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Edition No. 173

Date:- 30 October 2004

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The Liverpool pupils worked with local black artist Faith Bebbington to develop the designs.

LIVERPOOL City Council Leader, Mike Storey, said:- "The slave trade is an important part of Liverpool's history, and it's vital that it is never forgotten. Today, Liverpool is a city of wonderful diversity and many cultures, and I'm delighted that young people from the city have worked on this important project." 

Guests at the official unveiling of the statues will be Simon Pierre Adovelande, Exec Director of Benin Agency for Reconciliation & Development, Luc-Marie Gnacadja, Minister of Environment, Housing and Urbanism Benin and Head of the Richmond Slave Trade Commission, Sylvester Turner.

Executive Member for Community Equality and Values, Councillor Marilyn Fielding, said:- "The Reconciliation statues will be a permanent testament to those who suffered at the hands of slavery, and are part of the city's pledge to ensure the evils of the slave trade are never forgotten.

Through this project, the young people of Liverpool are forming new friendships with young people in Africa and America. It will help the city form stronger links with Benin and Richmond, and will be a lasting symbol of repentance and forgiveness."

The slave trade played a central role in the development of Liverpool as a city. In December 1999, the city council - in its final act of the millennium - unanimously passed a motion apologising for Liverpool's role in the slave trade and pledged a commitment to work closely with local communities to celebrate the city's multi-racial inheritance.

This year, Liverpool became one of the first cities in Europe to make International Slavery Remembrance Day an official part of its cultural calendar, formally adopting 23 August - the International Day for the Slave Trade and its Abolition - as an annual civic occasion for the city.

Past events have also included a formal apology and community event in October 2000 and a slave trade CD Rom being distributed to schools and libraries across the city.

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Barmy bureaucracy could see Landlords rapped for rowdy tenants

A LOUT'S anti-social antics in a private rented house could see a Landlord punished for his behaviour, even if neither of them lives there.

The Residential Landlords Association has raised concerns with leading civil servants and politicians about a draconian clause in the Government's proposed Housing Bill, which could see them penalised for events they have no control over.

A proposed clause states one condition of a Landlord's licence should force them to take steps to reduce unruly behaviour by people living in or visiting private rented homes.

But, unlike local authorities and social housing bodies, Private Landlord's have no powers to enforce limits on tenants' behaviour in the form of Anti Social Behaviour Orders.

This has led to fears that the new clause, if supported, could see Landlord's caught in a Catch 22 situation. The bill could, in effect, see Landlord's punished for the behaviour of someone who is not even a tenant, without having any powers of redress.

It has led to a sustained campaign by the RLA, whose members are responsible for more than 100,000 properties, in the House of Lords before peers consider the bill again.

The RLA has also been critical of other elements of the bill, which are seen as carrying a burden of costly bureaucracy that could damage the private rented sector.

The organisation is working with Conservatives Lord Hanningfield and Lady Hanham and the Lib Dem Lady Maddock to ensure its concerns are heard.

RLA Director Mark Butterworth said:- "We welcome any suggestion that seeks to curb the behaviour of tenants, but there is a lot of concern about these suggestions.

These proposals put the onus firmly on landlords, without giving us any powers to enforce behaviour in the way that councils and housing bodies can.

Instead, they carry the threat of landlords having licences refused or withdrawn if we fail to address unruly behaviour.

In the meantime, other tenants who are genuinely affected by anti social behaviour continue to live in misery.

How is that workable? It's barmy. We should have the same rights as those Landlord's in the public sector. We hope someone sees sense."

The RLA has already seen considerable success in lobbying for changes to other parts of the Housing Bill.

It has previously criticised a clause which threatened to create a situation that could penalise landlords with £20,000 fines for putting a double bed into a student property; and therefore fall foul of strict new Houses of Multiple Occupancy safety guidelines.

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