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Southport Reporterģ

Edition No. 205

Date:- 12  June 2005

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YES A staggering 25% of British adults claim to know someone who is in a relationship purely because of their partnerís money, according to savings giant Prudential. The Pru has looked into the level of importance we place on money in romantic relationships and when choosing a partner. The survey shows that only 16% of British adults say itís not important at all, whilst 37% say itís quite important and a further 27% stress itís very important. 

Itís not surprising therefore that many of us splash out to try and impress our partner or date. In fact, on average, Brits admit to splashing out up to £315 on a single occasion to impress a romantic interest. 11% have spent over £800 on a date. 

Men are more likely to succumb to the pressures of appearing well heeled, with a single date indulgence of up to £453 on average. 

Women are more circumspect only spending £176. 

10% of men also admit to lying to their partner about their financial position or income, compared to only 6% of women. 

Those living in the East Midlands and London have a greater propensity to lie about how flush they are 14%, compared to only 2% of Scots. 

Angus Maciver, Director of Brand and Insight at Prudential, said:- ďIím not sure if the importance we place on money in relationships relates to us being shallow, for most itís probably more about being practical. Being financially secure, whilst not everything, certainly makes life and in many cases our personal relationships a lot easier.Ē

Whilst money is clearly considered important it is not the be all and end all. Only 15% of adults said extreme wealth would make someone more attractive as a potential partner; and interestingly 9% said it would make them less attractive. 

The top 3 qualities are in a potential partner sees money toward the bottom of the list:- 

Personality 59% 
Sense of humour 56% 
Honesty 55% 
Good looks 29% 
Intelligence 26% 
Their family 7% 
Religious beliefs 7% 
Money 5% 

It should be noted however that men, 40%, put twice as much emphasis on good looks than women, 19%.

Record breaking airport

LIVERPOOL residents are discovering what Capital of Culture means to them. The voice of Merseyside, Roger Phillips, will launch 08 - What's it all about?, a unique guide which answers all the questions anyone could have about Liverpool's European Capital of Culture title. The launch takes place this week in Roger's Radio Merseyside studio.

The booklet, which is being sent to every home in the city is packed full of information. It includes details about what the definition of culture is, what the title means for the city, what plans are in place so far and ideas about how everyone can get involved in the celebrations.

Leader of Liverpool City Council, Councillor Mike Storey, said:- "We're committed to delivering the best ever European Capital of Culture and want everyone throughout the city to take part. This new guide is a great way for everyone to find out what our vision is in the run up to 2008 and beyond. European Capital of Culture will leave a positive and lasting legacy for the people of Liverpool which will include more jobs, a stronger economy and a better place to live."

Roger Phillips said:- "I'm delighted to be involved in this launch. This guide is absolutely what is needed. I don't think there's anyone in the city, and indeed on Merseyside, who isn't really keen to get involved in the plans for 2008. People are more than ready to get an update on where we're at - and what the plans are at this stage; they want to know how they can get involved; what the business opportunities are; what to tell their friends and relatives - and indeed, visitors. Well, this does all of that and more. It's for everyone - which is precisely what the Capital of Culture itself should be." 

The 27 page guide also encourages local people to make the most of all the culture on their doorstep, including Liverpool's museums, galleries, theatres, historic halls and parks.

Chairman of the Liverpool Culture Company, Professor Drummond Bone, said:- "Liverpool is on an exciting journey and we want to make sure that everyone is given the opportunity to take part at a time when the world's eyes are on the city. It is important that individuals and communities discover how they can get involved in the celebrations and become part of an event which is bound to become one of the most significant in Liverpool's history." 

Sections of the brochure are dedicated to answering frequently asked questions culture questions, exploring the business opportunities offered by Liverpool '08 and recognising the culture company's dedication to getting this city and its inhabitants fighting fit through sport.


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