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Edition No. 139

Date:- 14 February 2004

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Love is in the eye of the beholder

WITH Valentine’s Day approaching, Opticians in Huyton are encouraging people to gaze into each other’s eyes for the look of love.

If you’ve ever wondered if someone is attracted to you, then looking at their pupils will give you the answer.

Humans, particularly males, are visually orientated and sights that please us cause our pupils to dilate. The typical pupil is 3-4mm in diameter, whereas a dilated pupil is 7-8mm. 

David Ashton, store director of Specsavers in Huyton, says:- "The dilation of the pupil is an involuntary and uncontrollable physiological response. Eye contact has an immediate effect as the gaze triggers a part of the brain that controls emotions and induces a reaction, such as pupil dilation and an increased blink rate."

It takes between 90 seconds and four minutes to decide if we fancy someone, with body language making up 55 per cent of the messages received. Other ways to tell if someone likes you is if they watch your mouth while you’re talking to them, if they mirror your body language, raise their eyebrows quickly upon first looking at you or have their feet or hands pointed towards you.

A recent survey by Specsavers showed that 82 per cent of men and 73 per cent of women in England found brown eyes sexier than any other colour. It was agreed by 86 per cent of all respondents that very pale blue eyes were the least sultry. Green eyes, with dark lashes and strong eyebrows were voted the most striking.

THE secrets behind the skills and techniques involved in making hand crafted textiles will be unraveled in a new exhibition named Strands on February 14 at the Conservation Centre by students from John Moores University. 

Strands is a vibrant display of hand crafted textiles created by students on the fashion and textile course at Liverpool John Moores University. The university has a strong reputation for its originality in the production and design of a variety of materials. The quality of work produced is reflected in the students' regular involvement with the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, the London New Designers show and the Indigo trade show in Paris. 

A display of fashion will feature garments designed and made by the students. The next time you see their work it could be on the catwalk in Paris or Milan, so catch it now while you can.

This exhibition will take visitors through the design process, from inspiration to the finished fabrics and clothing. It opens with an in depth look at some of the techniques used in making fabrics including stitching, knitting, printing and dyeing. 
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