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What will Ukraine do to our Economy?

IN the words of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson:- "President Putin has chosen a path of bloodshed and destruction by launching this unprovoked attack on Ukraine." As we watch President Putin and his regime attack Ukraine, as a nation we will have to prepare for refugees, but also face further price hikes around fuel, gas prices, wheat and vital minerals, as well as possible 'double-digit' inflation.

The situation in Ukraine is shocking and very worrying and will lead to other 'existential' threats, but currently Commons NATO and UK forces must not play an active role in the conflict, or risk all out war with Russia. As a result of this unprovoked attack, Vladimir Putin and his allies are instead staring down the barrel at economic reprisals, dubbed the financial equivalent of unleashing a nuclear arsenal. Annoyingly for the Western powers, Russia appears to be largely immune to many of these sanctions. But, following the start of his efforts at regime change in Ukraine, it has also made many realise just what a financial problem Russia has become.

This incursion into Ukraine apart from his bringing Europe to the brink of war, his reprisals have highlighted other issues the west now face. For example, Europe is dependent on Russia for 40% of its natural gas supplies, despite the expansion of renewable energy. This dependency and its affects on global energy prices should act as a wakeup call. Recently we have heard calls to start Fracking again in Parliament, but we should be concentrating heavily on Green Energy, not only to combat the impact on dependency on other nations for energy supplies, but also to attack climate chance issues.

In retaliation to the West, Russia is threatening to cut off Gas supplies to Europe. We are also seeing threat levels raised against cyber attacks, especially against American companies and American hosted websites with the US issuing a:- "shields up" alert and warnings to:- "prepare for disruptive cyber activity."

Vladimir Putin allegedly has also issued nuanced threats, about super weaponry and attacks, to increase tensions further.

Job Vacancy - for Social Media Specialist

GALLERY 1, is a family run art shop located on Lord Street, Southport, Merseyside, (PR90BB) is looking for a Social Media Specialist who has also got a total understanding of Wix Websites and other website formats.  The shop provides mostly contemporary art, with a wide range of colours, styles and from a fantastic selection of artists. As an independent shop we pride ourselves on being able to match any home's needs, with our often unique range of originals, limited editions, exclusives and prints to suit anyone's budget. This job requires the applicant to be fully conversant with all social media platforms. The job is for 6 hours per week, on Saturdays, but you must be flexible. Please apply within the shop or call them on:- 07855916321.

Job listing placed 20 February 2021.

2022 List Of Events in brief for Old Christ Church

THE Old Christ Church is a redundant Anglican church located on Waterloo Road, Waterloo, Merseyside, L22 1RE, and houses multiple events. This is the tremendously vibrant volunteer group, The Friends ˘f Old Christ Church's upcoming event lists for 2022. Not all though are located at this Waterloo Road venue.

Sefton's Big Draw and Craft Workshops...
26 February 2022 and 22 October 2022
10:30am to 4:30pm
Free Entry
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK  Call:- 01512720167

Waterloo Flea Market and Vintage Fairs...
12 March, 9 April, 14 May, 11 June, 10 September, 15 October, 12 November, 10 December 2022
10am to 1pm
Entrance:- 50p
Email:- WaterlooFleaMarket@Gmail.Com or call:- 07716348946

Waterloo craft, antique and collectors fair...
10am to 3pm
Free Entry
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK

The Spring Fair...
7 May 2022
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK

The Summer Fair...
13 August 2022
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK

The Fair Before Christmas and  Santa's Grotto...
26 November 2022
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK Email:-

Heritage Open Day...
An archival exhibition of Old Christ Church and Surrounding Areas Fairs and Heritage Day.
13 August 2022
10am to 3pm
Free Entry
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK Email:-

Waterloo Art Exhibition...
Approx. 500 pieces of art displays over 2 weekends
16 July and 17 July / 23 July and 24 July 2022
10:30am to 3:30pm
Free Entry
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK Email:-

National Childbirth Trust:- 'Nearly New Sale'
19 March 2022 and 8 October 2022
11:30am to 1pm
Website:- OldChristChurch.UK Email:-

The Waterloo Beer Festival...
28 April to 1 May 2022
Call:- 01513293801 Website:-

Hormby Railway Collectors Assoc.'s...
25 June 2022
Email:- Website:-

Liverpool Model Railway Show...
3 September and 4 September 2022
10am to 4:30pm
Website:- LMRS.Org.UK

North West Ship Show...
Sponsored by the World Ship Society
24 September 2022
10am to 4pm
Enquiries:- Davec.Ships@Gmail.Com

For any updates, please go to:- OldChristChurch.UK...

ArtHouse, Southport to host - "Scatter and Pluck"

Matt Sephton

ART seems to run in the family of Southport artist, Matt Sephton. His granddad was a respected painter known for his watercolours of the local area and his father was a draftsman. Now Matt is asserting his own artistic credentials in his 1 man showing:- "Scatter and Pluck" at the ArtHouse during March, exploring the freedom of creative expression. Matt Sephton said:- "I've been drawing as far back as I can remember. I always had a focus on art through education (GCSE, A-levels), went on to do an Art Foundation Course at Southport College before studying Fine Art at the University of the West of England in Bristol. I ended up changing course for my 3rd year, moving into Photography, and so graduated with a Degree in Photography."

His highly individual approach to artistic practise began as a release from his 6 years employed in the exacting industry of user interface and product design for mobile and Web applications. Matt added:- "During that time I hadn't done any personal artwork and so these paintings started off as a bit of a release from the many design rules I'd been working with. 1 weekend I bought a load of canvas panels, acrylic paint, and a set of palette knives, with the objective to openly and refreshingly express myself. I chose a palette knife for its simplicity over a brush. I could be rough with it, not rush to clean it etc. and went with acrylic paint as it's very forgiving, fast-drying, and I could use it straight from the tube."

Fascinated by the similarity of form and gesture within his accumulated canvases, Matt used this as his starting point:- "I started to notice imagery within and among the markings (similar to cloud watching, Rorschach inkblots and the nebulous stimulus of pareidolia) and began drawing out pictures and stories that I was seeing in the paintings. This was on separate paper at 1st, until I experimented with attempts at drawing directly onto the painting itself."

Equating the process to an archaeological dig, Matt's exposure and processing of his findings became the stimulus for his newfound personal expression:- "I'd sit encircled by a few paintings and jump between them, drawing in something when I saw it, sitting back to reassess, maybe leaning back in to add a little more. They built up over weeks, sometimes months, and would occasionally have a dramatic shift in composition and imagery, becoming faces and characters over time."

Continuing this exploration of perception and perspective:- "Scatter and Pluck" moves into the inner world of the psyche, illusion and delusion. Acrylic paint and black ink on large canvas panels will feature alongside a series of digital works accomplished using:- 'Procreate' that also reiterates the process and visual themes from the paintings.

Matt commented:- "Digital offers a further step towards the forgiving elements of acrylic paint. I can undo, create a layer and choose to remove it completely, erase certain areas etc."

Unsure if the exhibited works require clarification by titles, Matt admitted:- "family and friends have taken to naming them based on what they see in them (eg 'the vampire', 'the robot', 'the head in hands'). I quite like that it's not always what I or other people see in the image, so it becomes a personalised name for them rather than 1 dictated by me."

Matt's distinctive artwork will be on display at:- the ArtHouse, Eastbank Street, Southport PR8 1EJ, from:- 1 March to 12 March 2022. The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday:- 10am to 3pm and on Saturdays from:- 11am to 4pm.

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