Liverpool City Region COVID-19 Updates - 2020-11-27

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Liverpool City Region Covid19 Updates
... and Important Emergency Notices ...

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This page last updated on 27 November 2020

LGA responds to AA Town Centre parking charge freeze calls

RESPONDING to calls from the AA for Councils to suspend Town Centre parking charges over the Christmas period, Cllr David Renard, Transport Spokesperson for the Local Government Association, said:- "Councils continue to work all day and night to support communities through the Covid19 crisis and have responded flexibly to changing demand for parking spaces With high streets and Town Centres reopening for the festive period, demand for parking spaces will be returning back to normal levels in many places. There is no 1 size fits all solution; as, before the Pandemic, Councils will set charges to reflect local circumstances, including supporting high streets and town centre businesses. Councils will also be considering capacity and social distancing issues in their local car parks as people visit Town Centres."

HMRC and ASA launch new action to disrupt promoters of tax avoidance schemes

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have launched new action to cut out misleading marketing by promoters of tax avoidance schemes. The joint enforcement notice aims to disrupt the activity of promoters and protect people from being presented with misleading adverts which may tempt them into tax avoidance. It requires promoters to be clear about the potential consequences of tax avoidance in any online advertisements. Immediate sanctions include having their paid advertising removed from search engines and follow up compliance action, which can include referral to Trading Standards. It has been published as HMRC launches its:- 'Tax avoidance, don't get caught out' awareness campaign warning and educating contractors about how to identify if they are being offered a tax avoidance scheme, and the pitfalls of using these schemes.

Jesse Norman MP, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said:- "The UK Government has made clear its determination to clamp down on the promoters of tax avoidance schemes. HMRC and the ASA are taking an important further step in this direction by action against misleading advertisements by promoters. As always, we would encourage people to pay close attention to HMRC's warnings not to enter tax avoidance schemes. If it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is."

Jim Harra, Chief Executive and 1st Permanent Secretary of HMRC, said:- "We're doing our part to close down these schemes and make it difficult for promoters, but we need the public to play their part too. You really don't need to be a tax expert to spot an avoidance scheme; anything that sounds too good to be true almost certainly is, and anything which claims you can take home, say, 90% of your pay, or asks you to sign up to loans from an offshore trust just so you can be paid, is something to steer clear of. That's why we're starting a big push to encourage taxpayers to steer clear of tax avoidance schemes. This is part of HMRC's wider work to make it much harder for promoters to operate."

Miles Lockwood, Director of Complaints and Investigations, ASA, said:- "This notice serves as a clear warning to promoters of tax avoidance scheme; get your houses in order and ensure your ads comply with the law and our advertising rules or face enforcement action. There can be a real consumer detriment for those who unwittingly following bogus tax avoidance advice – you could find yourself facing a significant tax bill. Working with bodies such as the HMRC is helping us to better protect consumers from misleading and unfair advertising that can leave them out of pocket."

The 'Tax avoidance, don't get caught out' campaign is asking the public to:-

 STOP – don't sign anything that you are uncomfortable with or don't understand.

 CHALLENGE – check for warning signs. If you're unsure, seek independent professional advice.

 PROTECT – if you think you have been offered a tax avoidance scheme, report it to HMRC. Or if you need help getting out of 1, contact us.

The campaign launch comes as HMRC publishes its Use of Marketed Tax Avoidance Schemes in the UK report, including its most recent available data covering 2018 to 2019, and a candid look into the current state of the market. HMRC has always warned against engaging in tax avoidance. Our Spotlight series about tax avoidance schemes published on GOV.UK warns people about what to look out for. In 2019 and 2020, HMRC issued 11 Spotlight warnings, on different tax avoidance schemes being offered to people. In April 2020, Spotlight 54 warned health workers returning to the NHS that avoidance scheme promoters were targeting them. HMRC has made significant progress in combating tax avoidance in recent years. About 20 promoters have moved out of promoting altogether in the last 6 years because we are making it tougher for them to operate. Since 2014, HMRC has successfully brought in billions of pounds from settling marketed avoidance cases, accelerated payments and other compliance activity.

PHE North West Regional Director warns against COVID complacency as latest tiers are announced

AS infection rates remain high within the North West, despite encouraging signs, but "caution" is required according to Public Health England (PHE) as Regional Tiers replace National Lockdown in a few days time. The PHE's Regional Director for the North West asks all of us to remain vigilant and not to forget the basics:– "hands, face, space" as the 2nd National Lockdown is set to ends on Wednesday, 2 December 2020. Although there are encouraging signs and infection rates are falling across the North West, they remain high in most areas, as does demand on NHS services due to Covid19. With the toughest measures being implemented in areas where prevalence remains too high, like in the Lancashire and Manchester areas, who are in Tier 3, the Liverpool City Region is still at risk, even though we are not in Teir 2, due to the proximity of the Teir 3 areas.

