Southport Ladies F.C. 0 v Penrith Ladies F.C. 2.
Photographs By Patrick Trollope.

Southport Ladies were not on form at their match on Sunday 20 October.    The game was played in the cold and rain.  The day took a lot out of every one watching and the girls who were playing.  Both teams were suffering from the cold, but the Golden Girls were slightly daunted by the weather and did not have their hearts in the game, losing a lot of opportunities and even scoring an own goal.   This was not a good warm up for this Sundays FA Match, but as team coach Mary said, “Not to worry, early days yet.  This was only our third game of the season as we have been playing cup games.”    One other problem for the team is that they still play and train on exposed and un-even fields.  

Southport Reporter  
Edition No. 71
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 25 October 2002