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Edition No. 133

Date:- 10 January 2004

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Victorian Merchants House Modernised with Smart Home Technology

A FORMER Victorian Merchants house in the Mossley Hill area of Liverpool is being refurbished into luxury apartments with state of the art Smart Home Technology from Siemens.

The large Victorian property built in 1875, previously used as a school and most recently a nursing home, is being developed into seven very spacious flats. M3 Properties (UK) Ltd, the Development Company behind the project is taking this 19th Century building into the next generation, by installing a structured cabling network from Siemens. 

Mixing the old with the new, M3 will be retaining the classic Victorian characteristics - such as high ceilings, detailed covings and grand fireplaces, and integrating it with technology that will connect all the electrical features in the property so that they can communicate with each other. Specialist systems integrators, Lambda Technologies, identified that the Siemens network would provide the perfect set-up for M3’s development. 

Siemens Smart Home Technology will provide the basis for each apartment’s integrated lighting control, security systems, intelligent heating and home entertainment. Instabus, the technology behind this concept is a simple cabling system that is fitted throughout, which monitors and operates all the individual electrical fittings.

Jim Beal, Director of M3 has been interested in the home automation concept for some time:- “We have always recognised that home automation and entertainment is the future for technology within the home. Not only is Siemens Smart Home Technology easy to use, install, and available at affordable prices, but we can also add substantial value to a property. We have great plans for Smart Home Technology, with designs already in place to install the Instabus in another nine units as part of our next renovation development.” 

Letters to Editor:- Murder of Frank Le 

"Hi i am looking for any news on the murder of Frank Le on the 1st of January 1994. He was a mini cab driver and was stabbed. I am looking for any relatives he may have had.

My ex-wife is his Daughter and she has been looking for him for a few year's and has just found out he has died. 

I hope you can help me.


If you can help email us at:- and we will forward the information on.

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A NEW RAC study has revealed that whilst most people think car crime is on the increase, the proportion of motorists who have been the victim of a car theft or car break-in has actually fallen since 1995. The increased security of newer cars is reflected in the Home Office's Car Theft Index. The risk of a 6 year old car being stolen was 9 cars per 1,000 in 2001, compared to a risk of 18 per 1,000 in 1998. British Crime Survey (BCS) Figures published on 16 October 2003 report in the 12 months to June 2003 there were 2,319,000 vehicles thefts; a reduction of 21 per cent.

Although the vast majority (86%) of motorists have not been the victim of a car or public transport related crime in the last year, over 40% are more concerned about having their car broken into or vandalised than being attacked or robbed on the street (33%).

With data showing that the public perceive the overall crime rate to be increasing and motorists showing continued fears of being the victim of car crime, security remains a key concern.

Over 80% of motorists said they are concerned about transport related crimes and, unsurprisingly, female drivers are three times more likely to worry about violent car crime.

When buying a new car, motorists now rate security from personal attack and robbery as more important than comfort and performance.

Reliability 9.6%
Safe from accident 9.2%
Secure from threat of personal attack / robbery 8.7%
Performance 7.1%
Look and style of the car 6.6%
Prestigious brand 5.0%

RAC's research reveals that geographical location affects perception of car crime. Londoners are more likely to worry about car jacking and being attacked or robbed than motorists in any other region. In addition, nearly half of all London motorists worry about having their car stolen when parked away from home, compared to just three in 10 for the rest of the UK.

Despite being a relatively rare occurrence, one on 10 motorists are concerned about car jacking with women being more concerned than men. Unsurprisingly, female motorists are also more likely to worry about violent car crime, with 3 in 10 fearing being attacked or robbed while in their car, compared to one in 10 male drivers.

Although the majority of people now carry a mobile phone, nearly half of female motorists worry about breaking down on the motorway at night compared to one in 10 men. And four in 10 women worry about driving on their own at night compared to just one in 10 men.

RAC spokesperson Nina Arnott said:-

"Our research reveals widespread concerns about car crime despite an actual reduction in the number of victims. It does seem that fear of crime is slightly disproportionate to the actual risk. This perhaps reflects the coverage of high profile crimes in the media and the increase of crime entertainment programmes.

Even so, there is little room for complacency. With the long dark nights, motorists should be extra vigilant. Always lock doors when driving, never leave your car unlocked and unattended and don't leave Christmas gifts or any valuables on display."

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