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Edition No. 126

Date:- 22 November 2003

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Adult at 14, Pleasureland
Report by Eric Lion-Taylor

HERE at the paper we have had several letters and phone calls about the inappropriateness of the channel four TV drama series, adult at 14, specifically the one shot at Pleasureland.

Why? I watched it and found nothing explicit or that might need censoring, although I don't believe in censorship anyway, nothing that really could have offended anyone, not if you actually got the message behind the show.

The scene that we had the most complaints about, a 14 year old called Sophie, having sex with 2 men in an alleyway, which quite graphically illustrated the peer pressure that teenagers live with day in day out, and what they will do to get the respect of their peers - And don't tell me you were never influenced by peer pressure! 

Our peers have pressured us all into certain ways of thinking sometime during our lives; it takes a real rare person not to be, as we all want to be accepted by our peers and to have friends.

I found this programme to be informative and if I had kids of the age that the children were in the show I would show them the programme as a cautionary tale. 

The fact is your children are acting this way whether you like it or not, the body reaches a sexual maturity within the early teenage years, although it isn't unknown in children as young as 11 and 12. It is society that has made it unseemly for people under 16 to have sex. 

I'm not saying that this is wrong, what I'm saying is that we have artificially set the age of sexual consent at 16 when youngsters are thinking about it well before, they have to fight their hormones which can be a very hard thing to do, especially when everyone around you seems to be getting some, well apparently.

Look at the subtext of the programme; it wasn't attempting to glorify teenage sex, if anything it was trying to put teenagers off, and trying to get them to realise about peer pressure and not giving in to it.

Letters to Editor:- The Band Who Never Played The Cavern..

"TYNFOIL, Star Lancashire rock band have a brick in The Wall of Fame, which is included with 1801 others on the façade of the Cavern Club in Mathew Street, Liverpool. But, Tynfoil never played the Cavern.

At the time…. we were world famous in Wigan, We did get a booking on Thursday 29th January 1970 but we were somehow mysteriously cancelled at the last minute. So when the commemorative brick - in - the - wall - of - fame idea was conceived in 1995, old Cavern contracts must have had Tynfoil (mis-spelt Tynefoil on the brick) written down and booked to play so we got a brick, so to speak. But we never played our dream gig. So the real number of bricks should be 1800 not 1801. I contacted the Cavern Club recently after I had spent the day at the Mathew Street Festival. I saw our brick, told them of the problem and Tynfoil are now looking forward to playing this 33 year old outstanding booking soon and putting this small matter right.

Bill Heckle, the Cavern Club Manager jokingly told me "You, (Tynfoil) will have to (play) or we take your brick out!"

Something are the 2003 Tynfoil and will be appearing live at the Cavern Club on….Saturday 27th December 2003..Catch-Us.. Please... !

Southport based Bill Hart, one of the original members of tinfoil."

All of us here at Mersey Reporter and at Southport Reporter Wish you the best of luck.   We will do our best to come to it.

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