Public Health England's Regional Director for the North West, Dr Andrew Furber has said:- "As a public health community, we are encouraged by the data which shows everyone's hard work is paying off and we're now seeing rates starting to come down. We thank everyone for playing their part; it's not been easy. But we cannot get complacent. The last thing any of us want to see is an increase in cases leading to further deaths and, as we move into winter, additional pressure on local health services. The promise of effective vaccines on the horizon is encouraging, but everyone in at risk groups is unlikely to be vaccinated before Spring. So, in the meantime, please remain vigilant and don't forget the basics:- hands, face, space."

The Government has already announced that most areas across the country will remain under tight restrictions after lockdown ends to keep infection rates falling in the run up to Christmas and beyond. However, Dr Furber warns that Christmas will be far from normal:- "We would all like to be able to see loved ones during the festive period but we know that Christmas will be different this year, what is important is that we reduce our contact with others as much as possible, keep washing our hands, wear face coverings when necessary and keep our distance to reduce the spread of the virus. We know this is hard, but please keep doing everything you can to reduce the risk to yourself and those around you."

Guidance on restrictions over Christmas and creating a:- 'Christmas bubble' with family and friends can be found on the Government website and for information about testing please also go to:- Gov.UK.

Care Home visiting Covid test pilot delayed

THE Liverpool City Council has delayed the start of its pilot in which some relatives of Care Home residents will be able to visit loved ones; without a screen; if they test negative with a Lateral Flow Covid19 test on arrival for the visit. This pause, until 3 December 2020, will allow more time to talk with Care Homes, residents and their families, and to consider new national guidance alongside Liverpool's move from Tier 3 to Tier 2 for managing Covid. The scheme is part of Liverpool's pilot of regular testing for people without symptoms, known as community testing or SMART (Smart Asymptomatic Meaningful Repeated Testing). Councillor Paul Brant, Cabinet member for Adult Health and Social Care said:- "We know that there had been a huge amount of anticipation about using the lateral flow tests to help people to get closer to their relatives in Care Homes, and we hope to proceed with this scheme as soon as further preparations have been completed. We hope those affected understand that we need to be extra careful in preparing to support and protect our most vulnerable citizens, and we thank them for their patience and understanding. Unlike some other Councils, we have never had a blanket ban on Care Home visits, but we appreciate that it does not feel natural to be behind a screen when visiting someone that you care about. Care Home residents and staff will be among the 1st groups to get the new vaccines if they are approved in the near future, as part of the national rollout, which will hopefully mean we can ease some of the restrictions that are in place at the moment."

Hospitality, Leisure and Retail Grant (Expanded Scheme) opens Monday

THE Hospitality, Leisure and Retail Grant (Expanded Scheme) will open on Monday, 30 November 2020, at 11am. The application window will close, on Friday, 11 December 2020. You cannot apply before Monday, 30 November 2020.

"We urge you to read the Guidance and Checklist document before you apply. This document explains what information you will need to provide and upload with your application form. Your application will not be processed if this information is not supplied. This scheme is being administrated by a dedicated team within Sefton Council, not by InvestSefton or Sefton Business Rates team. All enquiries should be sent directly to the grants team at:- HandlGrants@Sefton.Gov.UK. Enquiries are being dealt with by email only. "
said InvestSefton.

The Liverpool City Region has combined the recently announced Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG (Open) and the Additional Restrictions Grant to create this grant scheme. This scheme will only let you apply if you meet 1 of the 3 descriptions and was established and trading before the 11 March 2020, still trading on 1 October 2020 and intend to continue trading. Please note that you can only apply for 1 grant per business.

Retail businesses that operate from commercial retail premises, that have been forced to close due to national restrictions and are not eligible for Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed). Businesses that supply directly to the Hospitality and Leisure sectors, operate from commercial premises and are not eligible for Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed).

Home based businesses (for example; a self employed person, sole trader, or a limited company) that predominantly works in or supplies the Hospitality and Leisure sectors and can no longer generate income through usual channels (for example; customer meetings) and has ongoing business related costs. Licensed Market traders (in any part of the Retail sector) are eligible to apply under this category.

Please visit:- Sefton.Gov.UK for more information.

'Super Saturday' and 'Super Sunday' Covid testing blitz in Liverpool

TEMPORARY 'pop up' sites for people without Covid symptoms to get tested will be installed in Liverpool this weekend as part of a continued drive to get life going again in the City. They are being placed in areas where take up of the City's pilot regular testing programme for people without symptoms; known as:- 'Mass Asymptomatic Serial Testing' has been lower.

Combined with people following the rules and self isolating when required to do so, as well as good contact tracing measures and Covid Safe measures in businesses, it has led to Liverpool and the wider city region being placed in Tier 2 of Covid19 measures from 2 December 2020, the 1st area in the country to move down from Tier 3.

