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Fox and Goose Rock Fest.
Fox & Goose in Cable Street, Southport, is holding a Rock Fest! We have been working closely with the Fox & Goose to promote it as we are going to cover all 3 nights of the event that is set to shake the very foundations of Southport’s Night Life! With over 20 bands wanting to play and 17 confirmed playing it will wake the dead!  This bash is without earplugs, so it's not for the faint hearted!  Strobe lights, smoke and costumes in fancy dress will set the night off. Then the bands will play!  Some of the bands are as follows:-  Skinflick;  PSST;  Acheron; Godzukie; Split Level Head; Drowning Formula; Diamamthian and Jester!

Starting on Friday 26th October 2001 Bands will start to rock the foundations form 6pm and Ending on the Sunday 28th.  This Rock Fest will be photographed by Southport Reporter, so come along, you might get on Night Life!!!  

Phone the Fox & Goose on 01704 543990 for more information or email us today at 
 This Week's Pre Rock Fest Bash! 
This week we popped in to see three bands playing at the Fox to sample what is to come. 

This week’s three bands were from the West Midlands playing on Saturday, despite one of the bands having their microphones stolen. 

The night was cool outside, but inside the temperature was extremely hot and our editor’s camera kept steaming up. Everyone was in high spirits, except Mandy the Landlord who got "high", as the locals decided that the night’s rock music had to have the customary ride in it. She was wiped off her feet and carried above the audience and around the bar! When she got down she said “Well I will know not be let down by the crowds!” 

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