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Identity Crisis!

In the wake of the recent atrocities in America, David Blunkett has 
announced plans for compulsory ID cards for all Brits - apparently in order 
to crack down on terrorist activity. The cards, which are expected to be 
backed by the Prime Minister, would be able to store a huge amount of 
information about any one individual that would be accessible to the 
authorities at the touch of a button.

This introduction would mean that the government would be able to identify 
any threats when they appear and hopefully avoid any further loss of lives. 
But there are several concerns about the use of ID cards, not least those 
held by supporters of human rights.

The introduction of ID cards and the concern about the invasion of people's 
privacy follows other recent measures by the government, which can on one 
hand be seen as an imposition into our lives and our basic rights to 
privacy. Such an example would be speed cameras and CCTV cameras like those 
recently installed on many high streets in the town centre.

Whilst human rights activists are dead against the introduction of ID cards, 
seeing it as an invasion of privacy, a recent poll has shown that 85% of 
people supported the decision. I for one would be inclined to agree with 
this decision - after all, with the loss of at least 5,000
lives in the recent terrorist attacks in America, and many lives also lost 
through speeding and violent crimes, what does a bad passport photo and a 
piece of plastic matter if it means that innocent lives are saved?

Article by;- Miranda Schunke

One comment on the streets was "Their should be a national vote today for the introduction of ID cards!"

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We hit the Streets of Southport to get the public's views.
"I think it is a good idea to introduce ID cards, but it would not stop terrorists."  Owner of KFC in Southport.

Out of 20 people our small half hour survey saw the large proportion of people asked said ID cards should be introduced:-  

1. Green = Yes.     
3 Blue = Don't Know.
   2. Red = No.
      4. Cyan
= Not Bothered.

Should it be Voluntary? 
Yes 8; No 11; Don't Know 1; Don't Care 1.
Would it make you feel safer on the streets?
Yes 8; No 11; Don't know 0; Don't care 1.
Would it help stop terrorists?
Yes 8; No 11; Don't know 0; Don't care 1.
Is it an Infringement of Civil Liberties to Compulsory  introduce an ID card?
Yes 6; No 13; Don't know 1; Don't care 0.
Do you think it should be compulsory to have an ID card on you at all times?
Yes 5; No 15; Don't know 0; Don't care 0.
Do you think it would be a problem for us in Southport being a tourist town?
Yes 5; No 14; Don't know 1; Don't care 0.
What age should we introduce a card at?
At Birth 3; Starting School 4;  At 16 Years Old 4; at 18 Years Old 3; Don't Know 1.
What penalties for not having a card would you introduce, if it was compulsory to carry your ID card?
Jail Sentence 0;  Large fine over 1500.00 1; Fine Under 1500.00 but over 200.00 2; Fine of 45.00 13; No penalties 4.
Should Tax Payers pay for the cards or the individual?
No 4; Yes 16; Don't Care 0.