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Issue:- 12 January  2012


LIVERPOOL Labour Group have organised a demonstration against the Coalition Governmentís Health & Social Care Bill.  Local Councillors & Members of Parliament will be joined by Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham MP, at a demonstration against the Health & Social Care Bill.

The Royal Liverpool Hospital will provide the backdrop for the demonstration, as NHS staff team up with trade union members and Labour Party campaigners to voice their opposition at the Governmentís plans.

The demonstration is to be held on Friday, 27 January 2012, from 11am to 2pm.  At the demonstration we will be speaking to the public about the effects the Health Bill will have on their service.

The Bill is now in the Report stage in the House of Lords, and the debate will begin again in February.  Under the proposals, private patients could be allowed to take up almost half of the 2,400 beds currently reserved for NHS patients across Liverpool.  This means over 1,200 NHS beds could go to private patients.

A senior Liverpool doctor has also slammed the Governmentís proposals. Dr Richard Wenstone, a doctor at the Royal, has said that the threat posed to NHS services across the country by the Governmentís proposals is severe.  He said:- "I know that everyone here in the Royal Hospital, from managers to staff, and doctors and nurses, will work as hard we can to keep as many of its beds as possible available to NHS patients.  But not every hospital is like the Royal. In other hospitals across the rest of the country, NHS patients will find themselves sent to the back of the queue, at hospitals which are allowed to open up almost half of their beds to private health care providers. I know that doctors all over the country are worried that the NHS isnít safe in the Governmentís hands. I am deeply concerned at the proposals which the Government are putting forwards, and I will join this demonstration to demand that Cameron and Clegg stop messing with our NHS."

Cllr Joe Anderson, Leader of Liverpool City Council, said:- "We used to warn about privatisation by the back door. But this is privatisation by the front door.  Very simply, the Tories and Lib Dems want to turn our hospitals into businesses, where profit will take priority. Those patients who can afford private health care will be given priority for almost half of the space in our hospitals, leaving the other half to everyone else. This will make waiting lists longer for NHS patients. It will threaten the elderly, the sick and those who need health care. It will undermine the basic principles of an NHS which is free at the point of use for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay."

Labour councillor Jake Morrison, who works as a health care assistant in a Liverpool hospital said:- "I called for this demonstration to be held because these reckless plans will effect people in this City.  The NHS will be 64 years old this year, we must ensure that the Tories donít make it the last. We must stand up against these reforms before itís too late.  Itís clear that the NHS is not safe in the hands of Tory-Lib Dem ministers.  Iíve got first hand experience of the world class care the NHS offers to people across Liverpool. Iíve seen waiting lists reduced under the previous Labour Government, and there are more doctors and nurses helping people now than there ever have been.  I know how much people in Liverpool cherish their NHS. It belongs to the people of this city, and all of us rely on it at some point in our lives.  But the Government is paying no attention to these people. Vulnerable people in this city will suffer because of this Governmentís reckless plans.  Their plans will push NHS patients to the back of the queue, and will let private patients in first to try and maximise their income to make up for Government cuts to their budgets.  I am calling on people across Liverpool to make their voices heard, and help to defend our NHS.  Labour has launched a petition, at:-,  where Liverpoolís people can sign up to help us defend our NHS from the Tory-Lib Dem privatisation plan."

Labourís Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham MP, said:- "This surprise move, sneaked out just before Christmas, is the clearest sign yet of David Cameron's determination to turn our precious NHS into a US-style commercial system, where hospitals are more interested in profits than people. With NHS hospitals able to devote half of their beds to private patients, people will begin to see how our hospitals will never be the same again if Cameron's Health Bill gets through Parliament.  This free-market NHS re-organisation opens the door to an explosion of private work in the NHS, meaning longer waits for NHS patients. It takes us straight back to the bad old days of the Tory NHS, when the only choice patients had was to wait longer or pay to go private. Andrew Lansley was forced to reveal this 50% figure in an attempt to calm nerves in the Lords about his Health Bill. But, in doing so, he has only succeeded in bringing home to the public the full implications of his dangerous and flawed plans. What other free-market plans has he got in mind that he's not telling us about? Time is running out for the NHS but it's not late. If public and professions stand together, we can stop this Americanisation of the NHS. If people want to do one thing to help the NHS this Christmas, they should take just a moment to sign the 'Drop the Bill' e-petition.  Our arrogant Prime Minister needs to be reminded that nobody voted for this re-organisation and that he doesn't have a mandate to privatise England's precious NHS."


