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Edition No. 217

Date:- 04 September 2005

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‘Inspired by Nature’ at Arley Hall, Cheshire.

PLANS for a major Eco-Arts festival at one of the country’s most picturesque estates are gathering pace, with exhibitors and performers lining up to take part in the first ‘Inspired by Nature’ event at Arley Hall in Cheshire on the weekend of 8 October 2005 and 9 October 2005.

Organised by Education4Conservation, the Arley festival aims to be the first in a seasonal programme of events at major estates around the country, celebrating nature and the natural world though the medium of the arts. A fun-packed weekend, it will offer something for everyone, including young families, serious nature and art enthusiasts, environmental pioneers and professional educators; and will feature some of the biggest names in the environmental and arts landscape along with celebrity guests and supporters.

Highlights of the festival so far include renowned roots musician and songwriter Dougie MacLean, who’ll be rounding off the event with a concert on Sunday night; and ‘Wolf Brother’ author Michelle Paver and children’s favourite Malachy Doyle, who will be giving talks and answering questions about their books and characters.

Celebrated wildlife artist Terence Lambert will be demonstrating his craft, and artist/sculptor Rob Parkin will be creating a full-scale sculpture of European Bison which visitors will be invited to help finish. An Agincourt-inspired archery display, storytelling trees, jesters and jugglers all add to the excitement.

Animal lovers can get close to some fascinating creatures, including a small pack of European Wolves, Exmoor Ponies, Alpacas and birds of prey. Local organic producers, artists and craftspeople will be represented with stalls and displays, alongside tourism groups, historical societies and environmental organisations.

Events and activities are being added on a daily basis:- the E4C website will carry a full and updated list of what’s on.

Tickets can be bought in advance online through or via a 24 hour ticket line on 08700 600 100. Tickets cost from £6.00 for adults with 2-day tickets, child concessions, family tickets and school party concessions available. Dougie MacLean’s concert costs from £16.00. Tickets can also be purchased on the day or in advance in person at Arley Hall.

Making Merseyside’s Roads Safer for Everyone
No Excuses – Safety First

MERSEYSIDE Road Safety Camera Partnership, which aims to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads’, has launched its website

The website holds information, not only about what the Partnership does, it lists all fixed camera sites and red-light camera sites across Merseyside. There are tips on how to drive safely; plus it also dispels the myths in the fact or fiction section. Don’t let us make your mind up, visit the website and see for yourself.

There were 62 deaths on Merseyside last year and 709 serious casualties; too many people are still being injured and killed on our roads. Everybody has a responsibility to drive safely and within the speed limit!

‘Know your speed limit’ is also a section on the website, which shows the speed limits for certain vehicles and stopping distances. Everyone who has passed their driving test is aware of the speed limit, in fact they had to drive within the speed limits on their test. There are no excuses for speeding; the consequences can be horrific. The message is ‘don‘t just slow down for safety cameras’!

David Foulkes, Project Manager for the Partnership states:- “We are encouraging people to visit the website. It is a tool to help us to hear what the people of Merseyside are saying, as well as giving them valuable information and safe driving tips.”

Road safety cameras are a proven method for reducing casualties. A comprehensive evaluation report was published in June 2004. This independent report evaluated the first three years of the Safety Camera Scheme and covered the longest running 24 partnerships. It showed:-

Effect on casualties at camera sites...
beyond the log-term downward trend

• There was a 40% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI)
• There were 870 fewer KSIs per year, including over 100 fewer deaths
• There was a 33% fall in injury accident – 4,030 fewer per year
• There was a 35% reduction in pedestrian KSIs

Effect on speed

• Average speeds at fixed sites fell by around 7% or 2.4mph
• Average speed at urban sites fell by around 15%
• The number of vehicles speeding at new camera sites dropped by 71%

Other findings

• 79% of people asked support the use of cameras to reduce casualties
• The benefit to society through casualties saved was about £221 million per year.

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