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Edition No. 173

Date:- 30 October 2004

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LOVE is in the air in Liverpool - according to research from Yahoo! Personals, Liverpool is the passion hotspot in the UK with the highest number of couples getting married this year

In comparison people living in Grimsby and Newcastle prefer to hang out with mates rather than commit to their partners, which hit bottom of the love location list


1. Liverpool (66%) 1.Grimsby (63%)
2. Shrewsbury (57%) 2. Newcastle (55%)
3. London (55%) 3. Aberdeen (54%)
4. Manchester (53%) 4. Hull (53%)
5. Maidstone (49%) 5. Bath (52%)

One third of Liverpudlians love the Irish accent, stars such as Colin Farrell, Dermot O'Leary, Westlife and the Corrs seem to be the ultimate sex symbols because of their alluring Irish lilt. The Queen's English is also a favourite with 24 per cent of people from Liverpool admitting to being turned on by posh pronunciation

The Brummie accent is a real turn off when it comes to romantic appeal with 51% of people living in Liverpool finding the accent unattractive

Liverpudlians have been busy puckering up with 71per cent having more than one kiss this year compared to York where only 15 per cent of singles have had multiple kisses in 2004 

A fifth of Liverpudlians had a holiday fling this Summer compared with the nation as a whole, where 83 per cent of Brits said 'no' to having a holiday romance. The average singleton fleeing the UK in hope of a holiday fling this summer has more chance of finding love at home rather than abroad

Dating is alive and well in Liverpool with 56% of singles dating someone new this year. 25% of Liverpudlians have been on over 15 dates in the last 10 months compared to an average of up to 5 dates for the UK as a whole

If you are single and looking for love, there's no need to up sticks and move to a passion hotspot. Just get online with Yahoo! Personals, the UK's most trusted and popular online dating service at You can search for dates via location, salary bracket, interests and appearance.



WELL done to the five winners of last weeks spooky competition and the winner of the Fashion Show competition.    The companies giving the prizes will contact you soon.  

As the night get darker and the programs on TV become repeats...  we had to come up with an interesting prize for our readers...  Just to stop you getting bored on the way back from the office,  night club or school.... 

This one can be used by the winner or by the winner as a present for anouther!   What is it I here you ask....  Well....  It is a O2 Active card...   

Get the latest polyphonic tunes and games for your phone!    

The card compatibility...  You must have O2 and the following handset next to it is the games that the handset is compatible with...   Nokia:- 3100, 3200, 3300, 3510i, 5100, 6100, 6610, 6220, 6800, 6820, 7210, 7250, 7250i (All games) Nokia:- 3650, 7650, 6600, N-Gage, Motorola:- V600 and Sagem:- MYX-7 (All games except Rainbow Six: Raven Shield)  Siemens:- S55, SL55, (Rainbow Six: Raven Shield and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Extended Ops.)  Nokia:- 3410, Motorola:- T720i, Siemans C55, M50 (Skate and Slam)   Nokia:- 6230 (Rayman 3 XIII).

Ring tone will work on all above!

To win...  all you have to do is tell us:-

What our office phone number?  

What WAP stands for!  

Email us with your answers phone number, address and full name to

We would like to thank O2 for giving us this prize and others that will be given our over the next few weeks.     If you would like the idea of the card and you do not win...  the cards are in the O2 Shops now.   Take a look....   Also visit the online store Click below...

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