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15 Feb 2002

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Are we all Bad Drivers?

Your car needs an MOT, so why not your driving? Our editor goes for a drive to find out more!

The first lesson. 

It was not the best weather,
but at the weekend, I ventured on a driving lesson… As our regular readers should recall, I volunteered to be a guinea pig to find out what you can get from doing an Advanced Motorists’ course. The lesson started really well, good mirror, signal, manoeuvre, then ******! I discovered I have my first bad habit, crossing hands when moving off! Crossing hands is a common mistake to make. Most drivers do it, and I hate to say it but that is including me. What crossing hands means is going past twelve on a clock face or past the six of a clock face with either your left or right hand. I got into this bad habit driving an old student union mini bus that had no power steering. Now I have found that it has crept into my normal driving! The next problem was signals. How many of us flash other motorists on? I have found out that this can cause more problems than it can help. If you flash a motorist on and there is an accident, you can be held to blame. The use of a flash is to say, "Watch out, I am here”, and not come on. The next booboo was my commentary on the road. I was taught, years back, to do a running commentary, when driving, on the conditions of the road. This is a good practice; but NOT with my adaptations! These include comments l such as, “Come on !!!”, and “Stupid …Now what are you up to.. ???”. This is not road rage, I considered it my way of alerting myself to stupid manoeuvres done by other people on the road. “The problem is that some drivers who speak in this form, can and do, get worked up about the other driver and they goof up as well”, the senior IAM observer told me and he suggested I change my commentary style to one a bit less direct. Over all he noticed six faults, all small and not dangerous, but nevertheless, if unchecked, they could lead me to an accident if they got worse. Over the next 13 weeks, we will be bringing you ways to improve your driving and information, on how to do the Advanced Motorists’ Course. Remember, you might think you are the best driver, as you have had no accidents, but how many have you avoided and also how many have you caused or nearly caused? Also remember, every one needs to re-learn and refresh techniques, so we strongly recommend that no matter how good a driver you think you are or what you have done, like me, in the past… this Institute of Advanced Motorists course will help you become a better driver still!

Driver Tip.
The Check List!

Before setting off in your car you should always check to see if your car is ok, first.

1. Before getting in the car look under the wheels for thinks like glass, branches and other thinks that could damage your ties or if any animal is under the car like a cat
2. Check tries are inflated. 
3. Check the windows are clean from the outside and then get in.
4. Turn on all your lights and see if they work.  Remember sidelights, fog light/s and full beam!  (Do not use full been if it can affect other people.)
5. Check all hazard lights and warning lights work on dash!
6. Is every on in a seat belt and their is no loose objects on the back sills and other sills around the car as they could kill if they become loose in an accident.
7. All doors closed?
8. Are windows clear to look out of?
9. Are all mirrors ok and your seat position ok?
10. Look around to see what is going on then use mirror signal maneuver.


In an almost unprecedented result of a second OFSTED Report, Range High School in Formby has been declared an outstandingly successful! 

Her Majesty's Inspector of schools, Michael Tomlinson said that the school had received an outstanding report. The headmaster, Mike Dixon said that it is all down to the dedication of his staff and pupils, with the support of the governors. The report compared Range with other schools across the country in similar circumstances, so this is a very high honor for the school. The school is also praised for its' dynamic leadership.  We at Southport Reporter congratulate all involved at Range High school, in Formby. 


Congratulations to the new headmaster who has been  appointed to Woodlands school in Formby.  We have just done an interview with the new headmaster and will reveal who the person is after colleagues, parents and pupils at the school the new head teaches in at present have been told. 

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