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Edition No. 159

Date:- 17 July 2004

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IN preparation for the royal visit on Monday, the finishing touches were being carried out on Southport's newest addition to the skyline. No, not the bridge but a wind turbine. The new Gazelle 20kW Turbine was lifted into place on Thursday 15 July outside the new Eco Centre. The 400/415 volt 3-phase turbine was then connected to the national grid to supply power, not only to the Eco Centre, but also to the town. The builders, Gazelle Wind Turbines Ltd, told us, "It will supply 60,000kWh per year from it's Carbon fibre epoxy blades and provide a clean and renewable form of power for the centre. The remainder of its power will be used on the national grid."  Kier North West said:- "This is the icing on the cake. The centre now looks fantastic and we are proud to have been the builders of it. This turbine should give life to our structure for years to come." A Level Access from Southport said:- "We have helped erect lots of exciting structures, but this is a first for us, Southport's very own turbine. It looks like it should be on the beach and brings back memories of my childhood, with small yellow and red fans on sand castles and this is just a larger version. It also gives Southport an insight into renewable energy and allows our town to contibute to the cutting of emissions from power stations."

Tecnial Specificvations of Southport's New Turbine... That is if you are interested...

Rotor diameter 11m
Rota speed 106 rpm
Rotor Position Down Wind
Normal output 20 kW
Rotar wind speed 13 m/s
Cut in 4 m/s
Cut out 20 m/s
Turbine IEC 1400-1 Class 3
Blades Carbon Fibre Epoxy
Gearbox 2 stage helical
Generator 4 pole 1500 rpm
Nominal Voltage 400V 3 phase
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nameplate rating 22 kW
Necelle Torque tube & Bedplate
Tower Tubular Steal
Hub Height 13m
Yaw Free yaw

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