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21 Feb 2002

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Collins release guide to textual intercourse!

If U r confused by txt MSG vernacular than a new publication may turn out  not 2 b a wombat. Collins, Britain's biggest dictionary publisher has  compiled a guide to the acronyms and short cuts used by mobile phone users. All of the obvious translations will be present, including 4 (for), r (are)  and w8 (wait). What may be of more use however will be the inclusion of the bewildering letter strings that are becoming increasingly common. Such as that wombat (waste of money, brains and time) and dytigad (do you think I  give a damn?), and ihtfp (I have truly found paradise). For argumentative couples, awgthtgtta (are we going to have to go through  this again?) will be included, as well as the rather more bizarre iliciscomk (I laughed, I cried, I spilt coffee on my keyboard). The popularity of texting is exploding - a record 60 million text messages were sent on Valentines Day last week, prompting the decision to opt for a separate edition. It will also come as great news for the older generation,  many of whom find texting awkward and confusing. As for concerns that text messaging is having a negative effect on spelling, Gillian Beer, a professor of English at Cambridge University, suggested the craze me, in fact, be beneficial. "The emphasis on communicating in a few words will make people more concise, which would be a good thing. People 
also like the ingenuity."

Article by Miranda Schunke.

 Comment articles
by Miranda Schunke.

First Lady.

America's First Lady has defended her husband saying that he may have choked
on a pretzel but it was a 'man-sized' one.  Speaking on American TV last week, Laura Bush held up a pretzel, similar to the one George had choked on last month, and said, "It isn't really a sissy pretzel." And President Bush, despite admitting having never heard of veganism or Leonardo Di Caprio, remains unshakeable in public favour with 85 per cent of US citizens stating their approval for the President in a recent opinion poll.

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SIMS to have Gone?

The theft of £4.2 million worth of mobile phones, the largest ever robbery of its kind, may go down in history as a huge blunder. Robbers stole 26,000 Samsung phones from a warehouse in Middlesex last week, but because none of the phones contained SIM cards and could only be activated using a 15-digit serial number the phones are unlikely to ever work.A spokesman from Nokia, the world's biggest manufacturer of mobiles said, "Unless the criminals use very sophisticated techniques to reprogrammed them, which we think it unlikely they will be able to do, the phones will not work."

Stumped about worms!

Scientists at the University of Nottingham were puzzled by a recent experiment that proved mobile phone radiation boosts the fertility level of laboratory worms. Microwaves, similar to those emitted by mobile phones, were found to increase the likelihood of nematode worms producing eggs. Sir William Stewart, who chairs a group of scientists currently investigating 
the effects of mobile phones has said that, although these results are unlikely to have an immediate impact on mobile phone safety advice, they are extremely important for future experiments.

Neighbour to go into Bill!

Former neighbours star, Jason Donovan, is currently in discussions with the makers of The Bill, to discuss a possible full-time role in the popular TV drama. A decision is yet to be reached but Donovan has expressed his hopes 
of patrolling our streets on a regular basis.

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