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Edition No. 133

Date:- 10 January 2004

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Writen by Caren Clark of TV and Satellite Week Magazine
Week Saturday 3 January to Friday 9 January

1. Richard III Channel 4 Saturday 7pm
Britain's Real Monarch Channel 4 Saturday 8pm
Are the Royal Family really imposters? Delving into the life of Richard III, Tony Robinson discovers that the infamous king was our last legitimate ruler and tracks down the rightful resident of Buck House. 

2. Auf Wiedersehen Pet BBC1 Sunday 9pm NEW SERIES 
Britain's best-loved brickies make a welcome return and this time around Havana, Cuba should be on red alert when the magnificent seven are commissioned to rebuild the British Embassy.

3. Star Trek:- Enterprise Sky One Monday 9pm NEW SERIES
Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) and the crew boldly return for a third series with a fight on their hands to save Earth from an alien race known as the Xindi.

4. Nighty Night BBC3 Tuesday 10.30pm NEW SERIES
Julia Davis (Human Remains) writes and stars in this black comedy about a suburban hairdresser who develops a Fatal Attraction-style obsession with her married neighbour, played by Angus Deayton.

5. Shattered Channel 4 Sunday-Friday 10pm NEW SERIES
Absolutely Shattered E4 Monday-Friday 11.10pm NEW SERIES 
Shattered Live Monday-Friday E4 from 6am NEW SERIES

After viewers struggled not to fall asleep during the last Big Brother, Dermot O'Leary hosts the latest reality TV offering in which 12 contestants compete to stay awake for seven days and win £100,000 in the final next Saturday.

6. Donovan ITV1 Monday and Tuesday 9pm
Tom Conti stars in this two-part thriller as Joe Donovan, a former police scientist-turned-author who finds himself implicated in a murder that echoes one of his novels. Samantha Bond co-stars as Donovan's wife.

7. The Simple Life E4 Tuesday 9pm NEW SERIES
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and Lionel Richie's daughter Nicole leave behind the LA high life to spend a month with a farming family in Arkansas. Will plucking chickens and milking cows be as appealing as shopping and schmoozing?

8. Di's Guys Channel 4 Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm 
From bodyguards to boyfriends, a two-part look at the men in the inner circle of the late Princess of Wales.

9. Churchill ITV1 Thursday 10.30pm NEW SERIES 
Sir Winston Churchill - soldier, statesman, author, Greatest Briton, this three-part series offers a revealing insight into the man behind the myth.

10. The Simpsons Sky One Friday 8pm
There's an historic meeting between the figureheads of two great nations when the Simpsons descend on London and Homer bumps into Tony Blair and upsets the Queen. JK Rowling and Sir Ian McKellen also do their bit for international relations.


Richard III S4C Saturday 10 January 4pm
Britain's Real Monarch S4C Sunday 11 January 4pm
Shattered S4C Sunday 10.20pm, Tuesday 11.05pm, Wednesday and Thursday 10.30pm, Friday 11.00pm
Di's Guys S4C Monday 12 January 10.30pm and Tuesday 13 January 11.05pm 
Churchill ITV1 Grampian and Scottish Thursday 11.15pm


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Statement regarding hospital car parking charges increase

A spokesperson for Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust said:- “Following a decision by the Trust Board, car parking charges at Southport & Formby District General Hospital and Ormskirk & District General Hospital will increase from 10 January 2004.

This increase in car parking charges is the first in two years. The cost of using the car parks at both sites will go up from £1.30 to £1.50 per visit. 

We recognise the difficulties being experienced by visitors and staff parking on hospital sites. To overcome these difficulties we have provided an additional 145 car parking spaces at Southport and following completion of building work at Ormskirk, car parking areas will be reconfigured to improve parking on that site. Extra disabled parking bays and improved lighting has been provided on the Southport site.

Arrangements are in place for patients or visitors making frequent visits to the hospitals.

The additional money generated from the increase will contribute to the income of the Trust, which ultimately pays for patient care.“

Letters to Editor:- Dear Readers

"If you’ve been a little over indulgent over the Christmas period or have simply set yourself some new challenges for the New Year, then I’ve got the perfect answer – Butlins Swimathon 2004. 

As a keen swimmer myself I've found that swimming is a great way to tone up and get in shape - and just a few lengths can give you a brilliant aerobic workout. This charity event for Macmillan Cancer Relief is a fun way to do something that’s personally challenging while helping others at the same time.

Last year 22,000 people of all abilities took part in the 18th Swimathon sponsored for the first time by Butlins and raised £1.9 million to help Macmillan Cancer Relief support people living with cancer. This year with your help, we can beat that total for Macmillan and set a new world record for the largest fundraising swim.

We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way. In the UK four in ten people will be diagnosed in their lifetime. By taking part in Butlins Swimathon 2004 you’ll be helping Macmillan fund specialist doctors and nurses, buildings for cancer treatment and care, and grants for people in financial difficulties.

The world’s largest fundraising swim, headed up by Olympic Gold medallist Duncan Goodhew, is taking place at pools across the UK between 13-21 March 2004.

You can find out more about this unique event by visiting the website at, phoning the hotline on 0845 36 700 36, or picking up an entry form from your local participating pool.

You say you’re too busy to get wet for a good cause? Kickstart your year and help Macmillan smash last year’s total for people living with cancer."

Kirsty Gallacher

Mars Express:-  no signal from Beagle 2 so far...

ESA's Mars Express orbiter made its first attempt to establish contact with the Beagle 2 lander, after the two spacecraft separated on 19 December 2003.

The orbiter made its first pass over the Beagle 2 landing site this week, but could not pick up any signal from the tiny lander. More attempts to contact Beagle 2 are planned in the days to come.

Beagle 2 was released on 19 December on a course towards the Red Planet by Mars Express, the mothership for the 400 million kilometre interplanetary cruise. Six days later it entered the Martian atmosphere and should have
landed on the near-equatorial site of Isidis Planitia. Since then, attempts to communicate with the lander through NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter and radio telescopes on Earth have been unsuccessful.

The Mars Express orbiter successfully entered Mars orbit at about the same time as Beagle 2's landing. Then,in early January, it made a series of planned manoeuvres to change its equatorial orbit to a polar one, to prepare for its scientific mission and to make contact with Beagle 2.

Unlike Mars Odyssey and the radio telescopes, Mars Express has a communication system that was fully tested to contact Beagle 2, which gives ESA more confidence of picking up the signal in the coming days.

"We have not lost hope yet to contact Beagle 2, but we also know that it has landed on an unforgiving planet,"
said David Southwood, ESA's Director of Science. "There are still opportunities to make contact with Beagle in the days to come, and we are giving our best efforts. Nevertheless, our spacecraft Mars Express has now reached its operational orbit and is working well; I know the science community is eagerly waiting for its first results."

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