Southport Reporter. Edition No. 67. Date:- 27 September 2002

Happy Birthday from Southport Reporter!

The international clown celebration day took place on 21st September 2002 at the Southport arts centre. The World Clown Association produced it. And sponsored by the Sefton Tourism Department and Arthur Vercoe Pedlar, President Elect W.C.A. to celebrate his 70th birthday.

The World Clown Association stated in 1983, with a vision to spread the art that is clowning to all four corners of the globe. The first British convention was held in 1991, in Bognor Regis and has since been held all over the world. They are interested in the past, present and the future of clowning and have several members in the International Clown Hall of Fame. Including Arthur Vercoe Pedlar.

Clowns have fascinated Arthur since he went to see Bertram Mills Circus when he was six. And in 1953 he joined a clown troupe at cirque Medrano, where he had the opportunity to work with the legendary Buster Keaton. He was the first living clown not resident in the U.S.A. to be entered into the International Clown Hall of Fame. In 1991 he was invited by the former Soviet Union to perform solo in the clown festival at the Leningrad state Circus. Retired from business he is developing comic character studies based on Victorian Music Hall Artistes. These are just some of his amazing achievements and now Southport comes together to show there appreciation for him and what he did and to celebrate the men and woman all over the world who don the make-up and do the most outrageous things all just to make us laugh. He also told us that,"Religion has always been a part of my life. I think it is important to use your talents to help others and spread religion. It also should be used as a sign of expression in order to aid someone's well being."

The day at Southport was broke down into different shows, at 11:00-12noon a free open-air show in the Town Hall gardens was enjoyed by all. With Cheko and Taffy in charge, and stared, 'Randy Christensen Don 'Homer' Bursell and lots of members of The Motley Alley including, John & Vera Button, Burko, Will-E-Droppit, Dizzy Dez, Colours, Jolly dizzy, Ludo, Miki, Plummie, Pop up Polly, Rainbow & Sonny, Tumbles, Yo-Yo, Zilly & Barbara and with the very own Vercoe & Alyn Forte with keyboard accomplice Valerie feeley. At 2:00-3:30 a children's matinee in the arts centre. Directed by 'Yo-Yo' Tawney. Then later on at 7:00-9:30pm in the arts cemtre there was a International Gala Show which was directed by Ruben Madsen. Staring from the U.S.A. Dr. Richard Snowberg. President of the W.C.A, Don Bursell, "Bean-pole Eccentric", 'Randy' Christensen and Don 'Homer' Bursell. Then from Japan, Rone & Gigi, a 'Multi-talented duo'. Then all the way from Sweden came Ruben Madsuns Moscow Circus School, supported by Paul Nutbrown, Volvo Agents. And last but deffi9natly not least the UK Clowns where Steve Rawling a juggler, Nicholas Allen a mime artist and of course Vercoe & Alyn Forte. Then on Sunday 22nd September there was a family Clown service in Christ Church , Lord St, with past W.C.A. Ministry Director - Rev. Randy Christensen & Don Bursell.

Every body seemed to enjoy what they where watching unfold in front of their eyes and as the great Arthur told us, "I am really pleased to have been able to clown for so long. There is nothing like bringing enjoyment to a person or child and seeing them smile. That in turn makes me happy and brings great rewards. It is a great honor and really pleasing that Sefton council has allowed me to celebrate my birthday in such a way."

So to the clowns of the world. Keep doing what you do best, bringing joy and laughter to the children young and old, of the world. Thank you. Some of the show will feature on Sky in the near future.


This young lady has just recovered from Leukemia and was being entertained by another young lady from Canader.

Photos on this page by Patrick Trollope article by Stacy McGahan.

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Just dropping in on these to who just got married in Southport town Hall only to get an unexpected escort back to their car! Then they played skipping with a lady in a electric wheel chair.

The birthday man him self with two of his fellow Jokers on the stage at Southport Arts Center.

Photos on this page by Patrick Trollope article by Stacy McGahan.

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