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Edition No. 187

Date:- 12 February 2005

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Film Review...


ANOTHER of the marvel comic book characters brought to life on the big screen. It deals with a Greek girl who has lost any immediate family and has trained to become a deadly assassin. To my mind one of Marvel's weakest characters, best suited to a supporting role to other characters within the Marvel universe. 

The film is well shot with some very nice fight scenes and pretty good acting from all the cast. I actually found the bad guys to be more interesting than the lead character, as I usually found with the comics, but if you like your superheroes without any powers as such, then this film is probably for you. When I say she doesn't have any powers I mean that she doesn't have any flashy, throw cars around style powers, hers are much more subtle, a sort of spider-sense, so that she can tell when things are about to happen, a foreboding if you like.

Plot wise it's pretty straightforward and should be followed easily enough, a little predictable but still enjoyable. I give this film 3 out of 5, a good addition to the Marvel comic book film industry.

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Running time:- 2hr 10
Review by:- By Eric Lyon-Taylor

Film Review...


THIS film I found quite entertaining. It deals with the science of listening to rooms with tape recorders for the voices of the dead. And how when the lead actors wife dies ( ) he tries to record her messages himself. Unfortunately it goes wildly off track from there, with recordings on videotape and strange snow covered images of dead people and faces. 

As the title intimates, the film should be about the recorded sounds on tape and isn't, it focuses as I thought would be inevitable on the video sequences and what they mean. 

Looking past that though and the plot is sound and easy to follow, no real surprises within it, and it doesn't suffer from the usual Hollywood ending. They have kept the suspense and only hinted at the supernatural angle of the film till the very end, which was well done and thought out. I give this film 3 out of 5, enjoyable watch if you haven't anything else to see.

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Running time:- 1hr 50
Review by:- By Eric Lyon-Taylor

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