IT is high time that the regionís politicians at local, national and EU level started standing up for the people who elected them and demanded a change of approach and stop the public sector job cuts in the pipeline says GMB. There were 51,000 households in Liverpool that had no individuals aged 16 and over in employment out of a total number of household of 159,700. That is 31.9% of all households that include at least one person aged 16 to 64 of working age in Liverpool.

For the North West as a whole there were 482,800 households in the region that had no individuals aged 16 and over in employment out of a total number of household of 2,302,600. That is 21% of all households that include at least one person aged 16 to 64 of working age in the region.

For the UK as a whole there were 3.9 million households that had no individuals aged 16 and over in employment out of a total number of household of 20.5 million. That is 18.9% of all households that include at least one person aged 16 to 64 of working age in the UK.

These figures come from a new analysis by GMB of the Annual Population Survey data on households by combined economic activity status January to December 2010 from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published just before Christmas 2011. 

After Liverpool, for households without work in the region:-

Knowsley 30.2%
Manchester 26.9%
Salford 25.3%
Wirral 25.3%
Blackpool 25.0%,
Blackburn with Darwen 24.9%,
Bolton 23.0%,
Oldham 22.6%,
Rochdale 22.6%,
Tameside 22.5%,
St. Helens 21.9%
Halton 20.9%

The figures for all 23 areas in the region are set out in the table below. Cheshire East has the lowest percentage of households without work at 14.1%.

  Area Number of all households Households without work As a % of all households
  United Kingdom 20,497,800 3,881,900 18.9
  North West 2,302,600 482,800 21
1 Liverpool 159,700 51,000 31.9
2 Knowsley 48,700 14,400 30.2
3 Manchester 176,100 47,300 26.9
4 Salford 81,500 20,600 25.3
5 Wirral 104,200 26,400 25.3
6 Blackpool 47,500 11,900 25
7 Blackburn with Darwen 44,900 11,200 24.9
8 Bolton 86,800 19,900 23
9 Oldham 72,000 16,300 22.6
10 Rochdale 66,500 15,000 22.6
11 Tameside 71,200 16,000 22.5
12 St. Helens 57,500 12,600 21.9
13 Halton 39,600 8,300 20.9
14 Sefton 87,600 16,900 19.3
15 Wigan 105,100 20,000 19
16 Lancashire 378,000 68,500 18.1
17 Bury 60,700 10,400 17.1
18 Cheshire West & Chester 108,000 18,100 16.8
19 Cumbria 165,000 27,600 16.6
20 Trafford 67,900 11,100 16.3
21 Warrington 66,300 9,800 14.7
22 Stockport 92,000 13,300 14.5
23 Cheshire East 115,800 16,300 14.1

Paul McCarthy, GMB regional secretary for the North West said:- "The Tory Party famously claimed that ĎIf itís not hurting then itís not workingí. It is high time that the Tories learned that if someone does not have work it hurts. It hurts the person, it hurts their families, it hurts their communities and it hurts our economy.  The areas with the highest levels of households without work are those areas which were first devastated by the recessions in the 1980s and 1990s. They never properly recovered. They have now been hit again by the double whammy of the bankersí recession and by Chancellor Osborne stalling the recovery leading to the region being mired in a new recession. I doubt if the electorate had any notion that a change of government would lead to a loss of 376,000 jobs across the UK and 44,000 in the North West, in the public sector, in the short time since the general election.  It is high time that the regionís politicians at local, national and EU level started standing up for the people who elected them and demanded a change of approach. There is a massive shortage of jobs as these figures show. A first step is to stop the public sector job cuts in the pipeline. Policies that increase employment are the only sure fire route to recovery. The sooner we start on a new course the better."

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