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Campaign to get under 40's in North West England to understand risk of type 2 diabetes

A leading charity partnership is urging people across North West England to check their risk of type 2 diabetes through a free online tool as shocking new figures reveal an alarming acceleration of diagnoses in younger age groups across the UK.

More than 16,900 people, under 40, in North West England are currently registered as living with type 2 diabetes, a serious condition that is known to have more severe and acute consequences in people under 40 and, without the right treatment and support, can lead to serious complications that include:- kidney failure and heart disease.

Analysis of NHS data carried out by long standing partners Diabetes UK and Tesco has shown that cases of type 2 diabetes; historically associated with older people; are now rising at a faster rate among those under 40 than in those over 40. With registered cases of type 2 in this age group up 23% in just 5 years, the charity predicts the number of people in the UK aged between:- 18 and 39 living with a diagnosis of the condition could hit 200,000, by 2027.

It comes as new research commissioned by Diabetes UK and Tesco reveals that people under 40 from North West England are generally unaware of many of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, or the devastating complications the condition can lead to.

The research also sheds light on the impact of the cost of living crisis. 57% people said they had deprioritised their health as a direct result of the current crisis, also 23% saying they had avoided or put off medical checks.

The UK wide survey of people aged between:- 18 and 39 also found:-

     A worrying 70% of people in North West England didn't know how to check if they were at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

     65% either didn't know or weren't sure what the symptoms of type 2 diabetes were, raising fears cases could go undiagnosed.

     Few realised that amputations (37%), strokes (32%) and depression (25%) were possible complications of type 2 diabetes.

In response, Diabetes UK and Tesco are launching a campaign across the UK to drive a million people to better understand their individual risk of type 2 diabetes by using Diabetes UK's free online:- 'Know Your Risk' tool, or by visiting their local Tesco Pharmacy. Anyone who completes an assessment using the tool will be directed to free advice and information on the help and support available to manage their risk.

The campaign comes ahead of World Diabetes Day, on 14 November 2022. In addition to launching an online risk assessment and in store support at Tesco Pharmacies, Tesco has also produced a series of healthy and budget friendly recipes, which are available through the Tesco Real Food website. This is on top of Tesco's existing commitments to make healthy food more accessible for its customers. In 2021, Tesco committed to increase sales of healthy food to 65% by 2025 and make products healthier through reformulation.

Shannon Ball, 26, is from Halifax and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 16. She said:- "I know how overwhelming a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can be for a younger person; I've lived through it; and I also know how difficult it can be to know where to go for support or advice if you're worried about your health. That's why I want to help as many people as possible understand their risk of type 2 diabetes and find the support to act. I'm proof that with the right advice and support around you, it's possible to feel more in control of your health. I hope this campaign shows people who are worried about their risk of type 2 diabetes that the help is there and gives them the confidence to go out and get it."

Clare Howarth is Head of North of England at Diabetes UK. She said:- "This trend of rapidly- increasing early-onset type 2 diabetes is incredibly troubling. It marks a shift from what we've seen historically and should be taken as a serious warning to policymakers and our NHS. If you're under 40, you're not immune to type 2 diabetes. It is vital that you check your risk now and that individuals, no matter what their age or background, are given the opportunity to access support to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes. We're immensely grateful to Tesco for their support with this important campaign and hope it leads to huge numbers of under 40s in North West England making that essential 1st step and checking their risk of type 2 diabetes."

Jason Tarry is CEO, UK and ROI at Tesco. He said:- "Type 2 diabetes is 1 of the most common health conditions we face in the UK, but the reality is that many cases could be prevented or delayed. And we know that a healthy diet is 1 of the ways to reduce your risk. In these tough times, we want to make it easier for families to enjoy an exciting, healthy, budget friendly diet, so that even when pressed for time and money, eating healthily never feels out of reach. With 373 Tesco Pharmacies across the country, serving half a million people a week, our community Pharmacists can also provide expert support and advice. As part of a long running partnership with Diabetes UK we're urging people to do the Know Your Risk check either online or at your local Tesco Pharmacy. Next time you're in- store, visit the Pharmacy and have a quick chat to 1 of our Pharmacists or try out 1 of the healthy and budget friendly recipes we've created. Reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes is doable and affordable, with the right support, and a few simple changes can make a big difference."

