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21 Feb 2002

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Big Trouble
In little Southport.


The end of the Chinese New Year finished in Southport with a spectacular display by a team run by SIFU: George Ho FSMA from the Wirral, for the Grand Palace restaurant on Nevill Street.  The road was blocked of for the 30 minute display that saw two dragons dancing, a marshal arts display and a display of strength with a man having concrete paving slabs being broken on his stomach!   The Peking and Cantonese restaurant also laid on an ‘all you can eat Dim Sum Buffet’.  Some of the customers got more than they bargained for when the dragons got loose inside.   One customer said, “It is fantastic.  The food is great and, well the display, I cannot comment on as it was too good!” 

This year is the Year of the Horse.  The Chinese calendar, which dates back as far as 2600BC, was generated by order of Emperor Huang Ti, who decided that the year should be governed by the phases of the moon.  The calendar cycle takes 60 years to completely revolve and has 12 animals as a representation of a cycle.   The animals are taken from Buddhism’s belief that Buddha when he was going to leave called the animals of earth to say their good byes. Only 12 animals responded to his request and they were rewarded, by being given a name on the cylinder as he left for Nirvana. 

A Horse:-

Red is their colour of Luck and red is meant to ward of your evil spirits.  Often they are quick -tempered and deep inside, weak to the opposite sex.   Often they like large crowds.  They refuse to take advice, as they are independent and very good with money.  They are thrilled by romance and love the initial excitement of a new relationship.  They often move from one perfect romantic moment to the next and it may be a while before they start looking at their partner seriously without getting totally carried away by the moment. They are easily won over by tenderness. The ideal partner has to understand that they need their time for personal grooming and has to be able to reassure them.

Dates of the Horse:- 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 and this year!


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