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teful Tuesday morning, I could not believe it was real. Fortunately my friend had returned to Britain by the time of the attack but only a few weeks before had spent hours in the World Trade Center shopping and meeting friends.

Now over 5,000 people are still missing and presumed dead amongst its rubble. Like so many have said in the aftermath, I too thought America was simply indestructible. The attacks were so calculated and yet so simple, it is impossible to comprehend how anyone could believe in something so strongly, as to cause such devastation.

As the task of recovering bodies and clearing the wreckage continues, President Bush has had the difficult task of responding to the attacks while also contemplating the fate of chief suspect Osama Bin Laden without worsening the situation. Well, his decision-making was over this weekend, as he led a bomb-offensive over some of Afghanistan's major cities.

As the story will unfold, and with many European and some Arab states including Pakistan offering support for American action, an imminent large-scale, long term reprisal seems inevitable. British and American forces are already assembled in key air and military bases in the Middle East. It is understandable that many Americans feel immense patriotism and support extreme military action, however, the consequences of this may lead to the death of thousands of innocent Muslims causing a catastrophe in an already troubled region.

However, it appears impossible to negotiate terms with a regime that loathe all that America stands for.

Either way, it is clear that these attacks will have far reaching repercussions. At a time when the global economy is under strain, airlines and insurance companies are making cuts and consumer spending may fall as people worry about shares and investments.

All this when young people will be entering the workplace. Many are starting their adult lives in a world full of uncertainty with the threat of intense, long-winded war hanging over their heads.

Whatever happens, we can never realistically "stamp out evil" as President Bush has suggested, but the overwhelming show of bravery, patriotism and support these attacks have brought out in America and the rest of the world should at least show us one thing; that there is far more good in the world than we can ever imagine, and that will never be stamped out.

Article by Miranda Schunke

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