While type 2 diabetes is often stigmatised as a condition that people bring on themselves, the risk factors are multiple and complex, and include genetics, family history and ethnicity, as well as living with obesity or overweight, among other factors.

Social deprivation is also an issue. Factors such as:- income, education, housing, access to healthy food, as well as poorer access to healthcare, have been shown to be strongly linked to an increased risk of developing several health conditions; including:- obesity and type 2 diabetes. As a result, people who are at increased risk of type 2 diabetes are all too often less likely to be able to benefit from support to manage it.

Type 2 diabetes has until recently been quite rare in those aged under 40, and while numbers of under 40's with type 2 diabetes remain a small proportion of total cases, many people; including healthcare professionals don't always recognise the symptoms, which include:-

     Going to the toilet more often, especially at night.

     Feeling more tired, because your body can't get enough glucose in to your cells for energy.

     Losing weight without trying.

     Genital itching or thrush.

     Cuts and wounds taking longer to heal.

     Blurred vision.

     Feeling extremely thirsty.

Most people over 18 are eligible to use the free Know Your Risk tool. The tool can be found online, now, at:- RiskScore.Diabetes.Org.UK.

Government must take action to end the crisis of unaccompanied asylum seeking children being placed in Hotels

THE new Government is being urged to work more closely with Councils to tackle the crisis of unaccompanied children being placed in Hotels, with latest figures showing 14 children were accommodated in Hotels on their arrival every day during the summer.

As Council leaders meet at the National Children and Adult Services Conference in Manchester this week, the Local Government Association is calling on the Government to help Councils to develop more placements for unaccompanied children so that children can be moved directly to their long term homes.

This should be delivered alongside full funding in the Autumn Statement of Council costs to support children and a plan to tackle social worker workforce shortages.

Councils have significant concerns over unaccompanied children being accommodated in Hotels by the Home Office; often without informing the Council ahead of time; and are doing all they can to find suitable placements for these children.

Councils made 597 placements in the last 6 months for which is data is available, compared to 136 in the same period the previous year. This follows the National Transfer Scheme, which moves children from where they are 1st identified to care placements around the country, becoming mandatory for Councils.

Despite these efforts, during July and September 2022, 1,322 children have been housed by the Home Office in Hotels with the average length of time spent in a Hotel 16 days. As of 19 October, 222 young people who have been accommodated in Hotels were missing.

The LGA has long warned of the increasing challenge of finding appropriate homes for all children in care. The Competition and Markets Authority earlier in 2022 supported Councils' concerns, describing the system of providing homes for children "dysfunctional" and calling on the Government to provide more support to improve the availability of good homes.

This wider challenge is inevitably impacting on the ability of Councils to support unaccompanied children.

To ensure that unaccompanied asylum seeking children can quickly be placed in their long term homes, the LGA has set out a 4 point plan for how Government should improve the current system:-

The Government should establish a pathfinder foster carer recruitment campaign specifically for unaccompanied minors

It should call on those who came forward for the Homes for Ukraine scheme to consider providing supported lodgings for older children.

Councils should; as a last resort to avoid Hotel use; also be supported to establish reception and safe care services while new placements are being developed and arrival numbers remain high, to ensure that children live in child centred, supportive accommodation as their longterm homes are identified.

Work to improve placement sufficiency for all children in care should be swiftly progressed, including a review of the regulations governing provision to ensure that these are fit for purpose.

Cllr Louise Gittins, Chair of the LGA's Children and Young People Board, said:- "Councils don't want to see any child placed in a Hotel by Government, which is completely unsuitable for unaccompanied children. It is deeply concerning and unacceptable that these Hotels, which were introduced as a short term emergency measure, remain in use, especially as the number of children going missing from them continues to grow. Despite best efforts, recent changes to the National Transfer Scheme have failed to address the challenges that are preventing Councils from placing every child as soon as they arrive. These include a lack of placements, an underfunded system, significant workforce shortages and challenges with age assessment. We urgently need a plan to tackle this crisis and to ensure children can move quickly to their permanent placements. This would mean children get swift access to the care and support they need, after arriving in the UK following an extremely traumatic journey. The forthcoming Autumn Statement is the ideal opportunity for the Home Office to demonstrate commitment to making the scheme work and ending the use of Hotels by fully funding Councils to support unaccompanied children, including when they become care leavers."

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