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Edition No. 158

Date:- 03 July 2004

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Southport Jazz Festival
Photographs by Patrick Trollope

SADLY this was not the best of weekends for the festival. The weather meant a lot of the out door activities were cancelled or moved in to the Arts Centre. This was a dreadful shame as so much hard work and planning had gone into the festival. Despite the problems and the setbacks, the show still went ahead and Southport shone through the storm to deliver what was an enjoyable and extremely present weekend of top Jazz. We will let the pictures tell you the rest. Well done to all the Art Center staff who did the sound and lighting at a lot of the venues across the town and also to the Tourist Board for organising an event that is a credit to Merseyside?

Remember if you missed this, and you still want that Jazz, then do not forget the Formby Festival on the 10 July as they have SYJO and then Humphrey Lyttelton taking to the open air theatre.
(Some tickets still available from us)


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