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Younger generations urged to think carefully about Mother's Day gifts

RECENT data analysis has revealed that Brits aged 55 and above are more likely than any other generation to think that the right gift is an expression of how special someone is.

That's according to, who recently looked at YouGov profiles to discover that 40% of people aged over 55 think that a thoughtful gift is a way of expressing someone's importance, compared to only 13% of 18 to 24 year olds.

The profiles, also suggest that more women believe in the impact the right gift can have than men, leading Dan Jones, Operations Manager at FlyDays.Co.UK, to encourage people to look at gifts which balance time together as well as a unique experience this Mother's Day. Dan commented:- "Finding the right gift can be extremely hard when finances are tight, but the profiles demonstrate they still mean a lot to the older generation. We recognise that finances are tight for a lot of individuals at the moment and traditionally people opt for flowers and a meal out as a treat on Mother's Day, however, alternative gifts, such as an experience and family activity day out, such as a helicopter or hot air balloon ride, can cost around the same price and allow for quality time to spend with your mother at the same time."

But what do you, our readers think are good gifts for Mother's Day?  Email our Newsroom at:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com or send us a message on:-  Mastodon, Facebook or Twitter.

North West's allergy attitudes revealed 77% of people concerned around allergy complacency in eateries

MORE than ¾ of people in the North West of England think that complacent attitudes pose a danger to those with allergies, new research from training provider High Speed Training reveals.

The survey, which forms part of the Safe to Serve report, polled over 2,000 UK adults to highlight levels of awareness and understanding of food allergies and hypersensitivities, and the impact that hypersensitivities have on daily life.

The survey shows that across the Region, 77% of people are concerned about complacency around how food allergies are handled in eateries, and that 65% of respondents believe food businesses should do more to cater to people with food allergies. Based on the results, it's evident that the reality of eating out for those with food allergies can be a stress inducing and ostracising affair, and the public are calling for change.

As a leading provider of Food Allergen Awareness training, High Speed Training's latest report aims to raise awareness of the importance of food businesses having the correct practices in place to help safeguard customers with food allergies. Out of those surveyed, 86% of people in the North West believe allergies are a serious issue, yet 49% of people think that people with allergies are often perceived as fussy or overstating the severity of their condition. This is a stigma that needs to be broken, as allergy safety is, for so many people, a matter of life and death.

The report also reveals that food allergies in the UK are a growing epidemic, with younger generations far more likely to develop a food allergy than ever. Over 2 million people in the UK have a diagnosed food allergy, and out of those 25% will at some point experience a severe anaphylactic reaction. Furthermore, 1 in 5 live in fear of death by anaphylactic shock.

This fear is not unfounded, as evidenced by numerous deaths resulting from a lack of allergen awareness in eateries. Owen Carey tragically lost his life to an allergic reaction after dining out in 2017 due to a lack of clear allergen labelling and communication amongst restaurant staff.

Since Owen's death, the Carey family have founded the Owen's Law Campaign, which seeks to mandate allergen labelling on restaurant menus and advocates for proactive communication between restaurant staff and customers regarding potential allergens, alongside thorough staff training in allergen awareness.

Recently, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have openly backed the measures called for by the Owen's Law Campaign and have written to make this recommendation to Ministers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who are responsible for taking this forward. Despite this progress, there's still a long way to go as the danger for allergy sufferers eating out is still very real.

High Speed Training, whose Food Allergen Awareness course is the 1st to be endorsed by the Owen's Law Campaign, offers key advice in their report for businesses to help ensure they're following best practice when it comes to allergy safety. A third of people surveyed had, or knew someone close to them with, a food allergy, meaning a large portion of group bookings will be dependent on restaurants safely catering for those with allergies. While it may initially seem overwhelming to have appropriate safety precautions in place that manage food allergens effectively, High Speed Training emphasises that a number of small actions will have a big impact.

Dr. Richard Anderson, Head of Learning and Development at High Speed Training, says:- "Food businesses have a responsibility to follow best practice when it comes to allergen safety, as ultimately lives are at risk. Despite recent development in allergy safety regulations such as Natasha's Law, our report shows that there is still a long way to go in providing customers with food hypersensitivities with safety and confidence whilst dining. For food businesses, catering to all potential customers, regardless of dietary requirements, will be beneficial in increasing the amount of potential customers and the quality of service they receive. Regardless of the advantages to business, taking all possible measures to safeguard customers with hypersensitivities is the right thing to do given the potential consequences. Promoting effective communication amongst staff and with customers, completing thorough food allergen training, and displaying accurate allergen information are 3 key actions food businesses should take to ensure the safety of your customers and to comply with future changes expected in the industry."

To view the report in full, and to learn more about the reality of eating out with a food allergy, please click here.

Time to bin excess packaging, say consumers and Councils

SHOPPERS are tired of too much packaging, polling by YouGov for the Local Government Association has found.  The research found that 71% of people believe supermarkets and retailers use too much packaging. 88% believe only recyclable material should be used, and that it should have clearer labelling.

Councils are calling on all political parties to pledge to introduce the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, which will shift the costs of dealing with waste from taxpayers on to the producers with incentives to help reduce and recycle.

LGA and YouGov polling also found that:-

  • 85% of people think companies should be required by Government to reduce the amount of packaging used

  • Councils are 6 times more likely to be trusted to run waste and recycling services (52%) than the Government (6%) or industry (8%)

  • The public are 12 times more likely to think costs in reducing packaging should be met by companies producing it (48%) rather than Councils dealing with it (4%).

The LGA is also calling on the Government to ensure that Councils will continue to have the autonomy to run waste and recycling services in a way to suits the needs of their individual communities, and to ensure they receive the funding needed to deliver local waste services in good time to enable long term planning.

The reforms rest alongside the:- ‘simpler recycling' changes that provide greater consistency to waste and recycling services provided by Councils around the country.

Looking further ahead, Councils want to see the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme expanded to include other items, such as:- littering and furniture.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, environment spokesperson for the LGA said:- "Public satisfaction with waste services remains high, it is something Councils work hard to achieve and we are pleased to see the public most trust Councils to lead local waste services. Good packaging is essential for keeping products fresh and intact, and producers are doing more to reduce waste and support recycling. But everybody can see the levels of waste, across our shop shelves, delivered to our homes, and into our bins. Councils see it every day and spend millions dealing with it. We support reforms for packaging taking responsibility for meeting costs and in helping further reduce and recycle packaging waste, it is crucial that the costs are met and that Councils continue to lead local waste and recycling services."

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