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31 Jan 2002

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Film review:- Black Hawk Down.

This film is a far cry from Ridley Scott's normal films like "Witness". It is based around a very real event during October 1993, that saw 18 of 123 elite American US Special Forces personnel and countless Somalis killed, and has the US trying to capture two, top lieutenants of a renegade warlord.   The film turns out to be very  one-dimensional and self congratulatory and is yet another piece of Hollywood fiction.    As usual, Ridley's powerful film techniques make amends for the historical inaccuracies with  ultra-realistic graphic violence, using special effects that range from rockets blowing bodies to pieces to severed limbs.  I think he has taken lessons of John Woo.  This film is good, if you liked seeing other films like "Saving  Private Ryan".  I think the release date  of this film being brought forward was bad timing. I give it two stars, as I counted 6 people leave during the film, feeling sick.  Be warned, don't go if you cant stand blood and guts.  I am puzzled this film did not get an 18 certificate.  I have to add though, I did enjoy it  in parts; if that is the correct word to use... 

Voices, first credits only:- Josh Hartnett as Staff Sergeant Matt Eversmann, Ewan McGregor as Company Clerk John Grimes, Tom Sizemore as Lt. Colonel Danny McKnight, Eric Bana as Sergeant 1st Class Norm "Hoot" Hooten, William Fichtner as Master Sergeant Paul Howe, Ewen Bremner as Specialist Shawn Nelson, Sam Shepard as Major General William Garrison, Gabriel Casseus as Specialist Mike Kurth, Kim Coates as Private Wex, Hugh Dancy as Sergeant 1st Class Kurt Schmid, Ron Eldard as Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant, Ioan Gruffudd as Sergeant Beales, Tom Guiry as Staff Sergeant Ed Yurek Charlie Hofheimer as Corporal Jamie Smith and Danny Hoch as Sergeant Dominic Pilla.                                                                    Film Review by Patrick Trollope.

Film Age Rating In The UK
         Tagline: Leave No Man Behind. 
 Our verdict 2 stars out of five stars.
Running Time:- 146 mins              
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