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Edition No. 202

Date:- 22 May 2005

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22% of Brits would like to be more environmentally friendly in the home, but are not acting upon their good intentions because they believe there are too many barriers towards 'going green'. Almost 44% of Brits feel that 'green' products and services are prohibitively expensive and 42% feel that being green is too time consuming, according to new research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

38% of Brits do not think they have adequate access to local green services, such as recycling facilities, and 34 per cent do not have enough information about how to be more environmentally friendly. A further 17% do not think their individual actions could make a difference to the environment. 

Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive of EST, said while intentions are honourable, they were not translating into the action required to protect the UK against climate change. "To encourage people to adopt energy-saving measures and reduce their CO2 emissions, we are calling on Government to introduce a range of fiscal commitments to make going green easier and more affordable. However, conserving energy is everybody's responsibility. Reducing the environmental impact of your home can be as simple as upgrading to energy-saving lightbulbs and insulating cavity walls and roofs", he said.

EST believes adopting simple energy-saving measures can reduce an verage household's CO2 emissions by two tonnes - and could save householders around £200 on their annual energy bills in the process. 

In response to the research findings, EST has created a 'Low Carbon Lifestyle Plan' which provides simple, easy, affordable tips on how to be greener at home. People can visit or call 0845 727 7200 for more details.


THOUSANDS of stressed out people in the North West fail to relax on holiday because of work worries new research by SAS Scandinavian Airlines revealed this week. Many people find it hard to leave the stresses of the office behind with all of them taking up to 2 days to unwind.

The poll of 1,500 holidaymakers by SAS Scandinavian Airlines, who this week becomes the first airline in the world to have live internet access across its entire long haul fleet, also found that 25% of those can't resist checking their emails on their hols.

A Scandinavian Airlines spokesman said:- ''Clearly living in the North West is stressful! But it's not surprising that people find going on holiday stressful, very few of us can... ...continued...

...continued...  ...waltz out the office with no worries before going away. People are used to being in touch at all times and being cut off from modern communications can just add to stress levels. Our customers told us they wanted live internet access at 37,000ft to work, surf the net, email and stay in contact with family and friends. Now all our passengers travelling with us to the US and Asia can stay 'connected'. SAS is proud to be at the forefront of aviation technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the best travelling experience."

Some 13% go a step further and actually ring the office a couple of times. times. Some employees have been so stressed that almost 13% have cancelled an up-coming holiday due to a heavy workload. To make up for jetting off to sunnier climes 63% of people have worked longer hours before going away - with 38% working an extra 4 hours or more in the week prior to their break. 13% said it would be useful to have Internet access on board flights to check emails, surf the net and book a hotel or car at their final destination. 38% say internet access would be great to keep the kids occupied on a long-haul flight.

And the problems don't end when we return to the office - 63% of people dread coming back to an over flowing inbox and need another holiday to recover. 13% of those admitted to falling out with colleagues because they haven't pulled their weight whilst they've been away.

First steps to safety

THE 60th Liverpool Brownies will be more switched-on than ever thanks to Telewest Broadband. Staff from the cable company will visit the pack at Childwall Primary this Wednesday to run a fun-packed evening and test Brownies on their Computer and Communicator badges.

In order to earn their badges, the 7-10 year olds have to email Brown Owl a link to their favourite website, text their friend to tell them what they most like to do on Brownie camp and take a photo of their pack using a digital camera.

To celebrate their achievements, the tech-savvy Brownies will be presented with a state-of-the-art digital camera to use on their action packed trips, plus a Telewest Broadband certificate. Philip Snalune, director of product management and marketing at Telewest Broadband, said:- "21st century Brownies really have their finger on the pulse when it comes to today's technology and it will be great fun to visit the Liverpool pack to test their gadget know-how."

A recent Telewest Broadband survey of Brownie packs across the North West, including the 60th Liverpool, highlighted how today's Brownies are more switched-on than ever. A staggering 82% have access to a computer, 59% own a mobile phone and 63% enjoy spending more than half an hour each day texting, phoning or emailing their friends.

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