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24 Jan 2002

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Rock/Pop at Tower!

Food Allergy & Intolerance week 21st - 27 Jan 2002!

With an increasing amount of people becoming allergic to foods, the British Allergy Foundation announced the special week  in order to raise awareness and provide much needed information.   Most people think food allergies only affect children and are from things like peanuts.  There is a great ignorance within the public as to the effects of some foods and their implications.  Allergies can start at any point in a person's life. Sometimes you become more tolerant to the food in question, other times the symptoms stay the same.  The worst case scenario is that the symptoms get worse!  Food allergies can caused by all types of foods, like peanuts, E-Numbers (Artificial colouring), wheat and milk.   The foundation estimates that up to 45% of the UK population suffers from illnesses related to food intolerance at some time in their lives and the picture is similar in other Western countries.   Only 1% suffer an allergic response that is life threatening.  The rest are afflicted by irritation and/or mood swings and can affect everyday lives.   Minor changes to diets can have marked improvements.  Symptoms can vary from chronic to slight and people can suffer from one or more conditions.  Symptoms  like Arthritis, IBS, Sinusits, Constipation, Unexplained Rashes, Itching, Skin Problems, Stomach Cramps, Fatigue, Glue Ear, Diarrhoea, Fluid Retention, Nausea, Hyperactivity, Eczema, Psoriasis, Bloating, Headaches, Wheezing, Aches and Pains can result from food allergies and sometimes GP's can not isolate the problem.  

As it is the week of awareness, we have been offered by the Health Screening Ltd. a chance to allow one of you readers to get a free test.  The only condition is that you give us your opinion on how the test went and what you thought of the experience and the test.  We will not publish your name, but will publish your views under an alias.  Send an email with your name and phone number to us at  and we (PCBT Photography) will pick the winner.  Names will be chosen out at random.  Competition ends 7th  Feb 2002.

Health Screening Ltd, is based in Somerset and over 200,000 have used the service.  The test are done in 500 different locations each month with 50 testers/Dietary Counsellors.  

For more information about the service call them on 01823 3250022/3


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The HSL also issued a strong warning.  "Due to the success and reputation of HSL, it has inevitably attracted copy-cats, usually, sole therapists who have precious little training, no governing body, and they recommend diets which can be downright dangerous to a client presenting with multiple food sensitivities.  When you visit a heath food store or pharmacist to enquire about getting a test done, make sure the Tester/Dietary Counsellor is from the HSL.  This is important for your well being and expectations."

Health Screening Ltd.'s Tester/Dietary Counsellor above testing a client in the Birkdale Health Food Store, where they often do tests.

You can pick up more information about the tests in the Birkdale Health Food Store or Formby Health Food Store.

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