Southport's Latest club opened on Wednesday night and boy o boy what a night it was. Roberta Lee's Show Bar who's owner, from whom the club takes its name said "This club is for all walks of life to enjoy them selves and have a good laugh. I am very please with the opening nights attendance and can not wait to get going...."

Roberta Lee who is an international renowned Female Impersonator kicked off the night in his new club with people from the local media and local shops keepers, business men and women and even local celebrities watching and participating in what has to be one of the best club opening nights ever seen in Southport. It was a very entertaining and fun night out according to all who went and it showed as the place was packed out. "This is a very exceptionally fun night and every one from our party is having a fantastic time." A chap told us when photographed.  

We will let the shots tell the rest of the tail.

If you want to go to see the club, it is well worth it and is open each night from 7.00pm to 12.00am at the same location as the old Excels Night Club.

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 18 October 2002