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LCR Cares COVID-19 Fund passes ₤700k with dozens of community groups awarded funding

THE total LCR Cares COVID-19 community support fund has now topped ₤700k, thanks to a further donation of more than ₤120k from the National Emergencies Trust. Around, 80 local groups and charities supporting the most vulnerable members of the Liverpool City Region community have now been handed a share of over ₤330k in funding. Friday, 17 April 2020, saw the award of a further 27 grants to organisations from across the City Region receive funding for their vital work; from food banks in Wirral and Knowsley to advice and support networks in Halton and Sefton. LCR Cares was launched by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram in partnership with registered charity Community Foundation for Merseyside to support local community and voluntary organisations on the frontline of helping the City Region's communities cope with the impact of Coronavirus.

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, said:- "It's fantastic that we have passed the ₤700,000 mark on our way to our ₤1 million target for LCR Cares, thanks to the generosity of individuals, businesses and organisations. It's even better that we're getting that money out into the community nearly as fast as it's coming in. We've now given out more than ₤330,000 and we're already hearing the human stories of the difference that is making. Thank you to everyone who has given and I'd like to encourage people to give what they can; now more than ever, we need to stand together in solidarity."

Rae Brooke, Chief Executive, Community Foundation for Merseyside, said:- "In the early stages of this crisis the Metro Mayor did what we hope anyone in a position of leadership would do and that is take swift and decisive action for the benefit of those they serve. The most vulnerable people in the Liverpool City Region are now benefiting from that positive leadership and the Community Foundation for Merseyside will continue to ensure the funds from the LCR Cares Covid-19 Community Support Fund go to those community organisations where there is most need and where it will have greatest impact."

Jeane Lowe CEO at Centre 63 said:- "It's fantastic to receive this grant from the LCR Cares support fund. Centre 63 has been trusted by young people and their families for decades in Kirkby, so when this crisis hit, we could hit the ground running with regular healthy food supplies, benefit, tenancy, and debt advice, grants for young single parents and other support as needed. This grant means we can offer food and emergency help that because of the Coronavirus is even more desperately needed than usual, and will be life changing to those we can help."

Lorraine Rizzotti, Operations Manager, Open360 said:- "We are delighted to receive this grant from the LCR Cares support fund. At Open360 we work to change the lives of disadvantaged people in Runcorn, including young single parents, people in long term unemployment and isolated over 55's in the community. This funding will allow our dedicated staff and volunteers to effectively work with the community from home to make sure we're helping them through this difficult situation; whether that's through advice or training or the delivery of food and other essentials. This will mean that we can continue to serve the most in need, building their skills and confidence and support their health and wellbeing; all absolutely vital in the context of the Coronavirus crisis."

Details on how to donate are on the Combined Authority's website. Search:- "LCRCares" or visit:- LCRCares.Co.UK.

Community organisations can apply for grants by visiting:- CFMerseyside.Org.UK.

The 27 recipients of funding in this wave are:-

Open 360 - ₤4,950  =  To offer remote wellbeing support, advice and connectivity for current and former participants during Covid-19 crisis as well as meals delivered to beneficiaries who are having to isolate.

Citizens Advice Halton - ₤5,000  =  The grant will be used to provide secure encrypted ICT kit to up to 6 trained advisers that will help when dealing with telephone enquiries.

Halton Play Council - ₤4,620  =  Use social media platforms to help reduce isolation in young people that are struggling due to the Coronavirus. The grant will be used for staff and phone costs.

Nightstop Communities Northwest CIC - ₤5,000  =  Provide support, food and toiletries to vulnerable community members that cannot go out due to the Coronavirus.

Halewood Youth In Community Centre - ₤4,800  =  Deliver food and activity parcels over an initial twelve week period across the Halewood area. The grant will be used for travel food and items for activity packs.

Thred - ₤4,500  =  To deliver online support sessions for dementia sufferers in Liverpool. Funding will cover administration and facilitation costs, shopping vouchers and a Zoom subscription.

Voice of Nations - ₤5,000  =  Provide online mental health wellbeing workshops and support for women. The grant will be used for staff and equipment costs to deliver sessions.

Ibijoke Children Foundation UK - ₤5,000  =  To deliver food and essential household items as well as providing support and advice over the phone and online. Funding will cover volunteer costs, laptops and mobile phones.

