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Edition No. 161

Date:- 31 July 2004

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THIS year has seen a range of ideas and advice being issued by the government on everything from Health to What to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Many are now asking "Does this government really think the public is stupid?" Friday 30 July the Chief Medical Officer outlined measures on to keep people safe in unusually hot weather. In severe heat the human body can overheat and dehydrate, leading to heat exhaustion or heat-stroke. Heat stroke can result in irreversible damage to the body, including the brain, or death. "People are unaware of the dangers of heat-waves and what they can do to help prevent medical problems that the weather can cause. That is why we have developed this system." a spokesman told us. The plan from Sir Liam Donaldson identifies four levels of alert and action for the NHS and other public bodies. High temperatures would trigger the 'Heat-Health watch' system that will operate from 1 June to 15 September. The actions that would be put in place range from giving advice on how to keep cool at level one, through to level four where heat can pose a serious threat to health, and the emergency services may be involved. 

The contingency plan follows widespread problems across Northwest Europe last summer and predicted climate change. There were 2,000 'excess deaths' in England during the August heat wave last year. Temperatures across much of the UK over the next few days are forecast to reach 28 to 30 Degrees Centigrade. Officials are preparing for early use of the new service. 

A leaflet called 'Heat-wave - a guide to looking after yourself' will be distributed nationally. It includes the following advice:- "If a heatwave is forecast, try and plan your day in a way that allows you to stay out of the heat If you can, avoid going out in the hottest part of the day (11am - 3pm). If you must go out, stay in the shade. Wear a hat and light loose fitting clothes, preferably cotton. If you will be outside for some time, take plenty of water with you.

Take cool showers or baths and splash yourself several times a day with cold water, particularly your face and the back of your neck Eat as you normally would. Try to eat more cold food, p
articularly salads and fruit, which contain water." 

Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson said although uncommon, heat-waves cause problems for the elderly, babies and young children. Precautions should be taken, he said:- "In contrast to deaths associated with cold snaps in winter the risk in mortality follows very sharply, within one or two days of the temperature rising. This means that by the time a heat-wave starts the window of opportunity for effective action is very short indeed. It is therefore crucial that we are properly prepared for this situation." 

Some scientists have said we should be looking more at what to do should the Gulf Stream alter course. "There is a special reason to fear that Britain may not just warm up like the rest of the world but that it might freeze up in a mini Ice Age as it did from the 14th century to the 18th century. In fact we are very lucky to be as warm as we are now. If you look at our latitude (how far we are from the North Pole), it turns out that we are very much warmer than most other countries on the same latitude. Most of Britain is between 500 and 600 North as are Moscow and parts of Labrador and Southern Alaska. The film 'Day After Tomorow' is not far off in its ideas, it was just exaggerated in its time scales. We should really look at putting in place measures designed to keep people safe in unusually cold weather as well. Not just focusing on the weather. If they really insist on yet more forests being turned into yet more leaflets that never get read." said a scientist from a UK university studying the weather patens of the UK.


It’s Official! 
Women In The North Are The UK’s Vainest...

WE all know jealousy in general is life among females, as seen on Big Brother 5, with the fiery jealous temperament of Michelle. Last week, Shell was the victim of her envy, simply for helping Stuart to make bread! It seems female rivalry isn’t just confined to drama on air though;  66% of women in the North* let the green eyed monster loose when they see a more attractive female. 

Perfectil®, a triple-active formula for healthy hair, skin and nails, has conducted the first ever nationwide survey into jealousy, delving deep into the female psyche to uncover why women suffer from this destructive emotion. 

Common causes of jealousy:- Watch your seems female friends (90%) stir envious emotions over and above celebrities (75%) or relatives (52%). It may well be the 21st century, but cavewomen instincts still make us wary and suspicious of attractive females. Emotions bubble over when faced with a prettier, slimmer female (55%) with larger breasts (20%) in contrast, an academic doesn’t even register on the jealous radar.

Celebrity obsessions:- Women surveyed cited numerous reasons as the crux of their jealous tendencies but most stemmed from the growing obsession with the cult of celebrities (45%). Many women interviewed felt that although extensive images of beautiful, successful women inspired them to attain their goals, they also felt they dented their self-esteem (31%).

Who women are jealous of:- Results also showed that younger women are jealous of celebrities who posses the perfect face and figure as well as global adulation. Nearly half of women below the age of 25 aspire to be Britney Spears (52%) whilst women aged 25 to 35 worship Jennifer Aniston (50%). It seems superficial looks as opposed to a perfectly fit body counts, by comparison, super fit Paula Radcliffe only secured 1.7% of the votes.

As women mature however, goalposts move and a woman aged 35+ will envy respected role models who have fulfilled a lifelong ambition - JK Rowling (43%) and Stella McCartney (38%) being cited as the main contenders. 

Regional Differences... The survey revealed that the majority of jealous women live in the South, where 81% of women surveyed admitted they experience fierce jealousy pangs, and 31% of them said they are not ashamed to show jealousy publicly. Whereas, women in the West of the country are the least jealous with 68% of women surveyed in this region claiming they have never really experienced a jealously pang.

Envy is one of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ which probably explains why 44% of women admit to feeling ashamed of their jealous feelings and so they should when more than one in ten confessed to trying to split up a friend’s relationship through jealousy and 59% admitted to throwing money around in an attempt to keep up with those with better jobs. It seems if you cannot get the better of your jealousy, you’re better off making the best of yourself to try and keep envy at bay. Perfectil? is the UK’s leading beauty supplement for supple skin, healthy hair, and strong nails. Its advanced formula nourishes deeply to optimize cell renewal, helping Perfectil? users tame their own green-eyed monster and relieve those jealousy pangs.


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