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P Diddy & The Bad Boy Family

The Saga Continues...(Arista)

New name, new album, same old story.  The artist formerly known as Puff Daddy, now claiming the snigger-inducing moniker of P Diddy, returns with his gaggle of sycophantic bad boys to tell us all about his love of money, bitches and blunts and make sure we realise he's "down wid da ghetto". Still, at least he seems to have got over his obsession with bloated rapper Notorious BIG.  This time, it's Jennifer Lopez's turn to be treated to a limp, insincere tribute a la Puffy in the tacky I Need A Girl (To Bella).

P Diddy has a massively inflated view of his own talent, but the best tracks here are the ones that he has the least to do with.  The dark and menacing Child Of The Ghetto, performed by G Dep and ostensibly untouched by the hand of Puff shows more originality and passion than much of the rest of the album.  So Complete is a smooth, yearning r'n'b groove given the kiss of life by the sassy Cheri Dennis and is the high point of the whole soulless, testosterone-fuelled exercise.

There are no surprises - except perhaps Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, a lament on the torments of being immensely rich and famous.  It's surprising that even a man with an ego as inflated as Diddy's believes this track should be inflicted on the public.

P Diddy and his family "ain't going nowhere", as he takes great pains to tell us on Bad Boy For Life.  But it's only a matter of time before the weight of his pseudo-gangsta ego crushes him to messy pulp.  And I'll be the one laughing manically when it does.

Reviews by Miranda Schunke


Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days (Big Dada)

Taken from the fantastic second album Run Come Save Me, Dreamy Days is one of Manuva's best and most chilled songs to date.  What's refreshing about this track is the idea of actually being pleasant to folk and being an all round goodie.  However, of course, there are also the usual Roots drugs references and with lyrics like, 'Here is my money, these are my drugs and this is my brain', this is a great tune to have a smoke and a beer to.

The b-sides are disappointing, MJ Cole has produced a rather lacklustre track which, considering Roots vocal style, could have been much better, while the Super Furry Animals remix fares even worse.  Altogether the single is a great summer tune that unfortunately got released in autumn.

Pulp - The Trees/Sunrise (Island)

The first release for two years from Sheffield's major export, fits snugly into the insular indie void they left behind.  The star quality and somewhat
geek-to-god coolness that previously shoved Jarvis into the limelight, continues to shine.

However, the truly handbag flaunting tunes that gained the majority vote - the Common People and Disco 2000's - are a world away.  For this era, the music is timeless, less immediate but less irritatingly repetitive.

First of the double A-side, Trees, is a sweeping musical arrangement of strings and harmony.  When the melodic hauntings of Sunrise echoes and
converges into a climax of noise, certain things become obvious.  The old timers of pop are back to save the musically jaded.

Reviews by Miranda Schunke

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