Alder Hey Children's NHS Trust - ₤5,000  =  Provide an enhanced online counselling service for vulnerable people. The grant will be used to employee Assistance Programme for 2 months.

Liverpool Community Launderette t/a Kitty's Launderette - ₤3,870  =  Provide the Foodbank voucher scheme for vulnerable families in the community.

Dovecot Princess Drive Community Association - ₤4,250  =  Distribute food to people in the area. The grant will be used for purchasing food stock.

Bridge2 - ₤3,953  =  To provide communication and online activities for asylum seekers and refugees. Funding will cover administration and facilitation costs as well as Zoom and teaching resources.

Congolese Association of Merseyside - ₤3,500  = 

Deliver food/care package with essential items the delivery to families / or vulnerable people will be done by the group.

People First Merseyside - ₤4,831  =  Provide an essential emotional support for people with learning disabilities that are struggling due to Coronavirus. The grant will be used for staff costs.

Ykids - ₤5,000  =  To provide emergency support packages to children and families in Bootle. Funding will cover the costs of making up the packages and their contents, like:- food, toys, books etc.

Amy and Friends - ₤4,380  =  To supply children with an activity box to keep them occupied during lockdown. Funding will cover the cost of one box per month over 3 months for 73 children.

Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre - ₤5,000  =  To continue providing counselling and support to those suffering from anxiety and depression, particularly those whose mental health is affected by COVID-19. Funding will cover staff and administration costs.

Moulana Community CIC - ₤5,000  =  To purchase and deliver essential food packages to asylum seekers in Liverpool. Funding will cover driver, packing staff and volunteer costs and fuel costs.

Tuebrook Hope Group - ₤4,000  =  To deliver hampers to vulnerable people in the community. Funding will cover food and cleaning products, masks and gloves and fuel costs.

Liverpool Somali Community - ₤2,250  =  To deliver hot Halal meals to the community and continue providing support over the phone. Funding will cover staff and volunteer costs as well as phone and rent costs.

Priority Youth Project - ₤5,000  =  Deliver online services to vulnerable young people, this would be through mental health workshops, relaxation and daily physical sports sessions. The grant will be used for staff costs.

Home Start Knowsley - ₤3,007  =  To purchase 4 laptops plus antivirus software to enable group to continue to deliver services for disadvantaged children and families remotely.

Centre 63 - ₤5,000  =  Provide meals and telephone support for vulnerable families. The grant will be used for salary, travel and food costs.

UB Forever Wellness CIC - ₤2,500  =  To relieve the financial pressures of low income families by providing 3 meals a day. Funding will cover costs of food, rent of kitchen, protective equipment and travel expenses.

Acronym Community Enterprises (ACE) - ₤2,500  =  To build a support network vulnerable people by providing a safe communication space for the participants to deliver essential items, and help people connect with their emotions, share experiences and develop resilience to cope with the current isolation challenges.

Maggie's Merseyside - ₤5,000  =  To continue delivering cancer support online. Funding will cover specialist support wages at 40hrs per week.

BEE Wirral CIC - ₤2,200  =  To buy food wholesale for food bags which volunteers will deliver to families and individuals who are self isolating. Budget to cover cost of purchasing food and cycle safety for volunteers such as cycling helmets.

LGA responds to ONS figures on Coronavirus Community Deaths

RESPONDING to the release of the ONS figures on deaths related to Covid-19 within the community, that has shown that up until 10 April 2020 nearly 20 % of Coronavirus deaths occurred outside Hospitals, including in care homes, Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Community Wellbeing Board:- "Every death from this virus is a tragedy. We must take every possible step to protect our elderly and most vulnerable and those who work with them from this disease. These sad and shocking figures highlight just what a severe challenge we face in care homes and other community settings. Council Social Care staff and Care Homes need urgent access to reliable and ongoing supplies of quality PPE, increased rapid and comprehensive testing and greater support with staffing and other equipment, on an equal footing with the NHS. Data on all deaths from Covid-19 needs to be published promptly and accurately, so we can have full confidence and transparency in these figures as part of our plan to defeat this deadly virus.  We are also yet to see the peak of the stress on the Social Care system, due to the delay between Hospital admissions and discharge, which will require the need to start thinking about shifting capacity across from Hospitals and into the community to meet a surge in demand."

