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17 Jan 2002

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Wellbeing Sale

Violence in School!
With the lack of respect and problems in our community from youth Miranda Schunke took a look at national statistics and information about the educational environment and reveals some interesting statistics.  
Bullying in the playground is a problem for many schools today, but the abuse of teachers by parents is a ever growing concern. Physical and verbal attacks are on the increase and it is said to be driving teachers out of the profession.
Many teachers are said to be experiencing the abuse on a frequent basis, ranging from insults to actual physical harm. A scenario often encountered by many teachers is one where a child is told off in class and his or her parent has come in to class to object.  New research undertaken by has revealed some alarming statistics. The research has revealed that the problem is a national issue. Nearly one in 20 of Britain's teachers admit to having been physically attacked by an irate parent. The survey also showed that nearly  half, 47 percent, of the UK's teachers have had their authority undermined by an interfering parent.
Seemly, parents are causing more problems than their errant offspring 
as 93 per cent said parents are harder to control than their pupils. A number of parents, the survey noted, was that parents often look for a scapegoat when their child does not meet the grade, many teachers being openly criticized as a result. It has been explained by parents simply having unrealistic expectations for their children in the academic arena.

However, many teachers have admitted suffering in silence without taking the issue further. But this is not always the case, many teachers defending their position in light of the many highly strung mums and dads. As Henny Fordham, editor of, said, "Teachers have to cope with a number of different stresses throughout their working lives and many teachers are not trained to deal with problem parents."
There needs to be a solution to deal with parents who are taking the law into their hands in some instances before something serious happens. What do you think? 
Have you been a victim of parental abuse? 
Is there a lack of communication between schools and parents?

Email us in confidence at:- or ring us.

Article by Miranda Schunke with thanks to

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