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Are we spinning out of control?

YES, you are reading more negative reporting about Covid19, but please don't turn off, read on, as it might just start your alarm bells ringing! Remember US President Donald Trump has cast doubt on a report by his own Government warning of devastating effects from climate change and that it was a Chinese hoax? Remember Boris Johnson famously touring the UK in a bus which stated on the side that the UK sent the EU £350m a week, and suggested spending the money on the NHS instead? Why are we pulling these up? Well, it is part of a major problem, we and most of the World now faces.

Since Christmas, Europe is in the midst of a fresh Covid wave, with several countries recording over 100 million Covid cases since the start of the Pandemic, and more than 5 million new cases in the last week of 2021. On 6 January 2022, The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned us all that the rise in Omicron cases could pave the way for a new, more dangerous variant. But what has this got to do with Brexit and climate change?

As Labour and some Tory MPs are demand immediate answers on whether Boris Johnson attended a drinks event in the Downing Street garden, on 20 May 2020, during Lockdown, it increasingly highlights another epidemic we are facing the effects of, that of Spin Media! This epidemic is not just a UK problem, but a global problem which has now resulted in a very dangerous cocktail that is undermining trust of Governments, media and even healthcare systems, such as the WHO.

If you do not recognise the term:- ‘spin’ it is a form of propaganda, used to achieve a biased interpretation of an event or campaign, in order to influence public opinion. Methods used include knocking anyone who questions a view not inline with those putting the information out. For example, in the US, Trump flagging as:- "fake news" anything that deviated from his narrative. In the UK, the use of the term ‘operation fear’ in order to demolish the case made by the ‘Remainers.’ By such ways ‘Spin Doctors’ seek to take control of the general view point on a subject.

In the UK, this problem became dangerous within British Politics, when Tony Blair became the Prime Minister, in 1997. The use of spin by the then 'New Labour' Government. Tony Blair and associates showed a smooth and moderate approach to politics, but it hid a dark side. For example the resulting mess surrounding the views of 'misrepresented intelligence on weapons of mass destruction' in order to gain approval for Iraq War?

The problem is, once spin is used, and it is shown to have happened, it nearly always undermines trust in the person, Government or organisation using it. It is very much like the way propaganda was used during World War 2, but now we see it as a form of advertising and campaigning. We all do this, in the media, intentionally or not, and that is why having a diverse media is so important in any democracy. We are only as good as the information we can obtain and this is where the power of spin comes into play. This week, we are witnessing this being played out in the form of the intense concentration over Downing Street drinks party. There is growing anger now alleged distortions of the truth and alleged errors in judgement are being highlighted. The spin that was taking place over that period has now come home to roost… So what has this got to do with Covid19?

Thankfully, unlike across Europe, the media are reporting that Covid cases in the UK are on the way down, according to the daily figures released by the Government. It is those words:- 'at least' and the word:- 'Government' in many reports, including a report on the BBC website that is very telling.

As a nation we are seeing a very worrying rise in the numbers of people saying it is:- "all blown out of proportion" and many are now showing increasing antipathy to Pandemic controls. We are also seeing significant concerns about the spread of Covid19 in sports and many so called:- 'role models' declining to receive vaccinations against Coronavirus. Along with another rise in social media post, claiming that the Pandemic is:- ‘fake,’ we could well see a tidal wave of infections surging across the globe again, if the WHO are correct, without the ability to take action.

It is legitimate to question the use of vaccines, indeed to question controlling the epidemic at all, but these views should be back up by serious research, not on the parish pump gossip, fanned by social media sites, some of which peddle very questionable ideas, which often result in dangerous consequences.

The actions of those in power, like in the UK, along with so called 'role models' are knowingly or unknowingly providing weight to the idea that the ‘Pandemic is fake.’ This run of spin has now seriously undermined our Government’s ability to control this Pandemic, and other dangerous events in the future.

We are increasingly affected by spin, both here in the UK and around the world. So what can we do to take on this problem and restore faith in our Governments? On a local level, we all have a part to play in counteracting such dangerous ideas, like those who still say that the virus is:- ‘fake’ and also holding those in power to account. Please do email us your thoughts on this, as we would be very interested to hear them. Our email is as normal:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com.

Most small business owners not planning to recruit this year, say lenders

IF this is true, it could have a huge effect on the job market, but Alan Jones, PA Industrial Correspondent has found that new research suggests 4 out of 5 small businesses do not expect to hire new employees this year amid mounting concern over the economy. A survey of 500 owners of small businesses showed that only 1 in 10 predicted they will recruit over the next 12 months. Optimism among small business owners remains low, with almost a 3rd of respondents believing they will be worse off by the end of 2022, said the report. Only 1 in 4 respondents said they expect their turnover to grow this year. The study by small business lenders, IWOCA, have found that the main concerns included:- inflation, increased running costs and supply chain issues. Seema Desai, IWOCA's Chief Operating Officer, said:- "These results show that small business owners are concerned about rising inflation and the subsequent knock on effect this will bring."

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