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 Chinese Calendar Survey.

This week we're looking at Chinese astrology. Does it work in modern and western society? Moreover, how many people are with their compatible partner? As I walked through Southport town centre interviewing people, very few of them know about Chinese astrology or got it mixed up with western astrology. This is due to their culture and lifestyle being so different to ours, so we have not been fully influenced by it. All Cultures have different ideas and styles of living, so does Chinese astrology fit in Britain? 

According to Chinese astrology you're compatible with someone four years younger or older than you. As you will notice in Figure 3 there is 4 couple out of 30 compatible according to Chinese astrology. This leads me to believe that in this case Chinese belief does not work in our western culture at present. You also see that the majority with partners, there is only a one-year gap. Is this to do with our western ways of living or just convenient? Next we're going to look at western astrology and other culture in following weeks. To find out what influences has different lifestyle have on the little seaside resort of Southport. 

Why don't you have a go? Fill in and find out who you are compatible with.

Figure 1:-  This shows the statistics of how many people we interviewed were  of each sign.

Results are as follows:-

 1 = Rat  5 people.
 2 = Ox  4 people.
 3 = Tiger  3 people.
 4 = Rabbit  1 person.
 5 = Dragon  1 person.
 6 = Snake  1 person.
 7 = Horse  3 people.
 8 = Goat  3 people.
 9 = Monkey  3 people.
10 = Rooster  1 person.
11 = Dog  2 people.
12 = Pig  3 people.

Figure 2:- This shows all the questions asked with yes answers:-

Q1. Do you know your Chinese sign?  9 people.
Q2. Are you single (not dating)?  5 people.
Q3. Do you know your partners sign?  4 people.
Q4. Do you believe in C.A.?  4 people.
Q5. Do you know the history behind C.A.?  3 people.
Q6. Do you know what your compatible signs are?  2 people.
Q7. How many out off 30 interviews how a compatible relationships.  4 people.

By Jordana Learmonth

Who are you and who can love you?

Figure 3. No. of years difference between couples. Out of 30 people 4 did not have a partner and so was not included in below:-
1 = 0 years  4 people.
2 = 1 year  9 people. 
3 = 2 years  2 people.
4 = 3 years  5 people.
5 = 4 years  3 people.
6 = 5 years  1 person.
7 = 6 years  0 people.
8 = 7 years  1 person.
9 = 8 years  1 person.

Interestingly you can see the matches. I've highlighted the compatible partners. 

Figure 1. (Above)
Figure 2. (Above)
Figure 3. (Above)
Jordana Learmonth (Above)

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