Be a care hero for Sefton

SEFTON Council is joining authorities across the North West to send out an urgent plea for people to step forward to:- 'Be a Care Hero,' and help provide essential services for those that need them most.  The combined effort by the adult social care organisations behind the recruitment drive of North West Councils is of a scale never seen before. The result is a simple recruitment process to ensure people can be placed into practical roles providing care and assistance as quickly as possible. Sefton Social Care Providers has a variety of roles available, for which experience is not always necessary, but a kind, caring, friendly and compassionate outlook is essential. Sefton Social Care Providers is hoping that those with transferable skills will respond to the plea, with the training provided meaning that those applying don't need any previous experience of working in adult social care for some of the roles. Current roles within the Borough of Sefton include Care Assistants, Cooks and Kitchen Assistants, Cleaners and Maintenance workers, Administrators, Qualified Social Workers and Qualified clinical roles such as Nursing, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Cllr Marion Atkinson, Sefton Council's Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills said:- "Through the Be a Care Hero campaign we want to build upon the fantastic reaction we have already seen across Sefton in the face of COVID-19. We have a range of essential roles and we are looking for caring and compassionate people with great communications skills to fill them. We will provide training, so they don't need previous experience working in adult social care, but what they do need to be able to do is engage with and listen to people, ensuring the best possible outcomes for them."

Cllr Paul Cummins, Sefton Council's Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care said:-
"Every day, those working in adult social care across our Borough are doing an incredible job, providing people with essential support, and our whole community thanks these Care Heroes for everything that they are doing. Now, through the Be a Care Hero campaign we are looking for more people to take on these vital roles that give the adults in our care across the Borough the support that they need, and will give those already working in the sector the additional help that they need during these unprecedented times."

The recruitment process has been kept as simple as possible, with one portal for all Council's across the North West, which can be accessed via:- Greater.Jobs. To go straight to Sefton Social Care Provider's recruitment information visit:- Greater.Jobs. Interviews will take place over the phone or via Skype / Facetime.

Cllr Cummins added:-
"1 of the uplifting things that these extraordinary times have highlighted is the true warmth, kindness and community spirit of people. Adults in social care are among the most vulnerable in our society, and we hope that people will respond and will want to Be a Care Hero."

For further information email:- CareInSefton@Sefton.Gov.UK or call:- 0151 934 2610.

Physical activity for adults at home

AT a time when gyms are closed and the population is being asked to stay at home, finding ways to keep active can be challenging. Regular physical activity is strongly associated with a reduced risk of chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes as well as improving mental health. Even small increases in physical activity can positively impact on health. Heart Research UK have some tips to help you meet the recommended amount of physical activity while staying at home. How much physical activity is recommended? The Government recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity each week. It is also recommended that adults engage in strengthening activities on two days each week, such as lifting weights or press ups. If you are not yet in the habit of doing this amount of physical activity, you can start small and build up to the recommended amount over time.

Moderate Intensity Activities... (150 minutes weekly)

Your heart will beat faster, you will breathe harder, you will get warmer and you can probably maintain a conversation... Eg. Brisk Walking or cycling.

Vigorous Intensity Activities... (75 minutes weekly)

Your heart will beat rapidly, you will breathe much harder, you will get warmer and it will be difficult to have a conversation...  Eg. Running or football.

Replace your daily commute with physical activity...

If you are working at home, you may be saving time that would normally be spent on commuting to and from work. Why not put this time to good use by scheduling in some physical activity. For example, you could go for a brisk walk, jog or cycle outdoors or walk briskly around the house, including:- going up and down flights of stairs.

Find a range of exercises you can do inside your home...Find exercises that you can do in short bursts of 10 minutes or more, at regular intervals throughout the day. For example, you could try some gentle weight lifting, using cans of baked beans.

Don't be a couch potato... Rather than spending your evenings sitting on the sofa without moving much, why not try a few gentle exercises, such as leg raises, while watching your favourite TV show.

Examples of some exercises you can do from your sofa can be found on the NHS website, and you can find lots more healthy tips, advice and recipes at:- HeartResearch.Org.UK.

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