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s show and it has a top detection rate of perpetrators! There is certainly room for improvement but 6 out of 10 reported offenders are caught. Figures for violent crime are falling. It is realized that not all incidents are reported. It is essential victims do report attacks for action to be taken.
The vast majority of this crime occurs in just four hours of the week on Friday and Saturday nights and is usually associated with licensed premises. It is largely confined to a small central area around these. The impact of drugs is currently being investigated by researchers.
Many measures have been instigated to combat this crime including use of CCTV, (NB.Operation and quality of these cameras is the province of the Local Authority). There are more Police car and foot patrols and the use of other resources is available on request. Consideration is being given to such issues as street lighting. We were assured that Sefton has sufficient officers and resources to meet its demands and can call on other help if needed.

New proposals include a designated, single supervised drop- off place for out of area coaches. This already works effectively in places such as Blackpool. This would need to be situated well away from residential areas, with a safe route to it for travelers avoiding busy road crossings. Consultation with the public and local authorities would occur. There would be monitoring by CCTV and a police presence to welcome visitors and to supervise their departure. The public would feel safer for the more visible police presence. During the lively question and answer session a variety of issues were raised.

Residents were concerned about street drinking and concomitant issues of broken glass and litter. “Could street drinking be banned? “It was thought that incident figures would be too low for the Home Secretary to grant this but that a ‘Crystal Clear ‘ policy operated.( No glass allowed outside ) Local Councilors would be the appropriate people to pursue such matters."  The lack of security on trains was raised. Police are well aware of the problems and do cooperate with the Transport Police to tackle this danger. Youths congregating and causing havoc concerned many. ”Why can’t these offenders be taken to Police Stations for collection by their parents?” Sometimes repeated calls had to be made, although one speaker reported that there was a good response when actual damage had occurred in his neighborhood.
  The reply was that children over 10 can be taken back and indeed were if they were, for example, drunk and a danger to themselves and others,
However the Police had no wish to alienate young people and strove to deal with matters in the most appropriate way in the hope these children would grow up to behave responsibly. Police are keen to foster good relationships with the young and the Force encourages work with schools and groups. We were reminded that the Police and local youth bands are involved in a concert at the Philharmonic Hall on Sunday 21st October.
In relation to youths purchasing alcohol, street drinking and causing a nuisance or behaving threateningly, it was acknowledged that alcohol and violence are very closely related and that rowdy, raucous behavior could soon degenerate into ill temper and anti-social behavior. Timely intervention by officers on the spot, can often defuse the situation and reassure the public. We were informed that new legislation makes it a criminal offence to purchase alcohol for minors and that opened bottles can be seized. Licenses can be revoked if under-age drinkers are supplied.
(NB. The granting of licenses is a function of the local authorities.)
Other more specific items and criticisms, which were raised, were dealt with individually.

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