Rock FM's Legends.
Photographs by Patrick Trollope.

Rock FM's Legends Rick Vaughn and EL Greggo were at the Club Infinity on Saturday for their weekly Rock FM live broadcast from the dance floor of the club. The club was full of happy partygoers all eager to be photographed and even get a chance to meet the 2 radio stars. “Forget the film stars, we have Rock FM here!” James from Blackburn said. The night was well run and every one took to the dance floors with the sounds of the Rock FM mix booming out and the fantastic lighting effects shining down onto a raised platform on the main dance floor. If you missed us “We will be back…” and don’t forget ROCK FM is their every Saturday with their live mix! 


Lots of things to come as we improve our services to you the reader.   Our Photo ordering service will soon be automated and online!  So please keep watching…  Also win a framed photograph of Farskapes Viginia Hay and others like Dirk Benedict and also get a chance to win 4 VIP Tickets to Pleasureland for next year’s session!  That could be a very good Xmas present.   Also keep an eye on here for some fantastic games with fantastic nighttime prizes.    Read next weeks Southport Reporter for more information!
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 01 November 2002