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17 Jan 2002

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On the Streets!
Just before Christmas our brave reporter Jord went on the streets to see what people made of Western astrology, but due to the revamping of the site we have only now been able to bring it to you.  Jord reports her results.
Last month we looked at Chinese Astrology appearing in today’s society. Whether compatibility in relationships, is determined by the year you and your partner were born in.

Now I did say that we would be looking at other cultures and their ways of finding the "perfect other half". Today, I have written up my results on Western Astrology.

Western Astrology is slightly different from Chinese Astrology where instead of using the year of your birth, it uses you month (star sign). I interviewed 20 people in the streets of Southport last week, 1/2 were male and 1/2 female. I found that more women than men believe in star signs, but very few followed it. My results from the survey are:-

People interviewed star sign element:-

Element Female Male
Fire 2 1
Earth 4 1
Air 3 4
Water 1 4
Females interviewed above.  40% were Earth!
Males interviewed above.  40% were Air and 40% Water!

The interviewed partner situation.

Female interviewed partners situation.
Male interviewed partners situation.

Bar Grafts above and results bellow:-

Situation Female Male 
No Partners 2 0
No Matches 3 6
Match by element 3 1
Match by star sign 1 0
Same star sign 1 2
Same element 0 1

As you can see, there are hardly any matches. One of the interviewees said to me that she had been married to her husband for 20 years and still is, with five children. However, by what that star sign say she and her partner are not perfect matches. This makes us to wonder, does astrology really matter in today's social order, particularly as the latest statistics suggest that there will be more single parents than traditional family units in the future?