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Edition No. 158

Date:- 03 July 2004

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DRIVER training experts BSM's centre in Argyle Street, Birkenhead, has won the company's "Centre of the Month" award for its overall performance in June.

Judged by such measures as the number of recorded customer enquiries and the actual number of lessons booked, the Birkenhead centre outperformed more
than 100 other BSM centres across the UK to scoop the prize.

"Our 16 instructors and our centre staff have worked really hard to look after our customers and achieve the award and winning it shows that our efforts have been recognised"
, said manager Michelle Peel.  "In fact, demand for our driving lessons is now so great that we are expanding and planning to recruit even more instructors in the coming months."


A LIVERPOOL based website has dished up local restaurant information to over a million people in just two and a half years.

Now has launched an on-line booking facility to encourage restaurants to cater for the growing online market and meet the area’s growing appetite for dining as new restaurants spring up all over the city.

An on-line restaurant guide has also just gained the Mersey Partnership’s Best Small Business Tourism Award 2004 which is sponsored by Business Link for Greater Merseyside.

The idea for the company was born when one of its founders, Linda-Jane Buckle, first arrived in the city and had problems finding restaurant information.

Co-founder Mark Williams said:- “There was a real need to source information about restaurants in the city and we decided a website was the best way to achieve this.

Our site is now getting over 150,000 hits a month and pro-actively assists restaurants with e-marketing campaigns. Every restaurant on Merseyside can sign up for the service and the site offers them the opportunity for innovative e-marketing campaigns.”

Ketchupp also owns and organises the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival in October which this year will cater for the whole of Merseyside.



ENGLAND captain David Beckham has thrown his support behind the work of the Football Foundation, the UK's largest sports charity. The Real Madrid Galactico welcomed the largest ever investment into the grass roots game in Liverpool, funding a new generation of grass roots facilities and community focused football initiatives. 

"The difference the Foundation has made to grass roots football is amazing. Kids today should not have to tolerate run down facilities and terrible pitches and the Foundation has already made great progress in this area. They are also funding hundreds of community projects that target some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach kids in the country. I wish the Foundation every success in the years to come."

The Foundation has provided funding for 20 projects worth £2,179,667 over the last three years in the city. Included in this funding bonanza is £1,654,428 for grass roots facilities plus an additional £534,293 for community projects, using the power of football to educate, motivate and tackle social exclusion. 

Outstanding examples of the type of work being undertaken by the Foundation include the redevelopment of the Williams Collins Playing Fields in the Scotland Road area of the city funded with a £760,000 Foundation grant, which is now providing top class facilities for thousands of local young footballers. 

In addition, a £121,000 Foundation grant is now providing hundreds of young people with diversions away from crime, drugs and anti social behaviour in Kensington with over 207 junior clubs have been given free kit and equipment.

Initial monitoring of the Foundation's schemes has revealed an unprecedented growth in participation of over 120 per cent with rates amongst girls and women players on some projects growing. Hundreds of new teams are being formed, particularly at junior level, offering the next generation of players the advantages of active healthy lifestyles as well as the social benefits that sport can bring to both individuals and communities. 

Funded by the FA Premier League, the Football Association and the Government, the Football Foundation is dedicated to revitalising the grass roots of the game, constructing modern football facilities, developing football as a force for social cohesion and as a vehicle for education in communities throughout the country. 

Peter Lee, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation welcomed this major funding boost for grass roots football and community projects throughout the city:-
"This unique partnership between Football and the Government is investing unprecedented amounts in communities throughout the country. The future of the grass roots game is looking increasingly bright as thousand of players of all ages and abilities gain access to superb new facilities and ground breaking social inclusion initiatives."


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