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Edition No. 160

Date:- 24 July 2004

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ONE of the region's leading centres of excellence for cancer, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology, will soon be just one of two centres in the UK to offer the widest range of minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer sufferers.

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of people on Merseyside, who have donated over £280,000 towards the project, the Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology and Wirral hospitals NHS Trust have now been given the go-ahead to develop this unique service.

The new minimally invasive treatment techniques to be introduced at Clatterbridge are brachytherapy and cryotherapy. Brachytherapy involves the placement of tiny radioactive seeds directly in the prostate to kill the tumour. 

Consultant urologist Mr Nigel Parr and oncologist Dr Isabel Syndikus have been 2 of the driving forces in bringing these treatments to the North West. Two of the fundraisers involved are Mr Les Pritchard and Mr Lance Yates of the Merseyside Prostate Cancer Appeal.

Mr Pritchard who had to travel to Leeds to receive brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer, said:- "I am delighted that we will soon have the best treatment available on our doorstep."

Charitable funds were also donated by the Mark Master Masons. The charitable donations will be used to buy special equipment needed for these treatments and will also go towards additional costs during the implementation phase. The on-going costs will be met by the NHS.

Plans are now underway to offer the new treatments at Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology from January 2005. Until then prostate cancer patients living in Wirral and Merseyside will have to continue to travel to other centres to receive the treatment. It is estimated that within a few years up to 50 patients in the region per annum will benefit from these treatments.



THE Co-op is promoting the benefits of ethical trading with a Fairtrade Evening in Fairfield in July. 

As well as learning how Fairtrade products guarantee a fair price and provide a social premium for their growers and producers in the developing countries, there will be an opportunity to sample some of the Co-op's range of fairly traded wine. Healthy eating will also be encouraged with a selection of fairly traded fruit to try. 

The free event is on Tuesday July 20 from 7 to 9 pm at the Devonshire House Hotel, Edge Lane, Fairfield, Liverpool. To book a place, contact 0161 246 2224 or email 


LIVERPOOL is to trial a new scheme which will see sixth form students offered a much wider choice of exam subjects. 

From September 2004, schools in six areas of the city will be collaborating with each other and opening their doors to pupils from neighbouring establishments.

It means a pupil who wants to study a subject that isn't offered at their school will be able to go to lessons at a nearby school which does run that particular course.

Councillor Paul Clein, Executive Member for Education, said:- "This will widen the choice of subjects available to pupils, provide access to a full curriculum and ensure they are able to study any subject they want to learn."

The schools in each group will be all close to one another to make transport between sites manageable. 

A minibus will be laid on so that pupils don't have to walk between schools on their own.

Colin Hilton, Executive Director of Education, said:- "If we want more students to stay on after GCSE, it's important they have the opportunity to take their pick from a wider choice of subjects that interest them. 

"This is the first time a scheme like this has been tried out anywhere in the country, and Liverpool is leading the way in trying a different approach to ensure pupils get the best possible education." 

The scheme is the first of its type in the country, and is being closely watched by the DfES. In September 2005, phase two of the scheme will be launched, involving schools in the north of the city.

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