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Edition No. 132

Date:- 03 January 200

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LIVERPOOL has the fourth highest number of deaf and hard of hearing citizens in the UK according to hearing aid manufacturer, GN Resound.

A total of 5,019 people in Liverpool are registered as deaf and with Sefton coming Ninth in the UK with 3,690 people registered as death or hard of hearing, Merseyside is one of the highest areas of deaf and hard of hearing in the UK.

It is estimated that there are over 9 million people who are hard of hearing in the UK and yet only 1 million of those actually wear a hearing aid, although a further three million could benefit from their use.

The traditional hearing aid suffers from a certain social stigma, however GN Resound is launching a product, which hopes to challenge these views. ReSoundAIRTM is due for launch in the UK in January and is the smallest external hearing aid in the world. Weighing the same as 4 paperclips and just 25mm long and it has been specifically designed for people experiencing mild or high frequency hearing loss. The new small and elegant model combines good looks with improved performance and endeavors to help the use of hearing instruments gain more acceptance among the general public.

Gary Hill of GN Resound, "It's amazing how many people struggle with their hearing for years and never do anything to improve it because of the prejudices associated with traditional hearing aids. ReSound is not only stylish and highly discreet, but it is also incredibly comfortable and technically far more advanced than any other product available today." Even though hearing aids might help people to hear, a greater understanding by hearing people is needed to lose the stigma attached to hearing aids. This would help some of the death and hard of hearing community who feel that if they have one, they will be made fun of.   The most important part for our nation is to remember is that all people have feelings and what helps some one now, just like the use of a simple hearing aid, will help the nation in the long run. 

Top 10 deafest areas in the UK


Location  Deaf Hard of hearing
1 Leeds 8390 7158
2 London 7675 2940
3 Birmingham 5864 2920
4 Liverpool  5019 0
5 Leicester 4091  2859
6 Gateshead 2629 1469
7 Oldham 2393 1566
8 Bury 2393 2264
9 Sefton 1461 1426
10 Bradford 2177 1170

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