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Edition No. 203

Date:- 29 May 2005

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FREE diabetes information and advice for Southport

FREE information and advice on practical diabetes care is available at the Tesco pharmacy in Southport, Merseyside on Friday 17 June and Saturday 18 June. For the first time ever Tesco are working with LifeScan to offer their customers and families a unique opportunity to receive individual tailored advice to help manage their diabetes. The awareness and information comes as part of a national Roadshow campaign organised by LifeScan UK to coincide with Diabetes Week, which runs from 12 to 18 June 2005.

According to Diabetes UK, who is assisting LifeScan with their Roadshow, evidence has shown that many people with diabetes are continually seeking ways to improve how they manage their condition. Unless properly managed, diabetes can contribute to serious heart, eye, kidney and foot problems.

An independent healthcare professional will be present to discuss and provide free information on diabetes care and management to the public. Food shopping presents a challenging environment for many people with diabetes and therefore a nutritionist will also be providing accompanied shops and advice on diet considerations.

Roopinder Brar, Care Advisor at Diabetes UK comments:- "Diabetes is a serious condition which must be carefully managed. It's essential that people with diabetes have access to accurate, up to date information on their condition. The Roadshow will help to get information and support to people who need it."

Supermarkets and their pharmacies are available to give advice, help and support on all aspects of diabetes management and this Roadshow offers a fantastic opportunity to gain individual and practical advice from a range of experts. 


SHINING examples of public art will be made by schoolchildren from old CDs for the Mersey River Festival. Floating gracefully along the water, the mother ship will be made from hundreds of unwanted music and computer software discs and is set to be joined by a flotilla of several baby ships.

Designed by artist Liam Curtin, the project is brought into reality by Creative Education Manager Gaynor Wright from the Liverpool Culture Company and hundreds of children, young people and adults who have joined forces to construct the sailboats. Everyone who takes part will be encouraged to take the recycling message to heart by bring in their unwanted CDs. 

Executive member for culture, Warren Bradley, said:- "This is a practical way of recycling unwanted belongings and making something really beautiful, linking in to the city's long maritime history."

The project, as part of the Creative Communities initiative, also celebrates Liverpool's Year of the Sea in the build-up to the city's European Capital of Culture year in 2008 as well as the national bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Artist Liam said:- "I make sculptures from objects I have found because often things that already exist are more beautiful than things you could make. I am amazed at the beauty of a CD, it's a lovely silvery colour in dull light but in the sunshine it produces wonderful rainbow effects. To use thousands of these objects together, you merely multiply beauty. Everyone likes it because of this effect. People also like it because it's an object they are really very familiar with taken out of context."

Resembling a paper boat shape but 4m tall, the steel frame is clad with a chain mail of CDs by young people and when sailing in the sunshine, will shimmer hundreds of rainbows across the disks' surface.

Don't be fooled by fakes!!!!!!

HOUSEHOLDERS are being warned to watch out for dodgy dealers selling fake leather suites by Warrington Trading Standards. In a joint operation, Trading Standards and Warrington Police stopped a van in the Poplars area of Warrington containing 2 fake three-piece leather suites, following a complaint from Warrington resident about a man approaching members of the public offering to sell them fake leather suites. Trading Standards officers have seized the suites and are warning consumers to be extra vigilant.

Cllr Pat Wright, Executive Board Member for Community Services, said:- "We would advise residents who are approached by anybody selling suites in this manner to give them a wide berth. The suites are not leather, are poorly made and there is no way in which their safety can be guaranteed. If anybody has been approached by an individual trying to sell suites in this way, they are advised to contact Trading Standards on 01925 442678."


FOOTBALL clubs and local health services are teaming up to encourage people to get fit and healthy through an awareness campaign which will be launched tomorrow by new Public Health Minister Caroline Flint and the leading football authorities.

'Football and Health' is a manifesto using football to promote partnerships between local health and football organisations to help to promote public health and activity. Caroline Flint will join the leaders of the FA, the Premier League, the Professional Footballers' Association, the Football Foundation and the English Schools' FA for the "Power of Football" Conference at Tottenham Hotspur's White Hart Lane Ground, in London to launch 'Football and Health'.

The 'Choosing Health' White Paper, published last year, set out Government action to help people live healthier, more active lives. 'Football and Health' is one of a range of actions it promoted to get children involved in making healthier choices about the food they eat and how much exercise they take.

With more than 7 million adults and 5 million children playing football each year and 26 million fans passing through the turnstiles to see professional football matches each week, the Footballing authorities, the NHS and Government are determined to harness this mass appeal to help reinforce and promote healthy living.

The guide includes case studies and practical advice to encourage more formal partnerships at a local level between football clubs, community organisations and primary care trusts.

Public Health Minister Caroline Flint said:- "Football is an important part of many peoples lives and with its family friendly policies including smoke free grounds, family enclosures and football in the community work carried out by club players it provides great opportunities to get across key messages about living a healthy, active lives. 

The response to Choosing Health, our public health white paper, Demonstrated that people want to take control of their health by making informed healthy choices. Football, alongside other sports, has been ahead of the field in putting these healthy living messages into practise and recognising its role in influencing the lives of its fans and players. But it is in reaching out to local communities that sport can offer a unique contribution.

That's why I am delighted to be launching the Football and Health Guide at the Football Partnership conference. Sport and active recreation make a significant contribution towards overall physical activity levels in the population. Many successful partnerships for health already exist between professional football clubs, PCTS and local Authorities. With high-level endorsement from high-profile sports bodies, this guide will help the NHS continue and expand its work to use sport to help communities make healthy choices."

Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive of the Premier League, said:- "The popularity of football and links Clubs have with their local communities means that by locating health facilities at stadia, using football-based resources as an educational tool and running awareness campaigns Clubs can play an important role in improving public health.

By coming together with the Department of Health and the other football authorities to create a best practice guide we hope our Clubs will build and develop this area of work to continue to lead the way in creating innovative health partnerships."

Brian Barwick, Chief Executive of the Football Association, said:- "Football's work with the Department of Health can benefit us both - more people playing football means both a stronger national game, and a fitter, healthier nation. We hope the examples in this guide will be an inspiration for health professionals and football clubs around the country, as there is a lot more we can do together."

Gordon Taylor, Chief Executive of the PFA, said:- "The Power of Football's greatest facilitators are the players who contribute so much to our game. Players have a role in today's society that goes beyond the field of play. The good work that footballers champion covers all areas from literacy, health and fitness, social exclusion, cancer awareness and children's charities. Campaigns such as Keep Your Eye On The Ball demonstrate that players can impact on the health of their supporters with great success. The PFA embraces the opportunity to utilise the power of football, our national game, to benefit the health of the nation."

Peter Lee, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation said:- "With £300m invested in the grass roots of the game the Foundation is leading the way for the utilisation of sport as a vehicle to transform the health of our communities. Hundreds of new Foundation funded pitches, changing rooms and pavilions are facilitating increased participation levels, whilst our community schemes are reaching out and helping many of society's most vulnerable groups."

The Department of Health also announced that it will fund 9 sport and health roadshows around England. These will prepare the ground for effective partnership between sports clubs, the NHS and local authorities using sport to promote public health.

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