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Edition No. 160

Date:- 24 July 2004

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Garfield Ticket Give~Away Winners

TICKET Give-away for the Odeon Liverpool Switch Island preview showing of Garfield the Movie on Sunday 25 July with thanks to Kit-e-Kat and Twentieth Century Fox results are now in... Congratulations to our winners Robin Carter from Tarlton, Mrs Christine Ball from Southport, Danielle Pennington from Southport, Mrs J Brady from Ainsdale, John Mullen from Formby, Paul Fisher from Formby, Maureen Langley from Southport, Niamh and Christine from Southport, Mike Leigh from Hillside, Mr Keith Grady from Hesketh Bank and Anita Cheetham from Tarlton. Well done to you all. the answers to last weeks questions were:-

Q1 Orange (or Ginger)
Q2 C (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

)Link to last weeks Q page...

All of you should have received your tickets for 'Garfield the Movie' this week. (We have another competition starting in the next edition so log on and keep an eye glued to your screens.)

REMEMBER my name... Garfield... 
Jon Arbuckle buys a second pet, a dog named Odie. All is not well as Odie is then abducted and it is up to, yes, Garfield, to save the day with the rescue of a canine... and lots of Lazanya.... See the story from 30 July 2004 in you Odeon Cinema!

The only real fat cat film to watch this year!
Photo by Patrick Trollope

FRANK Hendry is opening the new art gallery with a small but fantastic display of work that he has painted over his amazing life. Frank is a local artist who comes from Liverpool and his work is collected and sort after the world over. Jokingly he commented, "My work is the most stolen art work in Liverpool, so collectable is my work." Each piece that will be on display tells a story from Frank's life, which he will tell you about when he is in the gallery. On display are 12 original works covering a time scale from the May Blitz in 1941 (Liverpool) to the Anglican Cathedral celebrations. All of them will be on sale, so you can walk away from this exhibition with a piece of history. "I don't want to part with them, but I will have to let some of my paintings go now as I am getting on and I have so many of them. They are part of me so I am looking for customers who will give them a good home." he told us. 

The exhibition will be on from 26 July to 1 September at the Upper Room Art Gallery, (Next to the Little Theatre), Southport. Ring 01704 512 855 for more information.


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