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Countryside is not a free for all tip

THE Country Land and Business Association (CLA) in the North is urging the public to ensure they dispose of their rubbish responsibly this Christmas; a time of year that can often see households accumulate increased amounts of waste. Latest Government statistics show there were more than 1 million fly tipping incidents in 2018/19 on public land; with nearly ⅔ of those involving household waste. For the statistics on each Local Authority, in England. The statistics however are the just the tip of the iceberg as they do not include incidents of fly tipping on private land; which the landowner has to clear at personal cost or risk prosecution themselves. Nearly ⅔ of farmers have been a victim of fly-tipping with more than ½ saying it is a significant issue in their area.

CLA Director North Dorothy Fairburn said:- "Christmas is a time when households can have an increased amount of waste with boxes, old and broken toys and appliances, and an increase in general waste as people host friends and family. In many cases there can often be changes in Local Authority bin collection days too which can lead to an accumulation of waste over the festive period. We urge everyone to dispose of their rubbish responsibly by checking when their Local Recycling Centre is open and taking it there. If you have to dispose of a large amount of rubbish we recommend you only use a waste removal service that can provide evidence of a Waste Carriers Licence. This can avoid it being taken away by unscrupulous operators and dumped in the countryside. In 2020 the CLA will continue to call for greater penalties for those people that are caught fly tipping and changes to an unjust system whereby private landowners are having to pick up the bill for waste that is illegally dumped on their land."

The CLA has a 5 point action plan for how:- Government, farmers, landowners, and rural communities can work together to tackle fly tipping. You can read more about this here.  What are your views on this?  Do you get affected by fly-tipping or have you spotted it in your area?  Please email us with your thoughts on this issue via:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com.

Don't let fireworks stop your dog having a happy New Year

AS the year draws to an end, celebrations are planned for New Year's Eve. To mark the start of 2020 fireworks will be let off, and while this is a fun time for many, for dogs this can be a traumatising time. The impact on pets can be quite enormous, with a recent RSPCA survey reporting that 62% of UK dog owners say their dog has become stressed as a result of fireworks, and 54% of cat owners. And as a reaction to this problem, already this year we have seen Sainsbury's stop selling fireworks and a petition has been signed by hundreds of thousands of people calling for a ban on selling fireworks to the general public. Yet the problem persists. To help you make sure your dog isn't left upset and distressed by the loud displays, Company of Animals, experts in dog behaviour and training, have shared some tips on how to keep your dog safe and calm on New Year's Eve.

Recognising the signs

When a dog becomes distressed there are key signs to look out for. If you notice any of the below behaviour in your dog it is likely they are not coping with the situation. Key symptoms include:-

Excessive pacing or shaking during a period of loud noise.

Increased vocalisation, by moaning or barking more frequently.

Trying to get your attention.



Needing the toilet more frequently.

Evening prep...

There are a few ways to help your dog during a period of time you think could cause them distress. Consider closing all curtains, windows and doors around the house, this can really help to reduce the impact of the bang from the fireworks and might help keep your dog calmer. The closed curtains will also keep out the light flashes, which when unexpected, can spook your dog. Turning on the radio or TV to a volume which will mask the loud noises can also help to keep your dog unaware of the bangs. You can also create a den for your dog, such as covering a dog crate with blankets, so they have somewhere safe to go during any firework displays. Whilst seemingly small, all of the above can go a long way to supporting your pet's wellbeing.

Blocking out the noise...

If you have a dog with dropped ears you can create homemade ear defenders to protect your pet during periods of loud noises. Experts at the Company of Animals on site Behaviour Centre have created a short video explaining an easy way to create ear defenders that will support your dog and help to block out loud noises.

Walking time...

Considering the time of day to walk your dog during fireworks season is a must. If you regularly walk your dog during the evening, consider going right before dusk, to avoid prime fireworks time. Getting out on a walk with your dog earlier will allow them to go to the toilet happily, something they may be too afraid to do later in the evening if there is a firework display in close proximity. Your dog will also burn off some energy when out and about and will likely be more relaxed later in the evening. But remember, always keep your dog on a lead and wearing its tag when walking at this time of year. Company of Animals also advocate the legal requirement of microchipping. All of these measures will ensure the safe return of your dog should they become scared and run away.

Set the tone...

In addition to all of the above, preparing your dog to cope with unusual noises is a great way to support them and can really minimise any distress. A tool that can be used to help your dog cope is the Company of Animals Sounds CD, which is recommended by vets and animal behaviourists to help desensitise your dog to different noises and is a proven technique for the prevention and treatment of sound phobias. It includes a range of sounds from both inside and outside the home, including fireworks.

For more information on Company of Animals please visit:- CompanyOfAnimals.Com.

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