The temporary locations; which local Councillors have helped identify; include:- social clubs, community centres and faith centres will be open, from 10am to 7pm, on Saturday, 28 November and on Sunday, 29 November 2020.

Ministry of Defence personnel who were previously staffing testing centres within Secondary Schools and are being deployed to set up and manage the temporary facilities and Council staff will also be going door to door encouraging people to get tested.

Director of Public Health, Matthew Ashton, said:- "This next phase of the pilot testing programme is about improving the effectiveness of the delivery model, and make it more sustainable, based on what we have learned since it began. That means keeping the Centres that we know are well used, and finding new ways of offering testing to those communities that we know we still need to reach. It is also important we get the message across that a negative test result does not let you get on with your life with no other control measures; it is reduced risk, not no risk. So we still need to follow the rules around regular hand washing, social distancing and avoiding household mixing. The way Liverpool has responded so far tells me we can absolutely embrace the challenge. Protecting ourselves, our friends, families, loved ones, and the wider city now and in the year to come."
The locations of the pop up testing sites, for Saturday and Sunday only, from 10am to 7pm are:-

 Pagoda Centre, Henry Street, City Centre.

 Church of Latter Day Saints, Millbank, Tuebrook.

 Everton Park Lifestyles Fitness Centre, Great Homer Street, Everton.

 Longmoor Social Club, Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley.

 Rotunda, Great Mersey Street, Kirkdale.

 Salvation Army Prescot Road , Old Swan.

 All Saints Church, Broad Green Road, Old Swan.

 Earle Road Hub, Earle Road, Picton.

A new, sustainable operating model for testing people without symptoms is currently being worked through and will be announced in due course.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said:- "We are hugely grateful to the many people who have taken time out of their day to get tested as part of this programme, but we know that in some areas it has not been as high as we would like it to have been. This is about taking the programme out into the community to venues that are familiar to local people, and working with Councillors to use their knowledge and connections to encourage as many people as possible to get tested. The more people who get tested, the more chance we have of continuing the decline in positive cases we have seen in recent weeks, which has led to us being placed in Tier 2. We want to get people into the testing habit so we can keep levels low in our city up to and beyond Christmas, through the cold winter months and in to spring; because the last thing any of us want is a return to a national lockdown, or local restrictions, in January or February."

More details of the testing programme in Liverpool can be found at:- Liverpool.Gov.UK/Coronavirus.

New Covid19 support fund to open

LIVERPOOL'S Small businesses within City's retail and hospitality industry are being invited to apply for a new Covid support fund. The new ₤9.5 million fund to support small and micro businesses affected by Covid19 will open for applications on Monday, 30 November 2020. The Hospitality, Leisure and Retail Grants scheme is part of Liverpool City Region Combined Authority's ₤40m emergency support fund. Almost 9,000 businesses in Liverpool have already received financial support since the Covid19 pandemic hit the UK in March. This new funding grant has been allocated to support small retail businesses that were forced to close due to the 2nd National Lockdown as well as the supply chain supporting the hospitality and leisure sector. Included in this sector is non-essential retail, the self employed, sole traders, licensed market traders and limited companies based at home, who predominantly supply the hospitality and leisure sectors. The scheme will be open for applications from 10am, on Monday, 30 November and will close, at 5pm, on Friday, 11 December 2020.

Business must also satisfy the following criteria:-

 Be based in the Liverpool City Region (covering the Local Authority areas ofL0 Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral)

 Have been trading since 11 March 2020.

 Have not been eligible or received a grant from a Local Authority from October 2020 onwards.

 Employ 1 or more people.

 Be able to demonstrate that its trading activities have been significantly and negatively impacted by Covid19 restrictions
be State Aid compliant.

 Still be trading on or before 1 October 2020.

 The grant application process and full criteria can be found on:- Liverpool.Gov.UK.

 The aim is to pay the grant by BACS within 10 working days of an application being approved.

The retail and leisure support scheme is open to small and micro businesses only. For small businesses that means having a turnover of not more than ₤10.2 million; a balance sheet total of no more than ₤5.1 million; and a staff headcount of no more than 50 people. 

A micro business must satisfy 2 or more of the following requirements:- have a turnover of no more than ₤632,000; a balance sheet total of not more than ₤316,000 and a staff headcount of no more than 10 people.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said:- "Liverpool and its partner Authorities within the City Region are working hard to support as many businesses as possible which have been affected by the Pandemic. This latest round of funding will target a number of businesses who make a valuable contribution to our economy, particularly in the hospitality and leisure sector, and yet who have been able to access only restricted funding so far. We will continue to work with our colleagues as the Combined Authority to bring as much support as we are able to the Region's hard pressed businesses."

