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Make UK/BDO annual survey highlights vital importance of industry to North West as sector recovers from Covid19

A new report from Make UK, the manufacturers' organisation, and accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP shows that manufacturing remains vital to the success of the economy in the North West of England, with the sector accounting for 14.3% of the Region's output, significantly above the national average of 9.6%.

According to the report, which analyses the overall status of industry in the Region over the last 12 months, the North West has seen a subdued recovery from the Pandemic with the Region's strengths in strongly performing sectors such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals balanced against other sectors such as aerospace and automotive which have seen weaker performance.

Three sub-sectors dominate manufacturing output in the North West, transport (largely aerospace and automotive) accounts for 19% of output chemicals (14.3%) and food and drink (13.1%).

In 2021 the North West accounted or 9% of the UK's total goods exports with the share of exports going to the EU at 51% above the UK average of 49%. The next largest destination for East of England's goods is Asia and Oceania, accounting for 17% of goods exports. This is followed by North America which accounts for 16% of goods exports.

Commenting, Dawn Huntrod, Region Director for Make UK in the North West, said:- "Despite the subdued recovery from the Pandemic manufacturing remains critically important to the North West economy in terms of innovation, trade and high quality, skilled jobs. The Region's main sectors are at the cutting edge of technology and, as the economy and global trade picks up, they will continue to boost growth across the Region."

Graham Ellis, Head of Manufacturing at BDO in the North West, added:- "Manufacturers across the Region support hundreds of thousands of jobs, are responsible for around a tenth of all UK manufacturing exports and make a significant contribution to the local economy. The Region's high dependence on EU export markets shows that local businesses have done a good job in adapting to new post Brexit rules, but ongoing Government support may well be required, particularly for firms at the smaller end of the spectrum. It's vitally important for the Region's exporters that good trading relationships with our European neighbours are maintained to ensure that trade remains as frictionless as possible. We also hope to see further progress on free trade deals which could offer new and exciting opportunities for North West businesses."

39% of people from the North West of England affected by addiction

NEW data reveals that 39% of people from North West England currently have or have previously had an addiction disorder or know someone in the same situation. The release of the data which coincides with the launch of Recoverlution, an online hub that aims to get more people around the world into recovery sooner and to help them stay there longer, also shows that nationally, of those that have suffered an addiction, 52% have never accessed an addiction recovery service.

Looking at attitudes towards recovering addicts, the survey of 2,000 people, which was commissioned by Recoverlution, shows that stigma related to addiction disorders lives on, with 7% from North West England and 11% nationally under the impression that addictions come about through personal choice alone. In addition, 39% of people from the Region would not date someone with any type of addiction disorder, including:- cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex.

The launch of Recoverlution, which takes a holistic physical, mental and emotional approach to recovery through an online hub dedicated to community, wellness and content, reflects the national mood on preferences for addiction recovery services post Pandemic. Nationally, 74% of people agree that the recovery journey should include group therapy and/or wellness practices. Furthermore, at a national level, 52% of those who have accessed recovery services to treat their addictions prefer the idea of dedicated recovery platforms/apps, websites and resources or virtual support groups, akin to Recoverlution's offer, in the future, compared to 37% who selected in person support.

Daniel Fincham, Founder of Recoverlution which is based in Manchester said:- "I'm a recovering alcoholic and my own addiction recovery journey helped me see that services for people in recovery are often disjointed, hard to access and designed for people at crisis point. This experience led me to set up Recoverlution to create a platform that provides easy to access, safe, secure and on-demand support for people in recovery. Real recovery needs to include a combined approach that covers off a person's physical, mental and emotional self. That's why our service, which combines community, wellness and knowledge is so compelling, because this carefully thought out design, which has personal experience at the heart of it, really does aim to give people all of the tools and resources they need to get into and stay in recovery. I'm thrilled to launch this platform and to embark on a journey whereby Recoverlution can make a significant difference to the lives of millions of people in recovery around the world."

Ex-footballer and recovering addict Paul Merson who is supporting the launch of Recoverlution said:- "While I've suffered from addictions to alcohol and drugs, it's addiction to gambling which has been the most destructive and it's this which I still struggle with today. Losing the deposit to the house I was going to buy during the lockdown was heart breaking for me but also for my wife and children. That's the thing with addiction, it affects not just the addict, but that person's whole eco-system. I truly believe that rather than being a set point in time, addiction recovery is a lifelong journey. I also know how hard it can be to seek help and that's why it's important to have as many easily accessible services as possible available for people to choose from. I'm fully behind the launch of Recoverlution because it provides another pathway to recovery. I urge anyone with an addiction to seek help through Recoverlution or 1 of the many other services available today."

Dr Charlie Orton, Chief Executive UK SMART Recovery said:- "From our experience of delivering an addiction recovery programme, through our Self-Management and Recovery Training, we've seen 1st hand how addiction recovery services can help people make fundamental changes to the way they think and behave. Addiction recovery supported by meaningful connections transforms lives. Knowing all too well how challenging it is for people to come forwards for help, we are fully supportive of the launch of Recoverlution; a platform that offers wellness, community and knowledge in 1 easily accessible place. A home away from home for many in recovery."

For further information on Recoverlution's website.


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