a number of concerns in relation to the process for agreeing extensions to HMRC's powers. It identifies:- "a pattern of new HMRC powers being disproportionate, poorly targeted and without sufficient safeguard."

CIOT's Richard Wild commented:- "The Committee is right to draw attention to the occasions when the Government has failed to consult fully or provide rigorous evidence before proposing extensions of HMRC's powers. Its call for the Government to adopt a standard practice of providing detailed analysis to justify any new proposal conferring new or extended powers on HMRC deserves to be heeded."

LITRG's Tom Henderson added:- "LITRG and others told the Committee that we frequently feel that HMRC ask for new powers while not making full use of those they already have. When proposing new or extended powers for HMRC, the Government should take up the Committee's recommendation that it specifically explain why existing powers are insufficient to achieve the policy objective."

Government announces refunds for rail and coach journeys booked for previous Christmas travel window

THE UK Government is ensuring all domestic rail and coach passengers who have cancelled their travel plans, in England, between 23 December to 27 December 2020 are refunded. Passengers will not be left out of pocket for complying with the new Christmas rules. People are reminded to stay at home in Tier 4, stay local elsewhere and carefully consider if they need to travel. The Government will provide cash refunds for domestic rail and coach tickets for the previous Christmas travel window between 23 December to 27 December 2020, bought before the change in regulations and guidance that were announced by the Prime Minister on Saturday, 19 December 2020. This will apply to journeys in England booked on or after the 24 November 2020, when the Christmas travel window was announced. The Government recognises that many people will have booked their coach and rail tickets in advance based on previous Government advice. This announcement ensures that people are not penalised for following the new rules, protecting themselves and others from the virus. Operators will be able to issue refunds immediately and passengers should check the website of their operator for how to claim. We urge people to be patient as rail and coach operators will be processing high volumes of refunds over the coming weeks. The UK's Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:- "It is imperative that we all follow the new measures and play our part in tackling this virus, protecting others and safeguarding our NHS. If you booked a coach or rail journey between 23 December and 27 December 2020, you are entitled to a cash refund. This ensures no one is left out of pocket for doing the right thing; staying home in Tier 4, and elsewhere staying local and only meeting your Christmas bubble on Christmas day."

LGA responds to Tier 4 announcement

RESPONDING to the new Tier 4 restrictions, Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Community Wellbeing Board, said:- "All Councils continue to work tirelessly to support communities through this crisis with those affected by new Tier 4 restrictions working at pace to put in place the measures needed to support residents who are vulnerable and local businesses. We urge anyone in Tier 4 who shielded in the November lockdown or has subsequently been asked to shield to follow the shielding advice, stay at home and contact your local Council if you need support. Government grants, distributed to small businesses by Councils, have been a lifeline for those struggling and worried about the future. Councils need urgent confirmation about whether more money will be made available in Tier 4 alert level areas for them to support local businesses through one of their most important trading periods. Clarity is also needed on whether Councils in other Tier Alert levels have been given enough funding to provide business support grants. Driving strong local action and tougher restrictions will add further pressure to already over stretched Council budgets. It remains imperative that the Government meets, in full, all the extra costs Councils incur as a result of leading communities through the pandemic and income losses they suffer as a result. This new variant of the virus will undoubtedly be causing stress and worry for us all. It is incredibly important that everyone continues to play their part in stopping the spread. This means all of us continuing to follow the guidance, self isolate if necessary, wear a face covering and wash our hands regularly."

Sefton Council is urging visitors to the borough to get a Smart Covid Test"

SEFTON Council is urging anyone who has travelled to the Borough from an area that is now in Tier 4 of the Government's restrictions to get a SMART test to make sure they don't have the virus. Along with other Liverpool City Region, the Council wants people who have come to Sefton to get tested even if they don't have Coronavirus symptoms.

Margaret Jones, Sefton Council's Director of Public Health said:- "We want people who have travelled to the area recently from somewhere that has been designated Tier 4 because of the new, more infectious strain of Coronavirus to get a SMART test. Available at our Bootle Leisure Centre, Southport Splash world and Aintree Racecourse SMART tests tell people who don't have Coronavirus symptoms whether they the virus within about 30 minutes. By getting a test, you can make sure that you are not going to pass on Covid19 accidentally to your friends and loved ones, who may be vulnerable to the virus. All 3 of our test centres are open, between 9am and 6pm, every day right up to Christmas Eve and you don't need an appointment, you can just turn up and get a test."

