Film review:- Boat Trip

Well this was not quite what I as expecting to see.... Ummmm. Well what should I say other than this is amusing and a good pick me up film.. er.. feel good film... erm... 
This film plays well for surprising twists, but in is the case is shows that with a bad plot good actors can pull any think out of the bag and stars a plentiful in this film. So are good lucking girls. Well some any way...  

The plot is based on two hormone charged, sex staved morons taking a trip on what they think is a 3 week long vacation on a boat with stunningly beautiful and incredibly sexy females. Well not quite..... Most of them turn out to be drag! Roger Moore is especially funny in this film and you have to give the cast credit for their straight faces.... What results is a fun-filled romp where the most unlikely love boat at sea somehow leads both Jerry and Nick to find their dream lovers. 

The plot is fairly disjointed and the ending is extremely poor, but laughs plenty full to cover your admission charge. Three stars out of five. 
Film Review by Patrick Trollope

Directed by:- Mort Nathan.

Warning:- Strong sexual content, bad language and drug/drink info in the film
4 Very Good
3 Good
2 OK
1 Poor 
0 Avoid At All Costs

Runtime:- 93 min 

Cast credits. First credits only:- 
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Jerry, Horatio Sanz as Nick, Roselyn Sanchez as Gabriela, Vivica A. Fox as Felicia, Roger Moore as Lloyd, William Bumiller as Steven, Ken Campbell as Tom, Eddie Driscoll as Robbie, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Gareis as Sheri, Zen Gesner as Ron, Maurice Godin as Hector, Li Hagman as Pia, Artie Lange as Brian, Thomas Lennon as The Minister, Steven M. Porter as Marshall, Richard Roundtree as Malcolm, Michelle Ruben, Lin Shaye as Sonja, Victoria Silvstedt as Inga & Noah York as Perry.

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 11 October 2002