Sefton Council is fully prepared and ready to grit nearly 470kms of road across the borough this winter to keep its communities safe

LAUNCHING from the Local Authority's brand new:- 'Gritting HQ,' Sefton Council's Highways team have quietly prepared a fleet of special vehicles and a staggering 3,500 tonnes of gritting salt ahead of any major temperature drops in the borough this coming winter. This is the 1st year Sefton Council and its partners will run winter operations from a brand new Council owned:- 'Winter Hub,' after it was deemed the previous depot was no longer fit for purpose.

The new 'Winter Hub,' located in Netherton, has the capacity to store 3500 tonnes of salt, over 250% more storage space than what was available in the previous depot In addition to the storage warehouse, the site also includes:- office accommodation, staff mess room, toilets, meeting and training rooms as well as office space. This will allow the Council's dedicated and tireless staff and contractors access to a modern and functional base to work from during what is a critical time for keeping Sefton and its road network safe and moving.

Cllr John Fairclough, Sefton Council's Cabinet Member for Locality Services, welcomed the news, saying:- "We are absolutely delighted that we have this brand new facility open and operational ready for a potentially cold winter period. The 'Winter Hub' is a much needed addition to our Council assets and will help us to ensure, as we do every year, that residents in Sefton will be driving on safe roads this winter. We are also able to utilise the hub's facilities and services for other projects throughout the spring and summer months which will in turn make it even more cost effective to the Council."

During periods of low temperatures where ice can form on the road surface, Sefton Council and its contractors will begin carriageway surface treatment, more conventionally known as:- 'gritting' just after midnight at any time day or night and continue treatments as long as necessary.

Treatment encompasses over 470km of prioritised carriageway and heavily pedestrianised streets throughout the borough. While the gritting treatment programme is extensive, Sefton Council continues to encourage residents to take extra care when out and about as some side roads and pathways are not treated and may be icy.

Total UK cases Covid19 cases in and around Liverpool City Region

THE total number of UK Coronavirus (Covid19) infections that have been laboratory confirmed, within the UK, has risen by:- 16,022 cases and the total number now stand at:- 1,589,301 that includes tests carried out by commercial partners which are not included in the 4 National totals.

The total number of Covid19 associated UK fatalities added to the total, was sadly reported to be:- 521, within 28 days of positive test, according to the Department of Health. The total number of deaths of people who have had a positive test result confirmed by a Public Health or NHS laboratory is:- 57,551, within 28 days of positive test. Deaths with Covid19 on the death certificate:- 66,713.

The number of Covid19 patients currently in UK Hospitals:- 16,064. The current number of Covid19 patients currently in mechanical ventilation beds in UK Hospitals:- 1,456 Daily number of Covid19 patients admitted to UK Hospitals:- 1,471.

In England, there are a total of:- 1,367,546 confirmed cases. North West - total of:- 301,860 confirmed cases.

The number of laboratory confirmed cases within the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-

Area and number of confirmed cases:- Risen by:-

National UK Lockdown


 Liverpool City Region

Liverpool, 23,839 confirmed cases.


Halton, 4,616 confirmed cases.


Knowsley, 7,755 confirmed cases. 37
Sefton, 10,437 confirmed cases..


St. Helens, 7,527 confirmed case.


Wirral, 9,928 confirmed cases.


Colour Key:- 0  1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30  31 to 40 41 to 50 51 to100 100 over  

The number of laboratory confirmed cases within Local Authorities around the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-



 Blackburn with Darwen, 9,448 confirmed cases.

 Blackpool, 5,135 confirmed cases.

 Bolton, 14,873 confirmed cases.

 Bury, 9,571 confirmed cases.

 Cheshire East, 8,772 confirmed cases.

 Cheshire West and Chester, 8,826 confirmed cases.

 Lancashire, 46,605 confirmed cases.

 Manchester, 30,623 confirmed cases.

 Oldham, 14,599 confirmed cases.

 Preston, 7,060 confirmed cases.

 Rochdale, 12,422 confirmed cases.

 Salford, 13,199 confirmed cases.

 Stockport, 10,376 confirmed cases.

 Tameside, 10,274 confirmed cases.

 Trafford, 8,597 confirmed cases.

 Warrington, 8,080 confirmed cases

 Wigan, 16,254 confirmed cases.



Daily reported Covid19 deaths are now measured across the UK as deaths that occurred within 28 days of the 1st laboratory confirmed positive Covid19 test.   Daily and cumulative numbers of Covid19 patients admitted to Hospital. Data are not updated every day by all 4 nations and the figures are not comparable as Wales include suspected Covid19 patients while the other nations include only confirmed cases.

The latest UK R number is estimated at:- 0.9 to 1 with a daily infection growth rate range of:- -2% to 0%.

Previous 24hr Data

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