People wanting a test can find details of the Borough's SMART test sites on a live map that show the precisely location of each test centre as well as giving an indication of how busy they are and the likely waiting time at:- Sefton.Maps.Test-and-Trace.NHS.UK. Most of the time they are all showing green with a waiting time of less than 15 minutes but if they get busier, Sefton Council will update the map to help people make a choice.

Commenting on the changed Christmas arrangements announced by the Prime Minister at the weekend, Margaret Jones said:- "I can fully understand that many people will be disappointed by the Government's latest change to the regulations, meaning the festive arrangements where three households can mix is now restricted to Christmas Day only. But, despite the let-down, I would urge people to stick to the guidance and also to minimise the risk of passing on the Covid19 virus to your loved one accidentally when you do meet, by getting a SMART test for people who don't have symptoms between now and Christmas Eve. And remember, just because the Government says 3 household bubbles can join up indoors on Christmas Day, it doesn't mean we have to. We all need to be thinking what we 'should' do and that should be based on the knowledge that Covid19 won't be taking a holiday at Christmas and that for some of our loved ones, the virus could be very serious or even fatal. And, looking beyond Christmas, sticking to the guidance will help ensure Sefton and the Liverpool City Region can stay in Tier 2 of the Government's restrictions and avoid going back up into Tier 3, with the all the additional damage that will mean for local businesses and jobs. I really hope everyone can have a Merry Christmas but also a safe Christmas because they got tested before getting together and that with vaccination being rolled out, that we can all enjoy a better 2021."

Total UK cases Covid19 cases in and around Liverpool City Region

THE total number of UK Coronavirus (Covid19) infections that have been laboratory confirmed, within the UK, has risen by:- 33,364 cases and the total number now stand at:- 2,073,511 that includes tests carried out by commercial partners which are not included in the 4 National totals.

The total number of Covid19 associated UK fatalities added to the total, was sadly reported to be:-
215, within 28 days of positive test, according to the Department of Health. The total number of deaths of people who have had a positive test result confirmed by a Public Health or NHS laboratory is:- 67,616, within 28 days of positive test. Deaths with Covid19 on the death certificate:- 76,287.

The number of Covid19 patients currently in UK Hospitals:-
18,771. The current number of Covid19 patients currently in mechanical ventilation beds in UK Hospitals:- 1,364 Daily number of Covid19 patients admitted to UK Hospitals:- 2,034.

In England, there are a total of:- 1,
772,635 confirmed cases. North West - total of:- 339,534 confirmed cases.

The number of laboratory confirmed cases within the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-


Area and number of confirmed cases:- Risen by:-

National UK Lockdown

Tier 2

Liverpool City Region

Liverpool, 25,755 confirmed cases.


Halton, 5,212 confirmed cases.


Knowsley, 8,326 confirmed cases. 43
Sefton, 11,250 confirmed cases.


St. Helens, 8,339 confirmed case.


Wirral, 10,874 10,784 confirmed cases.


Colour Key:- 0  1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30  31 to 40 41 to 50 51 to100 101 over  

The number of laboratory confirmed cases within Local Authorities around the Liverpool City Region, since start of the Pandemic, are as follows:-


 Blackburn with Darwen, 10,789 confirmed cases.

 Blackpool, 5,849 confirmed cases.

 Bolton, 16,418 confirmed cases.

 Bury, 10,932 confirmed cases.

 Cheshire East, 10,560 confirmed cases.

 Cheshire West and Chester, 10,451 confirmed cases.

 Lancashire, 54,553 confirmed cases.

 Manchester, 34,018 confirmed cases.

 Oldham, 16,029 confirmed cases.

 Preston, 8,128 confirmed cases.

 Rochdale, 14,002 confirmed cases.

 Salford, 14,539 confirmed cases.

 Stockport, 11,560 confirmed cases.

 Tameside, 11,172 confirmed cases.

 Trafford, 9,565 confirmed cases.

 Warrington, 9,294 confirmed cases.

 Wigan, 18,211 confirmed cases.


Daily reported Covid19 deaths are now measured across the UK as deaths that occurred within 28 days of the 1st laboratory confirmed positive Covid19 test.   Daily and cumulative numbers of Covid19 patients admitted to Hospital. Data are not updated every day by all 4 nations and the figures are not comparable as Wales include suspected Covid19 patients while the other nations include only confirmed cases.


The latest R number is estimated at:- 1.1 to 1.2 with a daily infection growth rate range of:- +1% to +4%, as of 18 December 2020. . Cases are rising fast again, so please take care.

Previous 24hr Data

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