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Southport & Mersey

SOUTHPORT Reporter is an accredited news resource that is published weekly. Our companion site Formby Reporter delivers daily news updates by email, Monday to Friday, with emergency updates issued at times over weekends. Our sites all run under Mersey Reporter, our hub website. The newspaper is produced by professional journalists and photographers, and it is only available online. This online news publication and information service is regulated by IMPRESS - the independent monitor for the UK's press. In fact, we are classed as the first recognised online only newspaper in the UK, who has never had any hard copy publication attached to it. Our aim is to deliver news and cover local cultural events within the Merseyside area. We also aim to help and support local businesses in and around the Liverpool City Region. Get involved in your local community, don’t stay indifferent! Here at Southport Reporter, we are always interested in hearing your voice! Drop us a line or send us and email with your thought on the topics being covered.

latest desktop format edition.

This link will take you to our latest edition. It is in our traditional format, best viewed on a desktop. If you are on a mobile, we recommended use the mobile LINK instead, as that has audio help as well as being in an easy to follow format. All the same news, just presented in a slightly different way..

Search backdated issues

This section has all the headlines and links to most of the past editions that we have issued. Links go back to some of the very first editions, right through to the very latest issue.

Mersey Reporter

This is our website networks hub site. Mersey Reporter contains a full historic timeline about the area, known as Merseyside. It also runs our business listing and other sections, including our event listings page.